How to disguise a chest freezer to blend in to dining room?

How to disguise a chest freezer to blend in to dining room

Freezers are often placed in the garage. However, many homes do not have garages or even space to build one. Also, some people like having a freezer located right near them for easy access while cooking. A freezer can be disguised as normal furniture to blend into the dining room of a home without an outside space for it.

Start by deciding how large of a freezer you need. Measure the space in your dining room, keeping in mind it should be able to fit comfortably. Also make sure there is enough clearance for getting things out of and into the freezer without hitting walls or other furniture. Draw a diagram to take with you as you shop for a freezer that will fit in your space.

Place the freezer where you intend it to live in the dining room. It may help to have another person with you to assist in moving heavy objects. It will also be easier if there are no other furniture items near what’s being moved, so that you can get a clear idea of how big or small your new freezer will fit. Let’s Start.

Put the chest freezer in the dining room

Place a small table or sideboard directly next to where you would like to have your chest freezer. Be sure the table is large enough to cover up all of the freezer with extra space on each side. The table will be used as a cover for both the front and left side of the freezer.

Put the freezer on the table

Place the chest freezer on top of the small sideboard. The countertop of the sideboard should hide all of the freezer, including any handles or scars visible on its surface. Make sure that both pieces fit together snugly and seamlessly. Put items like plates or silverware directly on top of it to make it appear as though the freezer is just another type of table.

Cover the front and left side with plastic sheeting

Cut several pieces of clear, thin plastic sheeting that are large enough to cover both the front and the left side of the chest freezer. Tape all four edges down with duct tape so that wind or air does not infiltrate under the plastic.

Cover the back and right side with fabric

Cut a piece of fabric that is large enough to cover all four edges of the chest freezer’s back and the right-hand side. Attach it with duct tape so that it covers up any scars or handles on these surfaces.

Close the front door Bring the front door of the freezer close to the front edge of the sideboard. It should sit flush with the table’s surface. Attach it with duct tape, if necessary. Be sure that there are no gaps between it and its neighbor in order to keep away any drafts or smells.

Cover any handles on top

There may be handles protruding from the top of the freezer. Cover them with either duct or duct tape so that they blend in perfectly with the top of the sideboard.

Hide any gaps

Make sure that there are no large gaps between the edges of table and door for both the front and left side, as well as the back and right side of the chest freezer. Gaps draw attention and can ruin the disguise. Use extra duct tape to fill in any gaps that exist between the freezer and its neighbors.

Hide cables and cords

There may be electrical cables running from behind where the table is located to power outlets that will run cords into it. Run these wires through small holes around the edge of the sideboard or cover them with duct tape to blend them into the rest of the table.

Cover any cords that run into freezer with duct tape

There may be electrical cords that are visible around the front or left side of where you placed your chest freezer. Cover these up with duct tape so that they blend in with the sideboard and do not stand out as extensions of the freezer.

Cover any visible freezer surfaces with duct tape as well

If there are unsightly scratches or dents on the surface of the freezer, cover them up with either duct tape or paint that is a similar color to match your sideboard. Be sure to match any colors exactly so that it does not stick out as being different from its surroundings.

Hide the freezer door with lace tablecloth

There may be a visible gap between where you placed your chest freezer and its front door that can draw attention to it. Cover this area with either some type of decoration or, as mentioned above, another sideboard-like piece on top of your original one. If you want to utilize the space that is normally covered by the freezer door, place a lace tablecloth over it that matches the rest of the sideboard.

Hang some decoration

Add some type of ornamentation to the top of your chest freezer. Hang a seasonal piece, like a wreath for Christmas or red hearts on Valentine’s Day, over your sideboard. This decoration will distract from any elements of your freezer that are not perfect and make it blend in more seamlessly with its surroundings.

Warn family members of the contents

If you plan on keeping dangerous or harmful food items in your freezer, make sure that other family members know what is inside and how to use it correctly. This way, there will be no accidents and you can enjoy all of your frozen goods as normal.

Populate your sideboard

After you have successfully hidden the chest freezer under a false table, be sure to distribute other decorative items around it so that it does not look out of place in your dining room. For example, place a vase of flowers on top of it along with other decorations that match your dining room theme.

Finish up

Once you have successfully hidden the chest freezer under another table-like object, finish up by lining it up exactly to create a seamless look between the false table and the freezer. If there is any gap between them from misalignment, be sure to line it up with decorations like flowers to hide them. Once you are sure that everything is lined up perfectly, there should be no way for anyone to tell the freezer apart from the rest of your sideboard or dining room.

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