Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg: The Battle of the Kamado-Style Grills

Kamado Joe VS Big Green Egg Review

Grilling and barbecue have been popular cooking methods for centuries, and in recent times, the emergence of kamado-style grills has taken the culinary world by storm. Two brands that have become synonymous with this style of outdoor cooking are Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll explore the differences, similarities, and unique features of both brands.

Kamado Joe: The Innovator of Versatility

Kamado Joe is a brand of ceramic kamado-style grills, known for their bright red exterior and innovative design. Built with excellence in mind, they are famed for their versatility and heat retention.


  • Ceramic Grills: Like all kamado-style grills, Kamado Joe uses ceramic materials, allowing for even cooking and the infusion of excellent flavors.
  • Heat Retention: The thick ceramic walls provide superior heat retention, ensuring consistent cooking temperatures.
  • Temperature Control: Easily adjustable vents enable precise control of cooking temperatures.

For more details on Kamado Joe’s specifications, you might visit their official website (external link suggestion).

Big Green Egg: The Icon of Superior Temperature Control

Big Green Egg, with its iconic green ceramic shell, has become a favorite among outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Famous for superior temperature control, it embodies the traditions of kamado-style cooking.


  • Ceramic Grills: The Big Green Egg’s green ceramic construction plays a vital role in retaining heat.
  • Barbecue and Grilling: Suitable for both grilling and slow-cooked barbecue, it’s a versatile choice for all kinds of outdoor culinary adventures.
  • Smoker Functionality: Can be utilized as a smoker, slow-cooking food at low temperatures, infusing smoky flavors.

To explore more about Big Green Egg, you may refer to the official Big Green Egg website (external link suggestion).

Comparison: Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg

1. Design and Construction:

Both brands offer high-quality ceramic construction. Kamado Joe often stands out with its bright red color, while Big Green Egg is known for its green shell.

2. Versatility:

While both brands are suitable for grilling, barbecue, and smoking, Kamado Joe’s various innovative features might provide slightly more versatility.

3. Temperature Control and Heat Retention:

Both brands excel in temperature control and heat retention. Big Green Egg is particularly praised for its precise temperature adjustments.

4. Outdoor Cooking Experience:

Both grills can enhance the outdoor cooking experience, allowing chefs to experiment with different techniques and flavors.


Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg are leaders in the world of kamado-style grills, offering unique experiences for grilling and barbecue enthusiasts. While they share many similarities, each brand has distinct characteristics that may cater to different preferences.

For a hands-on comparison or to explore more brands, visiting a local specialty grill store (external link suggestion) would provide a tangible experience with these unique cooking devices.

By understanding the specific features and needs of each grill, anyone can elevate their outdoor cooking experience and enjoy the delicious results that only kamado-style grills can offer.

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