Treadmill or Exercise Bike For Belly Fat

Do you want to get rid of your extra belly fat but are confused about whether to choose a treadmill or an exercise bike? If yes, then this article will help you a lot to make the right decision. Treadmills and Best exercise bikes are both beneficial training machines in the world of losing weight. You can use them either at home or in a gym. 

Treadmill or Exercise Bike For Belly Fat

Belly fat increases your weight and can also cause serious health problems. So, both of these machines provide excellent training and help protect you from cardiovascular problems. 

Picking Your Exercise Machine

Gyms have both machines. But you have to pick one for losing belly fat. Can you distinguish which one to take? Choosing a perfect fit for you is tricky as it depends upon many components. Well, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of both machines.


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It is a workout machine for running. YES, Running is one of the easiest ways to reduce belly fat. No doubt, running or jogging keeps you fit. And it also eliminates excess fat from your body. You can say that streaming on a treadmill is a bonus for runners. Look at the benefits of treadmills discussed here.


  • The treadmill can be utilised for a less effective genre of exercise.
  • It is a great thing when it is cold on the outside.
  • Cycling inside homes is safe in the dark outdoors.
  • You can manage resistance for a variety of workouts.
  • A treadmill provides you with an intense workout while staying at home. 
  • It helps to burn more calories.


  • This machine is very costly.
  • It can not be repaired at home.
  • This machine occupies a lot of space in homes.
  • It is hard to keep them in upper-floor apartments.
  • For some people, it is boring to do exercise at home. 
  • Multitasking features are limited for treadmills.
  • There is pressure on bone junctions and lower back by using treadmills.

Exercise Features

Treadmill workout provides the entire body exercise. You can perform entire body exercises without using all the types of equipment of the gym. The exercise features are accessible for the whole body in treadmills. 

Benefited Body Parts

The muscles that benefit from this workout are thigh muscles and calf muscles. While running, the abdominal muscles also take part. The back and shoulder ones are also focused but not enough. The severeness of the workout is less on legs in Treadmill exercises. 


The facility of treadmills is restricted for some people. There is a danger of injury to both generations. You need to try treadmills with proper guidance and supervision. 

How Many Calories Can A Treadmill Burn?

Less than a thousand calories can be burnt using treadmills. It also depends upon the intensity of your workouts. 

Exercise Bike

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It is also a kind of exercise equipment that helps to burn calories. Moreover, it helps to eliminate excess fat from the body. Have a look at the advantages discussed here.


  • It is suitable for newbies. 
  • You can regulate the resistance according to your needs. 
  • An Exercise bike is budget-friendly. 
  • It takes minimal space at apartments.
  • It is easy to maintain at home. 
  • You can utilize an exercise bike for various workouts such as yoga. 
  • It is suitable for aerobic workouts.


  • For some people, it is hard to ride an Exercise bike
  • These bikes cause noise pollution.
  • If you like outdoor cycling, you will not like it.
  • For some of you, it can be boring.

Exercise settings

The exercise options are limited to the development of bottom body parts. You can sit during exercise. 

Benefited body parts 

The lower body parts of the human body get an advantage in this exercise. The muscles of the legs and calves get strong.


The users of exercise bikes can be young or old. The reason is that it has a low injury risk. 

How Many Calories Can A Stationary Bike Burn?

The number of calories burnt varies with the number of hours. An exercise bike can burn about 300 to 500 calories. 

Getting Rid Of Belly Fat

So, you want to remove that weird belly fat. But what is the effective way? The most helpful method is to take a healthy diet. You have to avoid unhealthy foods such as oily and greasy ones.

Try to add fruits, lentils, meat, and vegetables to your meals. In addition, some exercises are also recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Cycling, as well as running, are two easy and essential sorts of exercises to start with. These have magical results in vanishing belly fat. 

Treadmill vs. Exercise Bike For Belly Fat

Now, you have both types of equipment with their benefits and disadvantages discussed. But, which one to choose for losing belly fat? The answer is that it is based upon you. You need to select, keeping in mind the fitness goals and health targets. 

While removing belly fat, you should also consider muscle mass. An effective method of losing belly fat without disturbing muscle mass is high-intensity training. This can be done on both machines. If you like running, you can try treadmill running. But, if you love to ride a bike, you can start with riding bikes. 

Wrapping Up

So, the choice of exercise machine entirely depends upon your fitness targets. Both treadmills and exercise bikes aid you in staying fit. If you love running and want to do cycling at home, a treadmill is better. But if you are not interested in running, you can have a ride on an exercise bike. Adding on, a treadmill is an excellent option for the entire body workout. Contrary to this, an exercise bike is mainly for lower body parts and lower muscle building. 

Whatever you want to do to reduce belly fat, first start with a healthy diet that contains no greasy foods. Follow some exercises alongside to maintain a healthy lifestyle. An extra tip is that you should buy both machines if you can afford them. So, you can analyse the pros on your own.

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