How To Measure Bike Size For Kid?

How To Measure Bike Size For Kid

When you are looking for a kid’s bicycle, it is important to get the right size of bike. Not just because it looks more appropriate for your child, but also because it helps them feel comfortable on the bicycle and helps avoid accidents. The usual method to get the right size is by measuring their height. You have to take into consideration that their height doesn’t give you the right size of bike. You have to take into consideration other factors as well.

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Here are a few tips on how to measure bike size for kid:

The correct frame-size

This refers to the length of the bike measured from the ground up to around 1 or 2 inches above the seat. If you are not sure what this means, talk to the salesperson in the bicycle shop where you bought it or ask someone who is familiar with bicycles how they measure size. The significant point here is that this measurement does not take into consideration the child’s leg length. It just says that if your child’s legs are too long, the bike’s frame will be too short for them – and that it is time to look at a bigger bike.

The right height

Measuring the child’s height can help you determine what size bicycle they should use. But it also has its limitations. For example, a child who looks very small may actually have longer legs than average. This will necessitate a bike that is too big for them.

The child’s leg length

A general rule of thumb is that if the child has longer legs than average, they should use a bigger bike, and if their legs are shorter than average, they should go for a smaller bike. You can measure your child’s leg length by putting their feet on a flat surface and measuring the distance from the floor to the crotch.

The type of riding

If your child is going to be using their bike for off-road biking, they should use a bigger bike than would normally be necessary just because it has better shock-absorbing which can help them avoid injury. However, if your child is going to be riding mostly on streets and sidewalks, they should use a smaller bike than if they were planning to ride off-road.

Bicycle proper fit to kid

Just because you measure the height of your child and determine that it is the right size, doesn’t mean that the bike will actually fit them properly. Their legs have to have room to extend properly when they are pedaling. Moreover, the height will ensure that they don’t scrape their feet on the ground when using the pedals.

The type of bike

If you are looking for a kid’s bicycle, it is helpful to know that there are different types such as mountain bikes, road bikes, or exercise bikes for small spaces. This means that you can measure the proper size with reference to each of these types. An important point here is that your child will not use a mountain bike on the street or sidewalk and a road bike would be too dangerous for them to use off-road.


The most important factor to keep in mind when measuring your child’s size is safety. For example, if you buy a bicycle that is too small, they will have trouble controlling the bicycle and it will be more dangerous for them. It can also cause them to fall more easily which can lead to injuries.

The safety brakes

When purchasing a bike, you should always take the time to test out brakes and ensure that they are high quality. While it may not be possible to get these right away, you can tell the manufacturer or salesperson about your concerns so that they will check into this for future models.

Training wheels installed in bike

While the training wheels are on, they will help your child stay up and allow them to learn how to control the bike. However, if you plan to use them only for a short time period (e.g., when learning how to ride), you should get a bigger bike with training wheels.

Weight of bicycle

Just like with price, you will need to keep in mind your child’s weight when buying a bike for them. For example, if the bicycle is too big or heavy, it can be harder for your child to lift and can also be dangerous since they may not be able to handle it properly.

Additional accessories for bicycle

There are many additional accessories that you can buy for your child, such as a basket to put flowers or other items. You can also purchase a helmet and safety pads if they plan on using their bike off-road.

Suitable color with your kid

As long as your child likes the color of the bicycle, they will enjoy riding it more since this can inspire them. You may also want to consider getting them something that matches their favorite color or sport such as blue for water sports.

The terrain

If your child will be using their bike for racing, they should use a different type than if they were using it for cross country or other types of off-road riding.

The size of the bike according to the kid

It is important to remember that when measuring your child’s size, you should have reference to the type of bike you are looking for. For example, if you are buying them a mountain bike then it will be more important to consider their height than if they were using a road bike.

What your kid like

A bike is a mode of transportation and it will be something that they will enjoy using so you should let them help pick it out. If they see a bike at the store and want to try it out, you may find that they purchase this bike even if it isn’t in their budget or proper size.

The age of your child for bike riding

As we mentioned above, if you purchase a bicycle that is too small, it can be dangerous for your child. However, purchasing a bike that is too large will not pose as much of a threat. When measuring the age of your child, ensure that they meet certain requirements such as being able to grip the brakes tightly and pedal properly.

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