Kamado Joe VS Big Green Egg Review

Kamado Joe VS Big Green Egg Review
Kamado Joe VS Big Green Egg Review

Kamado Joe VS Big Green Egg Review Gives you the chance of reviewing the outdoor Grill best for cooking your BBQ. These are ceramic grills shaped like a Big oval egg. A ceramic grill is more often better than a classic BBQ grill, you can keep the temperature of your own choice like an oven.

When you try these grills for the first time you will find that these are very beneficial when it comes to charcoal usage and costs very low in fact you can save charcoal for the next time usage.

Kamado Joe VS Big Green Egg Review
Kamado Joe VS Big Green Egg Review

Kamado Joe VS Big Green Egg Review – Buying Guide Tips

You can easily find that these grill methods of cooking BBQ are completely different from the standard grill method that you have already for your house or parties. More beautiful in shape and looks like a giant Egg in real life.

Why this design is like an oval shape of Egg, it’s just because this type of design and style of manufacturing looks like that these two devices are only made up for a more professional cooking style and easy to handle the smoke with its top cover.

Kamado Joe VS Big Green Egg Review

In fact, any BBQ lover knows that the food which cooks over real charcoal of wood-burning taste outstanding.

Kamado Joe VS Big Green Egg

Kamado Joe VS Big Green Egg
Kamado Joe VS Big Green Egg Review
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Kamado Joe VS Big Green Egg Review

1. Kamado Joe KJ23RH

Stunning Heat reservation

Kamado Joe a heart-winning charcoal grill is best for its heat reservation. Joe is made up of solid hard thick layers of ceramic which makes it even bulletproof from the outside. Kamado Joe offers their BBQ lovers to fit top and bottom ventilation system, users able to control the in or out of the air into the firebox.

There is also human safe security for those whose kids are more naughty, because of its thick layers of ceramic inside you can keep temperature according to your choice, and doesn’t need to burn more charcoal in the firebox. So heat sensitivity is super awesome.

  • Sizes of Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe Grill is divided into three different sizes on market, depending upon the need for a quantity of food.

  1. The Junior level kamado joe had a size of 13 inch which is also equal to Junior Big Green Egg. Best for couples or for singles.
  2. The Classic level Kamado Joe has a size of 18 inch which equals a large Big Green Egg. It is Best for family needs.
  3. The Big and Giant Kamado Joe has a size of 23 inch which equals XL Big Green Egg. Best fit for large groups or for those who love to gather at Weekend.
  • Gaskets

Well, the company that made gaskets for the purpose of heating and substances not to come out and there becomes a sealed pack of everything inside the gasket holder. But when it comes to grilling Gaskets they pop out almost every time.

Gaskets do not perform well in Kamado Joe Grills. For the first time, you need to buy extra 5 gaskets in purchasing the Kamado Joe for a better experience. It is a simple process of reassembling the gaskets because adhesives are already attached to their boundaries.

  • Value for money

Kamado Joe costs a little higher than Big Green Egg because there are a lot of things and accessories included that come with Kamado Joe and it offers you more reliability and functionality than Big Green. It seems that Kamado Joe is the premium version of Grills and it keeps its value for money.

Kamado Joe comes in three different sizes, each of which costs from low to high in dollars. It’s your choice of buying a Kamado Joe which best fit-outs for your needs. You get the same quality in different sizes.

You can also get quality at a low price by purchasing the Basic size of Kamado Joe rather than buying a big size of Big Green Egg which even does not offer you lots of features like the basic size of Kamado Joe.

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Kamado Joe VS Big Green Egg Review
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2. Big Green Egg Grill Review

Heat Capacity Controls and its reservation(130) 

The question most people ask us is how we control head capacity or temperature of heat? We answer to the people that simply adjust the patented air-flowing controls.

You can get a big draft box or firebox that works in a dual-function metal system to regulate out the air flowing in and out for better heat-storing.

You are able to control the temperature range according to your food that also comes with a suitable adjustment to the Dual metal top function. 

Very small air coming inside the firebox produces a low flame of fire that keeps the temperature according to the food and doesn’t require to reburn more coils in the box. While the large flames of reds the coals faster and quicker through its very high heating pressure. 

  • All sizes of Big Green Egg(155)

Big Green Egg launched at least 8 sizes of different shapes in the market. All of them are very good but we like to show you the most common and useful sizes depending upon the three needs of people.

  1. Small Big Green Egg.

The Small size of Big Green Egg has a size of 13-inch diameter, enough for BBQ of single Chicken in it, or many more foods that easily fit in its main grill. Best for couples or for singles who are lovers of BBQ. This Costs $599

  1. Large Big Green Egg

This is the second size of Big Green Egg which keeps the size of 18-19 inches, enough for family size needs. This costs around $849.

  1. Big Green Egg 2XL

It weighs 242 pounds and has the size of a 24-inch diameter of its Grill. Best for entertainers or for a group of dozen people at a single time.

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