Sizing Up Your Boots: How to Stretch out Cowboy Boots?

How to Stretch out Cowboy Boots? Want the perfect way to wear cowboy boots? Here is an easy trick that will lengthen your boots. This step-by-step guide will show you how to stretch out your boots and make them fit like a charm!

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What makes cowboy boots stretch?

Cowboy boots are made of thick and sturdy material, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stretch out easily. In order to make your boots fit perfectly, you need to take care of them. Here is a list of steps to take to get your boots stretched out:

First, remove the laces from your boots. Now, push down on one of the straps until it’s tight against your foot. Then, grab the other strap and pull it tight against your foot. This allows you to create a flexible loop at the top of each boot by pulling on both straps at once. Once this is done, tighten each strap again and hold it in place while you step over a chair or couch with one foot. This will help create space inside the boot for breathable air.

Once you’ve got space in your boots, let go of the straps and put on some pliable insoles if needed (or just wear gel insoles). Now stand up straight with both feet together and don’t move for 3 minutes before loosening up again and repeating steps 1-5 until you get closer to fitting those perfect leather boots!

The steps to stretching your boots

  1. Take your boots and place them on a flat surface, with the toe facing down.
  2. Place a clean towel on top of the boots and then step on it with the ball of your foot, pushing against the side of the boot. This will stretch out the back part of the boot to make it easier to put on.
  3. Once you can get your foot into the boot, put a hot iron on top of one side of the boot and hold it there for about 10 seconds, then remove it and try to stretch out that side as well.
  4. Repeat steps 3-4 until you get all four sides stretched out enough so that they fit!

How long can you stretch it?

This will depend on the width of your boots and how long you want them to be.

Start by wearing your boots in a dry, warm room for about 10 minutes. This will allow the soles of your boots to warm up and stretch a little bit.

Next, put on some thin socks that are not too tight. You want to do this so that you can pull the fabric of your socks over the top of your boots without having them bunch up. Make sure the fabric is thin enough that you can see through it when you look down at your foot with a mirror in front of you (this is where a hand mirror comes in handy).

Now start pulling on one side of the sock fabric as if you were trying to slide it off of your boot.

As you do this, make sure you keep pulling on both sides at once so that they don’t rip apart before they reach their desired length – otherwise, pulling one side will stretch out one side while leaving the other side untouched!

Keep repeating this process until both sides reach their desired length, or until there’s no more sock left to pull from. One way to measure how long each boot should be is by measuring around your ankle with a tape measure or ruler then.

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