What coffee machines do starbucks use? – The Ultimate Guide in 2023

If you’re a caffeine lover (hey, no judgement!), then you’ve probably heard of Starbucks and wondered what coffee brewer Starbucks uses. Well no need to wonder any longer, here’s everything you need to know about the coffee maker that’s responsible for creating that delicious coffee that powers almost every person in the world.

Starbucks has been a coffee powerhouse for decades, and one of the reasons that their coffee stands out from the rest is because of their coffee maker. The coffee machine comes from a company named La Marzocco, and is called the GB/5. According to Starbucks, this one coffee brewer “puts eye-catching and unique coffee goodness within reach.” And it’s true – each coffee is crafted with care to provide an amazing coffee experience that keeps their customers coming back time and time again.

Ali Husnain
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