What coffee machine starbucks use? – The Ultimate Guide in 2023

Not just any coffee machine is good enough for the coffee giant, Starbucks. What coffee machine starbucks use? The company takes its coffee seriously, only using the best coffee makers the market has to offer. That’s why the machines that Starbucks uses are so popular – if the world-renowned coffee chain believes it’s up to the task, you can be sure that coffee makers are impressive. From high-end single-serve machines to commercial brewers, no stone has been left unturned when it comes to Starbucks’ coffee-making arsenal.

As one of the most well-known coffee chains in the world, Starbucks has become synonymous with high-quality coffee. Many coffee enthusiasts often wonder what type of coffee machine Starbucks uses to produce their signature blends. In this ultimate guide, we will explore the various types of coffee machines that Starbucks uses and how they contribute to the unique taste and quality of their coffee.

Types of Coffee Machines Used by Starbucks

  1. Mastrena Espresso Machines

The Mastrena espresso machine is the most commonly used coffee machine at Starbucks. This machine is a fully automatic bean-to-cup machine that is designed to deliver consistent quality and flavor. It is equipped with advanced technology that allows the barista to customize the coffee according to the customer’s preference. The machine’s features include an automatic grinder, dosing, and tamping system that ensures a consistent shot of espresso every time.

  1. Clover Brewing System

Starbucks introduced the Clover brewing system in 2007, and it quickly became a favorite among coffee enthusiasts. The Clover is a manual pour-over coffee maker that uses a vacuum press to extract the coffee’s flavors and aroma. The machine allows the barista to control the water temperature, brewing time, and coffee-to-water ratio, resulting in a unique and personalized cup of coffee.

  1. Chemex Brewer

The Chemex brewer is another manual pour-over coffee maker used by Starbucks. It features a glass carafe with a conical filter that allows for a slower, more controlled extraction. The Chemex brewer produces a clean, smooth, and well-balanced cup of coffee that highlights the coffee’s natural flavors.

  1. Bunn Coffee Makers

Starbucks also uses Bunn coffee makers to produce large quantities of coffee quickly. These machines are designed to brew coffee in large batches, making them ideal for busy stores and high traffic areas. Bunn coffee makers use a spray head that evenly distributes water over the coffee grounds, resulting in a consistent and flavorful cup of coffee.

What Makes Starbucks Coffee Machines Unique?

  1. Advanced Technology

Starbucks coffee machines are equipped with advanced technology that allows for precision and consistency. The Mastrena espresso machine, for example, has a digital interface that enables the barista to adjust the coffee’s strength, size, and temperature according to the customer’s preference. The Clover brewing system also has a digital display that shows the water temperature, brewing time, and coffee-to-water ratio, allowing the barista to customize each cup of coffee.

  1. Quality Control

Starbucks is committed to quality control and consistency in every cup of coffee. All coffee machines used by Starbucks undergo rigorous testing and calibration to ensure that they meet the company’s high standards. Baristas also receive extensive training on how to use the machines to produce the best possible coffee.

  1. Sustainability

Starbucks is also committed to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. The company has implemented various measures to reduce energy consumption and waste in its stores, including using energy-efficient coffee machines and implementing a recycling program for coffee grounds and other materials.


In conclusion, Starbucks uses a variety of coffee machines to produce their high-quality coffee. The Mastrena espresso machine is the most commonly used machine, and it is known for its advanced technology and consistency. The Clover brewing system and Chemex brewer are manual pour-over coffee makers that allow for a more personalized and unique cup of coffee. Finally, the Bunn coffee maker is used to produce large quantities of coffee quickly and efficiently.

All of these machines contribute to the unique taste and quality of Starbucks coffee, and the company’s commitment to quality control, advanced technology, and sustainability is what sets it apart from other coffee chains. So the next time you visit a Starbucks store, take a moment to appreciate the coffee machines that make your favorite cup of coffee possible.

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