Why Does A Foot Massage Feel So Good?

Why Does A Foot Massage Feel So Good

A foot massage feels so good and if you think it’s just because your feet could use the extra attention, we’re here to tell you that there is much more to it than that. There are multiple reasons why a daily foot massage is so soothing and relaxing. Some of them may surprise you, especially if you’re new to receiving foot massages.

Why does a foot massage make you sleepy?

First on our list is that a foot massage can help improve your sleep. Giving your feet a rub down, it sends signals to the rest of your growing body that it’s time for bed. This is because blood flow is increased to your legs and feet which will then tell your brain that they need more oxygenated blood.

This means that less blood will remain in the brain, therefore making it harder to stay awake long after awakening from this type of massage. The result is an increase in melatonin production which makes you feel sleepy and ready for bed at night or nap-time during the day. After that, you need to take foot bath.

Another benefit is that it can temporarily ease pain in the other parts of the body, like headaches or muscle aches. Because you are focusing on one part of your body at a time, there’s no need to worry about other parts that may hurt.

Yet another reason is that it can also help relax your mind. You’re focusing on the feeling of touch and the pressure points in your feet which allows for your mind to be occupied enough to forget about daily stresses like homework, bills, and office work.

How do you give a foot massage?

Remember that this is not an excuse to take it easy on your loved ones. Because of the stress and activity in daily life, our feet tend to take a beating like we wouldn’t believe – and they deserve some TLC too. All you need is a few easy-to-find household items that you probably already have laying around the house, some good ol’ elbow grease, and of course, a foot massage feels so good and relife foot pain. Let’s get started on how to give an amazing foot massage.

Foot massage with oil

Sit down in a comfortable chair with your feet up. Make sure to have a towel nearby.

Foot massage with oil

Grab the bottle of coconut oil massage oil, almond oil, or peppermint oil and place several drops on each of the fingers on one hand.

Now that your hands are nice and moisturized, it’s time to get started on the feet. Make sure that you follow the direction of the heart by massaging the ankles first before moving up towards the other parts of your foot.

Next, try to rub your hands together in order to warm up the oil before applying it to the top of the feet and moving down towards the toes. Remember that you can always reapply more oil if needed.

Press down on the ball of the foot in small circular motions, then work your way up towards the ankle. Do this several times before moving on to other parts of your feet or toes.

If you are using peppermint oil, apply a few drops to your hands and rub them together vigorously before massaging the balls of the feet. This will help increase circulation which will also help you restful sleep better. So as you can see, there are multiple reasons why a professional foot massage feels so good.

By doing one yourself or by getting a loved one to do it, you will experience a wide range of good health benefits of foot massage from relaxation to better sleep. This is especially true if you have sore feet from wearing uncomfortable high-heeled shoes all day. In the end though, the best reward is that it helps make you feel better about yourself and the world around you. You deserve it. Good luck, everyone, and may your feet be happy.

What is the crunch when I deep massage my feet?

If you press on certain tiny parts in your feet, then there is a crunch sound. It does not necessarily mean that it is unhealthy; but if you feel very strong pain when massaging or transitioning to another part of the foot, this might mean that you have some fractures or bone disease.

What is the crunch when I deep massage my feet?

The crunching sound can also happen when you apply too much pressure; it is like the cracking noise that you hear when you crack your knuckles, except for this time, it is done on purpose. If you are not sure how to massage properly, there are some videos on YouTube that will show you how to do it.

Otherwise, you can also ask for help from a friend who knows how to massage your feet well; or better yet, book yourself an appointment at the nearest spa. Just make sure that before booking, you first call the spa and check if they are open during the time that you would like to visit them.

Why do I love foot rubs?

Everyone has his or her own reason. Some say that the sensation of touch is enhanced when you are barefoot; this explains why many people love to walk around without shoes on even in public areas, like malls and restaurants.

For me, I love foot rubs because it gives me better blood circulation, especially for my lower legs and feet which tend to swell up whenever I am on a long flight.

And of course, it also helps me relax. So don’t wait another day; go out and find someone that you can rub your feet with. Good luck and happy rubbing.

Do massages really feel good and have health benefits?

Research has shown that massages relieve stress and promote better blood pressure from high blood pressure, but it is still unknown as to why they make us feel good.

It’s a great way to relax and the warmth of someone else’s hands on your skin just can’t be beaten.

In medical research, the act of de-stressing is good for health and physical health in the long run, and massages are a well-known way to achieve that elusive state of relaxation. It can also help with muscle problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, and poor blood circulation.

Some people describe it as a feeling of complete and utter bliss as if all your worries have melted away.

Yes, it’s definitely good for you so close those eyes and relax.

Is a foot massage therapist safe?

Foot massagers are designed to provide you with a soothing foot massage with massage techniques and message-specific education. 

There are some risks involved, but only if the person operating the foot massager is not trained properly. Some of these risks include sore soles and more serious injuries.

Why does my back hurt when I get a foot massage? 

Most people find it very relaxing to have their feet massaged, so they don’t understand why it would cause the back to ache.

The reason is that foot massage can lead to lower back and neck pain due to increased circulation in the legs. When blood flow increases, the body may perceive it as a sign that there’s some sort of injury or trauma.

As a result, the back muscles will tighten up in an effort to protect you from further damage. So if you experience this, just sit back and relax – maybe even close your eyes. You’re among my friends here.

The good news is that the back pain only lasts for a few minutes, just until your body gets used to the new blood flow in your legs.

Foot and ankle injuries by massage?

So if you are worried about this happening to you, just book an appointment with your local spa or day spa, and let them give you a relaxing foot massage.

If you’re worried about the safety of getting your feet massaged by someone else, just ask them to put on some gloves before touching your skin. That way, no one will accidentally touch you with their grubby fingers or anything disgusting like that. After all, you wouldn’t want to get foot and ankle injuries from a dirty masseuse, would you?

Is regular foot massage painful?

Regular foot massages are definitely not a painful experience.

In fact, most people find them extremely relaxing and satisfying. If you have been to a spa before, you will know what I mean when I say that it’s hard to describe the feeling in words. You just have to experience it for yourself.

The reason foot massager aren’t painful is that the areas of your feet that are concentrated with nerve endings are on the top, not the bottom.

So when someone touches you there, you will feel nice and warm sensations in your lower legs and body, but no actual pain because it reduce pain.

The only exceptions to this are if the person performing the regular foot massage has not been trained properly. If they use too much pressure when massaging your feet, it may cause you some discomfort and even injury in some cases. So for your own safety, always go to a professional if you want your feet massaged.

Foot massages feel to be relaxing and soothing, so don’t go to someone who is rough with their hands. You wouldn’t pay anyone to punch you in the gut or throw things at you, would you?

So unless you enjoy pain relief, make sure the person giving you a regular foot massage knows what they are doing.

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