Nicole Miller Luggage Reviews

When we move to the market, it is very difficult to navigate the designer luggage as a money-conscious customer. We bother over the most options but these may either be outdated or too poor-built to use for a long time.

Nicole Miller Luggage

But few brands give you the most reliable products with the new fashion and, the NICOLE MILLER is one of them. The items of luggage offered by Nicole Miller are fantastic as these are mostly loved by the people because of their rates, durability, sizes, and the other multiple things.

Here we are going to discuss the Nicole Miller luggage reviews with you so that you will find it easy to buy the Nicole Miller luggage. Before giving the Nicole Miller luggage review, we will discuss a few things about the brand so that you will come to know why this brand is good for luggage.

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Who is Nicole Miller?

Nicole Miller is a very famous woman and a well-known and well-reputed designer. Also, she is a successful businesswoman. She is a well-educated lady having complete knowledge of current fashion in every field either it may be related to clothes, Nicole m

Miller carries on luggage, glasses, or shoes.

Nicole Miller Brand

Nicole Miller brand is a well-known brand among all the brands of luggage and started 30 years ago. Also, it is a recognized brand for dresses, glasses, and shoes. It has multiple branches in different cities and countries like New York and Paris.

Though it has numerous things, it is primarily known due to its optimistic prints and colors., They have occupied their skill to build a unique and functional line of luggage.

In the Nicole Miller luggage review, you will come to know that this brand will never compromise your comfort and give you the best quality affordable, and durable Nicole miller luggage sets.

Buy Nicole Miller luggage -Why?

For buying a brand product, you should know why would you purchase the product of that company?

Here are a few reasons that will clarify why buying Nicole Miller’s luggage is good than buying the other brand products.

Buying Experience

If you are a low-street buyer or prefer to buy the low-street location purchasing, you will be glad to know that you can buy the Nicole Miller luggage on Amazon as there are available in the online Amazon market.

If you are a person who feels bad or confused and finds it difficult to shop when the salesman is around you, as you shop the luggage in store. So, you don’t get worried about purchase Nicole Miller’s luggage as you can buy it online.


Nicole Miller Luggage is a respectable yet still to some degree dark brand. Thusly, if you esteem independence and would recoil seeing somebody at the door or baggage carousel with similar gear as you, it’s an image worth considering. Nicole Miller flies under the radar significantly more than, state, Kenneth Cole or Samsonite.


Nicole Miller plans considerably more than just luggage. The American finance manager makes clothing and even some gems also. So, in case you’re the sort to arrange your outfit with your luggage, there are a lot of choices for doing such inside the Nicole Miller universe.

Female Styling’s

Nicole Miller Luggage tailors itself towards a female crowd. Nicole Miller Rainbow Luggage is a great representation of this. This is something of an extraordinariness at this value point, with similar brands, for example, Lucas Luggage offering more manly and rough plans.

This can be a drawback in case you’re not generally searching for ladylike styled gear, in which case Nicole Miller’s items are likely not a decent pick.

At a Glance:

  1. Nicole Miller Rainbow Luggage Collection – Nicole Miller Lucas Luggage
  2. Nicole Miller Luggage Large

Nicole Miller Rainbow Luggage Collection 11zon

Nicole Miller Rainbow Luggage Collection – Nicole Miller Lucas Luggage


Available sizes: 20, 24, 28 inches | Capacity: 36, 62, 90 L | Weight: 6.2, 8.8, 10.2 lb | Wheels: 8 Wheels -running double spinner wheels |






This design never gets the 5-star ratings

The wheels and handles sometimes lack strength.

Features of Nicole Miller New York Rainbow Luggage

There are many features that people love about the Nicole Miller New York Rainbow Luggage including wheels, size, weight, etc.

Weight, size and, warranty

Nicole Miller New York Rainbow luggage comes in different sizes and different weights. There is a Nicole Miller luggage set that also available in this luggage type. The different sizes with weights are as below:

3-Piece Set: 28″, 24″, and 20″

  • Body measurements: Same as 20″ and 24″ above, plus one 28″ x 17.8″ x 11.8″
  • Overall measurements: Same as 20″ and 24″ above, plus one 30″ x 19″ x 11.8″
  • Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Warranty: Five Year Limited

This luggage is made of hard-side material with ASB plastic. This material is a common manufacturing material because it is the most durable. The most common review about it is that “It holds up very well”

Some user that has given the bad reviews complained that it becomes dull and dirty very fast as it is of light color so, the marks are more prominent on this Nicole Miller luggage.

A suggestion is that use the luggage cover while checking in otherwise it is very good with durability.


This luggage comes with no locks. Make sure to buy the TSA-recognized locks and a padlock for the zipper pulls. TSA lock is good as it is more difficult to break than the simple padlock.

Handles and wheels

There come to the double spinning wheels that the users love the most about it as these wheels allow you to rotate the Nicole Miller luggage to 360 degrees. Remember, when there is a slope around, watch the bag as it moves away from you easily.

The thing we don’t like about the wheels of it as is difficult to move the largest luggage when fully loaded

A single buyer’s views are very disappointing as 2 of the wheels broke in the middle of the jungle.

The handles are quite good as come with a double bar and telescopic push-button handle

Nicole Miller Luggage Large 11zon

Nicole Miller Luggage Large


Available sizes:  28 inches | Capacity: Expandable | Weight: 11 pounds | Wheels: 8 Wheels  |


COST: You can buy the Nicole Miller luggage for under 300$

Variety: Nicole Miller luggage offers luggage from classic to designer

Weight: The weight of all luggage of Nicole Miller is very light i.e. these are lightweight


The design never gets the 5-star ratings

The wheels and handles sometimes lack strength.

Features of Nicole Miller Luggage Large – Nicole Miller Lucas Luggage:


The design of the Nicole Miller 28” New York Madison luggage is very pretty, modern, stylish, practical, and a hard side spinning style and is unique from both inner and outer sides.

The interior is fully lined and surfaced superior part with a Nicole Miller logo under it. The exterior is very resistant and durable.

It is made of a durable material that lasts for several years. Though the material is hard and reliable, the Nicole Miller 28” New York Madison luggage is very lightweight


The wheels of this Nicole Miller Luggage are very good and the people love them most as these are very convenient to move about 360 degrees.

There are 8 spinning wheels of Nicole Miller 28” New York Madison luggage that is 2*4 wheels. For airports and international travel, the wheels make it easy for the luggage to carry.


The handle of this luggage is too good to carry the luggage as it is a metal telescoping handle. There comes a side handle as well to grab the bag while loading it into the car.

The customer’s review about the handle is very good as it gives aggressive holding and you don’t need to worry about the damage during checking-in.


There come three colors in this Nicole Miller luggage that are very nice shiny and attractive. These colors are black, burgundy, and peacock colors.

The peacock color is nice and the cheapest but the burgundy is very expensive. The black is shiny and is mostly loved by the user as no dirt sticks on it.


As we have commonly expected Nicole Miller Luggage Series to go with some enormous travel sets yet may not be there yet to challenge the higher brands similar to sturdiness. Style-absolutely, yes!

In this manner, it by and by joints to your tendency. We wouldn’t go like expressing its Style over substance anyway there is a problematic choice to make. Desire you pick the one that suits your development style

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