Top 7 Best Microphone For Nikon d3200

Best Microphone For Nikon d3200

The Nikon D3200 is a digital single-lens reflex camera, and DSLR that is an upgrade from the Nikon D3100. It has 24 megapixels and shoots HD movies with sound up to 1920×1080 pixels at 60fps. The D3200 able to records sound through a jack for an external microphone. The Nikon D3200 can also shoot in low-light conditions.

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External microphones improve sound recording but are not suitable for all situations. A lavalier is a small microphone that clips onto an individual’s shirt or blouse near their mouth. Lavalier are most often used in news broadcasting, filmmaking, and by singers.

A shotgun microphone is a long cylindrical microphone that is pointed directly at the sound source it is recording. It’s commonly used by videographers because of its directional audio pick-up pattern. Shotgun microphones can also be used in film production when you want to be able to differentiate what a character is saying from the sounds of other things going on in the scene.

Microphone For Nikon D3200

A condenser microphone is typically used for vocals and instruments. It has a wider frequency range than most lavalier microphones which means it picks up more sound details. In addition, it has a relatively flat signal-to-noise ratio meaning it is less likely to be affected by distracting background noise.

There are several types of microphones that work with Nikon cameras including lavalier, shotgun, and condenser. This article will help you learn more about each type of microphone so you can choose the best one for your purposes.

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List of Top 7 Microphone For Nikon d3200

1. Camera Microphone with Shock Mount for Nikon

Rode VideoMic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone with...
  • Delivers clear, crisp, directional audio with incredible ease of use
  • Rode designed the videomic go with a tight pickup area that focuses directly in front of the mic

Brand: Ploture | Color: Brown | Connector Type: 3.5 mm Jack | Connectivity Technology: Auxiliary | Power Source: Battery Powered | Number of Batteries: 1 AAA battery required. (included) | Polar Pattern: Unidirectional | Hardware Platform: Camera

Camera Microphone with Shock Mount for Nikon is a microphone that is designed to work with most cameras. It has a curved shock-mount and a lightweight body. The microphone is covered in black velvet and comes with a clip, and can be placed on tables or on the ground without picking up vibrations. It also includes a hot shoe mount and an extra Velcro layer to help secure the mic in place.

The Rode video mic pro is the perfect solution for capturing crisp, clear audio with your DSLR camera. It’s designed with a tight pickup area that focuses directly in front of the mic and reduces other surrounding sounds, ensuring that your subject is isolated from background noise. This makes it ideal for recording interviews or events where there are multiple speakers at once.

You can also use it to record voice-overs when shooting video on location without the best external mic setup. And since its small size means you can easily attach it to your camera’s shoe mount, you won’t have to worry about finding room in your bag for another piece of equipment.

2. Comica CVM-VM20 Shotgun Microphone

Comica CVM-VM20 Shotgun Microphone, Camera Microphone...
  • 【OLED Visualized Power】 Comica CVM-VM20 professional video microphone equipped with OLED screen for battery display and real-time power monitor. It can adjust freely according to your shooting...
  • 【Two Low Cut Filter Modes】The shotgun interview mic has 75/150Hz two low cut filter modes, which can effectively filter out the low-frequency noise according to different occasions, making the...

Brand: Comica | Connectivity Technology: USB | Power Source: Corded Electric | Audio Sensitivity: 10 dB | Polar Pattern: Unidirectional | Item Weight: 0.5 Kilograms | Material: Metal | Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 43 dB

The microphone is found to be very sensitive when it comes to capturing sound. It also has a good range, which means that it is able to capture high-frequency sounds too. The durability of this shotgun mic is also worth noting since it is able to withstand heavy-duty use. It works well with powered mixers and sound boards, and does not suffer from any outside interference.

The Comica CVM-VM20 Shotgun Microphone is the perfect choice for anyone who needs to capture high audio quality. It’s a professional grade shotgun microphone that features an OLED display screen, two low cut filter modes, adjustable stepless gain control and standby time up to 60 hours. You can use it with Nikon D3200 camera or camcorders, making it the ideal accessory for any filmmaker.

This professional-grade shotgun mic will make your videos look amazing. With its OLED display screen and adjustable step-less gain control system, you’ll be able to capture crisp clear sound every single time. Plus, this mic has a standby time of up to 60 hours so you won’t have to worry about charging it all the time either. Get yours today.

3. Camera Microphone, M-1 Video Microphone for Nikon DSL

Camera Microphone, M-1 Video Microphone for DSLR...
  • Standard 3.5mm stereo plug and standard universal connector to cameras. Designed to fit DSLR cameras, DV camcorders, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, etc.(Except for Canon T5 T6 T7, these...
  • The Veksun camera microphone is a high-quality shotgun condenser microphone designed to capture clear, precise audio while reducing background noise, built-in high-quality electronic components.

Brand: Tikysky | Color: Black | Connector Type: 3.5 mm Jack | Connectivity Technology: Auxiliary | Power Source: Battery Powered | Polar Pattern: Unidirectional | Material: Cotton | Hardware Platform: Camera | Number of Channels: 1

Comica CVM-VM20 Shotgun Microphone is the perfect solution for recording audio on your Nikon DSLR camera. It’s designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to use. Plus it has a high-quality electronic design with built-in high-quality components that will ensure clear, precise sound every time.

The sound quality is so good, you won’t believe the small package. But it doesn’t stop there. The CVM-VM20 has an adjustable microphone distance that ensures premium audio capture for all of your DSLR videos. This shotgun microphone features a premium 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response and comes equipped with everything you need to start recording quality sound with your camera.

You won’t have to worry about background noise or distortion when you record audio with this microphone because it reduces unwanted sounds while picking up the clearest sound possible. And since it fits right over your camera lens, there are no extra cords or cables needed. This means less clutter and more convenience in your life so you can focus on what matters most – making great videos.

Think about all of the things you could capture and share with great sound. You can make clear and concise videos that will educate your audience and inspire them to take action. The possibilities are endless when you have a high-quality microphone attached to your camera.

4. Nikon Wireless Microphone ME-W1

Brand: Nikon | Color: Black | Connector Type: 3.5 mm Jack | Connectivity Technology: Auxiliary | Power Source: Battery Powered

ME-W1 Wireless Microphone Set is perfect for your Nikon DSLR camera. This mic uses Bluetooth connectivity and works with all cameras that have an available 3.5mm microphone jack. The set comes with everything needed including: A wireless receiver; windscreen protectors (to keep noise down); a high quality cable long enough at least 20 feet between devices without needing extension cords or external batteries) as well as case protection when not in use.

The receiver is very compact and tiny, you can clip it onto your belt or backpack. The receiver itself has a 3.5mm input/output jack, allowing for easy plug-and-play functionality. You simply set the camera to record video in “Manual” mode, then just plug the mic into the 3.5mm

You can use the ME-W1 to capture high quality audio that will last for a long time. The microphone and receiver both have a built in mic, so you don’t need any other equipment besides headphones or speakers when it comes time to shoot.

You’ll get perfect stereo sound by plugging an optional ME-1 into either one of these units as well – they’ll work together beautifully without being complicated at all on top of providing excellent recording capabilities outstandingly realistically miked up with one fast easy setup process too.

5. Moukey Universal Video Microphone

Moukey Vlogging Kit, Camera Microphone with Shock...
  • 😃【Universal Compatibility】 Fit most of the DSLR Cameras, Camcorders, Audio Recorders, iPhone and Android Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops. Note : All compatible devices should have a 3.5mm...
  • 😃【Platinum Quality Recording】Built-in high-class cardioid condenser capsule, achieves supreme audio recording when used with various DSLR cameras.And Equipped with two high-quality transmission...

Brand: Moukey | Color: Red | Connector Type: 3.5 mm Jack | Connectivity Technology: Radio | Power Source: Battery Powered | Audio Sensitivity: 43 dB | Polar Pattern: Unidirectional, Omnidirectional | Material: Metal | Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 58 dB | Hardware Platform: Laptop, Camera, Smartphone

Moukey Universal Video Microphone has been designed by professional engineers who understand how important it is to have a great-sounding audio track in order to create high-quality videos. That’s why its created a simple way to improve the sound quality of all your recordings at home or in the office without having to spend hundreds on specialized equipment.

Fit for most DSLR cameras, camcorders, audio recorders and smartphones. The mic jack will work with an iPhone 7 or newer model that has a 3.5mm port without the need of purchasing extra accessories (Lightning Adapter).

Another camera’s lacking this feature cannot be used in conjunction with a headset microphone due to their lack of built-in mics while other devices such as tablets require an additional power supply if purchased separately from the manufacturer’s accessories.

Simply Moukey plug 3m long cable into your Nikon Camera or smartphone, laptop, PC, or tablet and start shooting instantly. No software installation is required. Just plug and play. You can also purchase different cable length (1m or 3m) coming with an extra pouch that you can use to easily transport your microphone.

6. Comica CVM-VM10II Professional Video Microphone

Camera Microphone, Comica CVM-VM10II Professional...
  • 【Wide Compatibility】Comica CVM-VM10II camera microphones comes with 3.5mm TRS Audio Cable and 3.5 mm TRRS Audio Cable.Widely works with Cameras, Camcorders, Audio Recorders, iPhone and Android...
  • 【Super Anti-Interference】Built in 100% aluminum material, the CVM-VM10II on camera microphone can strengthen the anti-interference function to reduce the noise from vibrations.Which makes your...

Brand: Comica | Color: Red | Connector Type: 3.5 mm Jack | Connectivity Technology: 3.5mm audio cable | Audio Sensitivity: 90 dB | Polar Pattern: Unidirectional | Item Weight: 230 Grams | Material: Aluminum | Hardware Platform: Camera, Smartphone | Frequency Response: 80 KHz

The Comica CVM-VM10II camera microphones is a great choice for any event where you need to capture sound, such as recording videos and taking pictures. Whether on an iphone or Android smartphone; tablet devices like the iPad Air 2 or Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – these mics will work with anything.

The CVM-VM10II is a smart accessory that can mount to any smartphone or tablet device. The ultra small mic attaches directly into the earphone jack and then directly into your device. And because of its small size, you can even attach it to your keys for quick access when needed. It comes with a convenient carrying case so you can take it anywhere with you.

The CVM-VM10II is a high quality microphone capable of taking great audio recordings, directly to your smartphone or tablet device, via the 3.5 mm earphone jack. You can record anything at anytime and anywhere you want…like a concert, a business conference, an interview, a lecture, a meeting; the possibilities are endless.

The small and discreet microphone is powered by your device’s battery. It can easily record clear sound with its Omni-directional pick up pattern. The CVM-VM10II is compatible with any smartphone or tablet such as an iphone (4s and newer), iPod Touch, Samsung devices, and android smartphones.

7. Camera Microphone with Shock Mount Deadcat Windscreen for Nikon

Camera Microphone, Video Microphone with Shock Mount...
  • Upgrade Camera Microphone: PLOTURE Video Microphone Built-in professional high-performance Super-cardioid pickup with dual-head mutual Complementary interference pickup technology, Specially designed...
  • Universal Compatibility: Camera microphone adopt standard 3.5mm stereo plug and standard universal connector to cameras. Designed to fit DSLR cameras, DV camcorders, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony,...

Brand: Ploture | Color: Brown | Connector Type: 3.5 mm Jack | Connectivity Technology: Auxiliary | Power Source: Battery Powered | Number of Batteries: 1 AAA batteries required. (included) | Polar Pattern: Unidirectional | Hardware Platform: Camera

The PLOTURE Video Microphone is a high-performance, professional video and audio device that will improve your recordings for better quality. The super-cardioid pickup enables it to pick up sound from all directions without distorting or leaking into other frequencies making sure you have clear content with crispness throughout the background noise.

Noise reduction technology allows vocals in particular stand out more clearly while reducing collateral sounds around them so they’re not competing with loud background noises. This microphone is a great tool that will upgrade your videos and recordings to professional quality with ease.

The Video Microphone has a durable aluminum structure, environmentally friendly AAA alkaline batteries and a high-pass filter switch that eliminates room ambiance below 80 Hz. This will reduce wind noise as well as other low-frequency noises not blocked by the windscreen.

The PLOTURE Camera Microphone is a high quality professional camera microphone that minimizes wind noise in outdoor recording. The included furry deadcat and foam windscreen block gentle sound for indoor/studio applications, making this an excellent choice for interviews or musical performances when it’s not too loud outside (or indoors). With 45 days hassle-free full money back guarantee if you don’t love your purchase – there are no worries.

Advantages of external microphone for nikon d3200

An external mic will usually give you better quality in terms of voice clarity, noise cancellation, and signal stability. This makes it more efficient especially since some people have problems with their internal microphones when dealing with these qualities. For example, noisy areas are not the friendliest of places for voice recording. Moreover, voices may be distorted or unclear especially when recorded with the mic built into the phone itself. This is why an external mic may come in handy during situations like these.

External microphones usually come in either wired or wireless varieties with the latter being more prone to picking up background noises and interference. In addition, an external mic may be better in terms of voice quality, noise cancellation, and signal stability. These qualities make the use of an external mic more effective and efficient than the use of an internal mic.

Listed below are some situations where you will gain most from using an external microphone:

  • Recording vocals for a song or other audio piece.
  • Avoiding certain difficulties with regards to voice clarity, voice distortion, and noises in phone conversations.
  • Recording outdoor sounds without dealing with additional background noises that may crop up inside a house or an enclosed area.
  • Recording voice over for movies, documentaries, TV shows and other moving pictures.
  • Audio recording in general such as interviews, public speeches and lectures.
  • Using an external microphone instead of the built-in microphone of your mobile phone may provide you certain benefits.


This list is not comprehensive but contains some of the most common types of microphones that are used in everyday life. I hope this gives you a brief idea of how they work and the way to choose one for your purposes. Feel free to share with us your thoughts in the comment box below.

If you have any questions or suggestions about my guides or if you think I miss something important, please let me know in the comments section.


What is an external microphone?

An external microphone is a microphone that works with any device that has either a 3.5mm port or XLR female (and male) input and is used for film and video production and radio and television broadcasting, as well as in public address systems, movie theaters and on stage performances. Some models may provide phantom power.

What do I need so that my Nikon camera can use an external microphone?

In order for a Nikon camera to use an external microphone, the camera must have either a 3.5mm port or an XLR port with a standard 3 pin interface. The 3.5mm stereo mic jack for audio is located on the left side of the Nikon Camera.

What can I use an external microphone for?

One common usage is to record the sound made by musical instruments, such as acoustic guitar or vocals. They can also be used to record sounds that are difficult to capture with a normal microphone, such as distant bird calls. It can be used by musicians or anyone involved in music production.

What is the difference between an external mic and the built-in camera mic?

The main difference is that external microphones tend to produce higher quality sound than built-in camera mics. Built-in mics are generally mono and have little to no noise-cancellation, which means they pick up all sound in the environment. On the other hand, external microphones can be much better at canceling out background sounds when recording something like vocals or an acoustic guitar.

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