Google Maps is one of the most popular and reliable navigation applications, and if you read this, you are probably a truck driver who wonders if you can use Google Maps to plan your route. Our answer will probably disappoint you because you cannot do it today. However, there are good news, although Google may not have what they are looking for, there are great options for truckers. Φ


Can Google Maps display truck routes?

‍ Although Google maps with several navigation modes, it does not currently support the truck option for navigation. Although a quick solution like “Truck mode” is surprising, we don’t see that it will soon become a reality, and here is the reason.

Unfortunately, Google Maps’ clientele is not mainly linked to the truck. It is simply not a GPS application of truck. There are many conditions which are of crucial importance to plan the route of a trucker compared to their daily path through the suburbs.

Different types of danger charges and authorization charges, such as specific route regulations, require. Since Google Maps is carried out by algorithms that provide most of its GPS information, Google would need a significant investment in time and money to modify its current program.

The target group for a specific truck navigation mode would simply be too small to justify such an investment. You would also face new challenges.

After all, they would beat the competitors who are already implemented on the market. There are currently GPS applications of trucks that are already on truck routes. Many of them have acquired a good reputation and promote their reliability. What are the alternatives to Google cards which offer the monitoring of the GPS routes of the trucks?


Truck driver applications -GPS

  1. Waze

Waze is one of the best GPS free truck applications. It is available on iOS and Android. Waze is a crowd supply application that provides current information for routes and traffic. In addition, functions such as gas prices, road closings, traffic accidents and automatic rehearsals have been added so that they follow the most precise path to their destination.

  1. COPILOT GPS / COPILOT Mobile navigation

If you are looking for a little more for your money, Copilot is a more detailed application that is available on iOS and Android devices for a single price of 9.99 US dollars. When it comes to getting this for what you pay, it couldn’t be true with this application. Copilot has the added function to adapt the routes before starting a trip. You give the opportunity to enter the specific dimensions of your truck. There are also specific instructions for the driver of the truck, rest arrest, weight stations, cat ladders and points of interest along a certain route. If you are ready to spend a little money, it is by far one of the best GPS applications of trucks.

  1. PTV browser Navigation

It is one of the best GPS applications of trucks. Above all, given the fact that it was intended to help everyday truckers to control their routes. It also offers driver suggestions that are again based on the truck dimensions and the vehicle restrictions.

This can even help them keep their field field up to date because it continues their mileage during driving. However, it is at the end of our list for two reasons. It is a little more expensive at 26.99 US dollars and unfortunately only for Android users.

How to find truck parking spaces

They are set to the course and follow your GPS Truck application on the fastest route. If you are ready to set up a camp for the night. You drive in the next rest area just to find out that you have no place to stay there.

This event is more common than people recognize it! A survey on Interstate 5, a Californian motorway, showed that 70% of drivers who stopped at a truck stop revealed that they were full and should continue.

Another application that you can download with your new GPS -App Tandem truck is an application called Roadbreakers. Roadbreakers is like a secret weapon in the truck community. This is an application created by truckers for truckers. The main emphasis is to mark safe parking spaces for truckers to stop

Best GPS Tracker with google map

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Mike A said I’ll admit I’m a long time Garmin fan but I hate using my phone for real trips. This is always there, always on screen, always talking even when I get a call, and all I have ti do is glance over to see my next turn info.

Kudos to Garmin for doing offline voice recognition that actually works well. The app could be better, but it does let you search or type an address in and zap it to the Garmin for navigation. It also provides data access to the Garmin for live traffic updates etc.

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