(You Must Have) Top 7 Best Portable Coffee Maker that heats water

Best Portable Coffee Maker that heats water
Best Portable Coffee Maker that heats water

To cover the struggle by making a coffee cup yourself when having a road trip or at home is a perk of a happy start to a day. Are you a lone wolf and looking for the best portable coffee maker that heats waters to 90-96 C or 195 to 205 F?

Then, you are in the right place to be guided. Most people are coffee freaks, and they find it very difficult to get the perfect mixture of caffeine while traveling.

However, we’ll save your day by letting you find the best portable coffee maker for camping also a travel coffee maker for cars within a friendly package. Before going straight on the list of coffee makers, let us tell you that coffee makers come in different designs and styles.

Therefore, not all makers can brew coffee extra hot. Depending on the preference of her or his choice, either they want hot or cold is a personal argument. But this post will specifically target those people who love hot coffee.

 Best Portable Coffee Maker that heats water
Best Portable Coffee Makers that heats water

Our Top Picks

By going through the best portable coffee maker 2020, we came across some of the fantastic portable coffee makers that heat water that lets you enjoy your coffee when you are at work in an office, home, or anywhere on the mountaintop. To have the underrated portable coffee maker camping can also be enjoyed in the coziest way. However, have a quick selection from the most recommended list of portable coffee makers.

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At a Glance:

  1. Portable Coffee Maker
  2. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso
  3. Wacaco Pipamoka Portable
  5. ESPRO P1 Double Walled
  6. STARESSO Portable Espresso

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Delter Coffee Press  (Image credit: Amazon)

Delter Coffee Press

Best Portable Coffee Maker that heats water


Material: Plastic, Silicone | Color: Transparent Gray | Capacity: 13.52 Fluid Ounces |

Made great coffee than Aeropress.

It is a travel coffee solution.

Easy and fast to brew.

The jet seal is a little bit loose.

It is nearly complicated if it doesn’t come with the scoop.


The Deleter coffee press is a portable coffee maker that heats water according to the coffee lover’s demand. It almost resembles the Aeropress coffee maker, but the thing that adds up in its specification is pressure.

Though, the Delter portable coffee maker with grinder is not found expresso coffee maker just like Aeropress still, brew the best according to my experience as compared to Aeropress.

Definitely, this best portable espresso maker is reliable for the travel bud as it is spaced in your handbag easily. If you are leaving for some work plan to another regional area and having a hotel stay, then it is the best travel coffee maker for the hotel.

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Portable Coffee Maker (Image credit: Amazon)

Portable Coffee Maker

Best Portable Coffee Maker that heats water


Material: Reliable | Color: Red | Capacity: 1.03 Pounds |

It is eco-friendly as you don’t need to replace the disposable cups as tumbler is included.

It is an all-in-one coffee maker.

Very lightweight.

Suitable for camping and trips.

Though it is easy to use, it takes time to grind the beans to a good position.


The Pause Coffee Gear is an all-in-one coffee maker that could grind the fresh whole beans with an addition of hot water. The battery-operated coffee maker can also be used as the travel coffee maker k-cup as it is easy to use and clean, ready to go.

Like a regular ordinary cup, this little coffee maker machine can become your one-to-go companion in the office, hotel, trips, and camping.

The portable pour-over coffee is the best portable coffee maker for camping because it is lightweight and easy to carry in your backpack. Either you are in the camp, in the hotel room, or your office alone, you need to add hot water in its tank, coffee pod, or cup filter, and then press the start button to continue the process. In this way, the all-in-one portable coffee maker readies your fresh Americano in just a few minutes. This is one of the top best portable coffee makers.

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AeroPress Coffee and Espresso (Image credit: Amazon)

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso

Best Portable Coffee Maker that heats water


Material: Hand Wash | Color: Brown | Capacity: 6.4 Ounces |

The rapid brewing process makes delicious coffee without bitterness.

You can easily make 1-3 cups on-one-go for yourself and your family member.

It produces American style coffee or espresso-based drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes.

The plunger has a strong resistance that began to leak coffee when the plunger is pressed down.

The machine is found a little bit complicated to understand its function.


Every coffee enthusiast needs a portable coffee maker that heats water with rapid filtering. The AeroPress portable coffee maker is made in the USA. It comes with a zipper nylon tote bag that could help travelers.

If you are arranging a trip to the regional area, you can keep this portable coffee maker for the car as it is durable and ideal for use while camping and traveling.

It can also be used in the home kitchen, but it’s lightweight and compact, so it is carried with you anywhere. It comes with 350 replacement filters, and it can be repurchased from your near retailers. This is one of the best travel coffee makers.

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Wacaco Pipamoka Portable (Image credit: Amazon)

Wacaco Pipamoka Portable

Best Portable Coffee Maker that heats water


Material: Stainless Steel | Color: Silver Gray | Capacity: 3.25 tsp or 16 g |

The vacuum pressure is generated inside the mug due to the twisting mechanism. In this way, the suction force creates hot water through coffee grounds.

The coffee ready in just 2-minutes.

The stainless steel micro filter is re-useable.

It doesn’t heat the water to the mark.


There is no need to get confused after utilizing the wacaco pipamoka parts as all the parts fit inside the mug securely. If you are looking for a portable coffee maker that heats water until you get a sip, it is the best coffee maker to get your hands on. It doesn’t take a lot of space; neither it’s too heavy but packs very efficiently for any trip; that is why we have found it as the portable coffee maker for the car.

Wacaco Pipamoka is a portable coffee maker for camping because it is an all-in-one single brew device. Moreover, because of its sturdiness and quickness, it helps fuel up your day by keeping the coffee hot for hours during adventures, commutes, and work

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OXX COFFEEBOXX Job Site  (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Portable Coffee Maker that heats water


Stainless Steel Hardware, and UV Resistant Shell
| Color: Hi-Vis Green | Capacity: |

Oxx CoffeeBoxx is an all-in-one portable coffee maker built with crush-proof chassis that can wholly withstand 1500 lbs.

The portable k-cup coffee maker is water and dust resistant.

It can be carried or transported easily on the working sites.

It only takes 30 sec to pre-heat water while 75-sec to brew a hot cup of coffee.

It is not great for camping because it is heavy and massive.


The oxx portable coffee maker is a specially built single-serve job site coffee box. It is the world’s most rigid coffee maker built to endure the intensest environment in the job place. Oxx is the portable coffee maker battery-powered. The electric travel coffee maker that its founder appliances special note for the machine should gear-up the mood and tiredness of those workers who build our modern society and shelters.

The Oxx is the portable coffee maker that heats water and coffee separately to blend a coffee cup on the individual demand. Moreover, the hot water separate line can steep in tea and coffee-free water.

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ESPRO P1 Double Walled (Image credit: Amazon)

ESPRO P1 Double Walled

Best Portable Coffee Maker that heats water


Material: Stainless Steel | Color: Black | Capacity: 14 ounces |

The coffee and tea remain hot for 4 to 6 hours.

The portable pour over coffee travel mug is easy to take anywhere.

With 14 ounces of capacity, you can easily make 10 ounces of coffee at one serve.

There is no more bitterness.

Some of the customers have complained about the lid that it sometimes spills coffee.

The design could be better.


The ESPRO P1 travel French press coffee mug is the all-in-one portable coffee maker for people who love tea and coffee and want their cups to be taken to their desired places.

Either you are a traveling enthusiast or a workaholic as spending more time at the workplace; you will find ESPRO P1 as the best travel mug coffee maker. For those who want a portable pour-over coffee as ultra-clean and oil-free in flavor, the travel French press coffee mug is introduced with a paper filter brew method.

The paper filter placed between two press filters absorbs the oil and other solid particles. However, ESPRO P1 portable coffee maker that heats water is the best portable coffee maker the UK and other countries customers have reviewed on Amazon.

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STARESSO Portable Espresso   (Image credit: Amazon)

STARESSO Portable Espresso

Best Portable Coffee Maker that heats water


Material: Plastic, Metal | Color: Black | Capacity: 80 ml Water, 0.53 Ounces coffee |

The STARESSO is a portable coffee maker that heats water to several hours.

The coffee maker is perfect for home, office, travel, and outdoor use.

It delivers rich, tasted espresso, just like any café.

The golden extraction rate coffee is flavored with less bitterness.

Makes frothed milk.

It is mostly recommended for travel, not for everyday use


STARESSO is a portable coffee maker that heats water for hours, finding it beneficial for people who are hot coffee enthusiasts. The all-in-one portable coffee maker is not only the home espresso machine, but it is considered the best portable coffee maker for camping where you could enjoy different coffee beverages like ice cream coffee, café latte, cappuccino, and café Americano.

It comes with a great espresso spoon and is manual instruction that is easy to understand to make an exact amount of coffee. Moreover, just like AeroPress portable coffee maker, the STARESSO also doesn’t need electricity to produce perfect coffee. You can easily brew a cup of espresso manually for yourself and your companion.


How to use a portable coffee maker?

There are several ways to make coffee. But if you are using a portable coffee maker, then follow the following steps. Step-One: Scoop the coffee. Step Two: Fill the basket.
Step-Three: Mount basket. Step-Four: Screw on the spout unit. Step-Five: Add/Fill hot water to the line. Step-Six: Screw together. Step-Seven: Move the dial to unlocked. Step-Eight: First flip over and then squeeze.

Which is the best travel mug, coffee maker?

The ESPRO P1 mug is the best portable coffee maker that heats water for longs hours. It is recommended as the best travel mug coffee maker because they are leakproof and keep your dring hot or cold for up to 7 hours on the personal experiment.

Which coffee maker has the hottest water?

The OXX COFFEEBOXX is the portable k-cup coffee maker while STARESSO Portable Espresso Machine is the portable coffee maker for cars and camping. Both provide the hottest water.
The OXX COFFEEBOXX applies to a job or work site. However, it is heavy and has tough built. On the other hand, if you are a pacific traveler and make sure to start your day with hot coffee being not reliable on the second person, you should go for STARESSO.

What is the best coffee maker under $100?

Almost all the above coffee makers are under $100 except OXX COFFEEBOXX, as this coffee maker is best suitable for job sites wholly serving the workers.

Should I use hot or cold water in my coffee maker?

It’s the best tip that never uses the hot water in your coffee maker from the tap. As hot water dissolves contaminants in the pipes, they always use cold water in the maker to get it boiled to make the perfect coffee.

Which is the most reliable coffee maker?

Overall, almost all the above makers are durable and reliable coffee makers. Still, if you are using Wacaco Pipamoka Portable Coffee Maker, Waco minipresso ns, wacaco minipresso gr, wacaco nanopores, and other products wacaco retailers with wacaco barista kit then it would be like treating yourself with upgraded beverage makers.

Does hot water make the perfect coffee?

It would help if you always use a portable coffee maker that heats water for hours. However, if you are making coffee with colder water, then the coffee would result in under-extracted and flat.
If you are using too hot water, it will result in a loss of quality in coffee taste, whereas, keep in mind that cold brew doesn’t need any heat. While if you are brewing manually, then let the water boil but don’t over-boil it.


In this article, you will come across the portable coffee maker that heats water with leakproof. We have studied the products mentioned above as the Amazon customers highly appreciate them, but these are brief portable coffee makers Walmart has prioritized. If you are urging to get our recommendation, then ESPRO P1, Wacaco Pipamoka, Deleter Coffee Press, and AeroPress Coffee is our handsome choice.

Moreover, each product is also known best portable coffee maker 2019, whereas an Aeropress portable coffee maker is a personal favorite of many coffee enthusiasts. Such coffee makers are perfect for carrying as they are small and lightweight in your backpack.

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