How to Give Yourself a Foot Massage

foot massager for big feet

A foot massage may be just what you need to relax after a long day of work, especially if you are on your feet all day. In a previous blog, we talked about how to protect your feet by protecting your bones — all 26 of them in your feet. In today’s blog, we’ll go over how to give yourself a foot massage. Because your own feet are so easy to access, unlike your own shoulders or back, a foot massager for big feet is a great way to relax at the end of a long day, and it’s free!

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How to Perform a Foot Massage on Yourself

Before you begin massaging your foot, you should first find a comfortable position. Sit on a couch or lie on a bed with one foot just above the opposite knee, allowing you to grasp the foot with both hands.

To Begin

The first thing you should do is warm up the foot tissue with your two thumbs. Gently spread the tissue from the heel bone to the base of the toes, pushing your thumbs away from one another. In general, begin any movements at the heel and work your way up to the toes.

Following this first technique, you should compress the tissue together by lifting the skin or pushing your thumbs together. Begin by working the inside of your foot, from the heel to the toes, then the middle of your foot, and finally the outside of your foot.

foot massager for big feet


Spread your toes apart, squeezing and extending them, and moving each toe individually to the left and right with your thumbs. Squeeze all of your toes together with one hand, then gently apply pressure to fold the toes toward the base of the foot and then push them back. Rep these motions until your toes are warm and your muscles and joints are loose.

Tissue depth

Because your foot has three different layers of muscles, don’t be afraid to put some deep pressure on it, especially in sore areas. Knead your foot with your fingers or knuckles, beginning at the heel and working your way up to your toes. Spend some time focusing on the sole of the foot to really loosen it up.

Points of Interest

If there are any particularly painful areas, apply firm pressure to those areas for 8 to 12 seconds, or until the pain subsides. If the pain remains constant, move on to another pain point and apply the same amount of pressure. After a few minutes, return to the first area.

The Heel’s Medium Aspect

The medial aspect of the heel bone, or the “middle” “face,” is an important area of the foot to target. For people with plantar fasciitis, this area of the foot near the inner heel can cause tightness and inflammation. If you feel tightness in this area, pay special attention to it.

Hallucis Adductor

If you have arthritis in your big toe, you can work on the base of your toes. With a cross-fiber friction stroke, work the area beneath your big toe and move toward your little toe. This movement is especially beneficial for athletes who want to improve their toe flexibility.

To sum up

Nothing beats finishing a foot massager for big feet with some soothing lotion. Apply gentle pressure to the foot while lathering your hands and spreading the lotion across it.

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