How To Blow-dry Straight Hair Without Damage?

How To Blow-dry Straight Hair Without Damage? Blow-drying hair like a pro is the dream of every woman. Most women do not want to take a trip to the salon before they maintain that straight and sleek hair after blow-drying.

However, when most blow-dry their hair, it comes out frizzy and crispy due to too much exposure to heat. The crispiness often causes hair breakage.

We are here to put you through the step-by-step process of how to blow dry your hair without damage.

You do not need to break the bank to afford the tools you need for blow-drying your hair. The tools needed include;

A high-performing blow dryer is a great and essential hair care investment. You should go for an ionic dryer because it produces negative ions that counter positive ions in water molecules in your hair. Thus, you spend less time drying your hair.

A microfiber towel (or any hair towel): this is used to dry your hair before you start the blow-drying process.

A wide-tooth comb: helps to detangle the hair.

A round hairbrush: is used to lift your hair while blow-drying. Lifting your hair while blow-drying gives more volume to your hair.

Strong sectioning hair clips: is used to hold each section of your hair down while blow-drying your hair.

Good thermal protectant product: is used to protect your hair from heat damage. 

When you have these tools ready; then you can start the process.

How To Blow-dry Straight Hair Without Damage?

Step 1: Wash and Condition Your Hair

The first step of any hair care routine is washing and conditioning. Your hair should be washed thoroughly with sulphate-free shampoos to cleanse hair. After that, you should use a conditioner on your mane to moisturize it.

In addition, conditioner helps to improve the shininess of the hair.

Step 2: Towel Dry Your Hair

After washing and conditioning your hair, the next step is to towel dry. You can use a microfiber towel or any other towel to dry your hair. This step is essential because blow-drying dripping wet hair will take longer to dry.

Thus, exposing your hair to too much heat. And we already established that too much heat is not good for the hair. Hence, ensure you towel dry your hair or air dry it till it is about 50-60% dry. 

Step 3: Use Heat Protectant Serum

Once your hair is dried up to 50-60%, you can now apply a heat protectant serum or spray. This heat protectant serum/spray protects your hair from heat damage. But, that does not mean you should expose your hair to too much heat.

After its application, use a wide-tooth comb to comb through your hair. Combing with a wide-tooth comb helps to avoid tangles while rough drying.

Step 4: Rough Dry Your Hair

Set your dryer on medium heat and high airspeed, and rough dry your hair until it is about 80% dry. When rough drying your hair, ensure that you do not use any brush. 

Step 5: Section Your Hair With Sectioning Clips

After rough drying, you can now section your hair into different sections. You can section it into 3 to 5 sections depending on the volume of your hair. Once you have sectioned your hair, you can now hold each section down with a sectioning clip.

Step 6: Blow-Dry Each Layer

How To Blow-dry Straight Hair Without Damage?

Pick a section of your hair and divide it into smaller sections to form layers. Then start blow-drying from the root to the tip. You should start from the front and work your way to the back of your hair.

Put the round brush near the root of your mane; then roll it to the tip of your hair. Make sure you point the nozzle of the dryer in the same direction as your mane. As you dry each layer, clip it down to not disturb you. Do this until you finish with that section.

Move to the next section and follow the same process until you finish blow-drying the whole hair. You can lift your hair while blow-drying if you want to add more volume to your mane.

Once you are done blow-drying, remove all the clips you used to hold down each section of your hair. Shake out your hair and finish the process with a blast of cold hair from your dryer. 

Step 7: Apply styling cream

You can now apply your styling cream to smoothen your hair. Then you can style your hair into whatever style you prefer. 

Mistakes To Avoid When Blow-drying A Straight Hair

Do not blow-dry dripping wet hair                   

Blow-drying your hair immediately after you get out of the shower is a great way of damaging your hair. You will take a longer time blow-drying dripping hair.

Thus, exposing your hair to heat for a long time. Therefore, ensure that you towel-dry or air-dry your hair till about 50-60% before blow-drying it.

Do not start from the tip of your hair

Another mistake to avoid is to start blow-drying from the tip of your hair. 

Make sure you section your hair

You should also avoid not sectioning your hair. Your hair will end up in a tangled mess if you decide to dry your hair all at once. So use sectioning clips to section your hair into different rows (the number of rows depends on the volume of your hair). Sectioning clips help you focus on one part of your hair at a time.

Avoid setting your blow dryer in a high heat setting

Another mistake to avoid is setting the dryer to high heat. The high heat may dry your hair faster but it is not good for the health of your hair. It can damage your hair and even cause hair breakage. So ensure that you do not set the dryer’s heat to a high setting.


With the tips shared in this article, you have now known the dos and don’ts of blow-drying. You should also ensure that you are patient anytime you are blow-drying your hair.

These tips will help you achieve an excellent result at home without visiting the salon. However, avoid blow-drying your hair every time because of heat damage.

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