How Does Hands Free Bluetooth Work?

How Does Hands Free Bluetooth Work

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows two devices to communicate without having to touch them. In the car, you can use your mobile phone “hands-free” by voice command or through control panel adjustments such as volume increase/decrease and song selection. In order to understand how does hands free bluetooth works, you have to know the basics of how bluetooth works.

Main Purpose of Bluetooth Technology

It’s time to get your hands on the latest technology. Bluetooth is now a standard in car manufacturers, but compatibility can vary from phone model to phone and even the brand of receiver. To make matters worse there are many different interfaces that drivers have no idea about which makes it hard for them when shopping around trying to find what will work well with their device – enter this guide we hope will help everyone understand how they’re looking at cars by looking out cabs equipped not only wired speakers but also wireless ones too.

Bluetooth’s main idea is to be a wireless replacement for cables. If you’re anything like us, we unplug our iPhone from the Aux jack in the bluetooth car stereo and plug it into our computer or stereo at home to listen to music, all without missing a beat. This technology aims to let any device that’s bluetooth-enabled to be able to connect wirelessly with any other bluetooth enabled device – but this is much easier said than done.

Basics of bluetooth devices working

First off, let’s cover the basics of how bluetooth works in an easy-to-understand way. Theoretically, sending data wirelessly in less time than it would take to send it through a wire, but in practice, it’s more complicated than that. This is because the bluetooth environment is full of interferences and differing signals that can interrupt or slow down your connection.

A major part of the bluetooth set-up is figuring out how to make devices communicate with each other as well as authenticate themselves (who they are) and secure their data during their time in contact with each other. All of that requires less power than it does with a wired connection, thus the bluetooth standard includes profile standards to make it work for different types of devices and situations they may encounter.

One example is how using bluetooth to connect with your bluetooth car spkear doesn’t have to be the same process as to connect with another Bluetooth. The reason being is that the signals are constantly being interrupted by other things, so to compensate for this bluetooth sends out data in waves. This way if one wave of data gets interrupted, the receiver still has other information coming through which means that it’s less likely lost completely.

Here is a quick overview of Bluetooth connection:

quick overview of Bluetooth connection

1) When a phone or car wants to connect with another bluetooth network enabled device it enters a “discoverable” mode. This can be switched on and off manually in most bluetooth devices at same time.

2) When a phone or car bluetooth is discoverable it transmits a bluetooth signal. This signal has the device’s bluetooth name and a list of services.

3) When another device is in discoverable mode, it hears these signals and sends back a signal confirming that it wants to connect (called “inquiry”).

4) The 2 devices repeat step 3 until they’re satisfied that they’ve met enough criteria to want to make a network with each other (e.g.: they’re happy communicating with the same amount of data speed).

5) They generate a shared secret code that helps them identify who they are to each other and an encryption key that secures their communication while it’s happening.

6) They start exchanging data between one another.

7) The receiving device picks up the bluetooth signal and establishes communication with the sending device. This is known as pairing process.

8) Once devices are paired they remain connected until one or both of the devices are switched off, goes out of range or the pairing is dropped.

9) When a paired bluetooth device comes within range of another bluetooth device it will automatically pair with the new device and disconnect from the old one.

10) Bluetooth can have varying levels of connection quality, depending on signal strength and devices being used. Connection quality affects how responsive a system is to inputs such as voice commands or manual inputs through a controlling panel.

Understand how does hands free bluetooth works

Understand how does hands free bluetooth works

Using this information, you can understand how hands free bluetooth works in a car. A cell phone is connected to the car audio via bluetooth and the driver uses either voice command buttons on the steering wheel or manual adjustments on the control panel to communicate with the cell phone.

These inputs are transmitted from the car speakers to the phone just like a physical network would work, and the information is sent back in reverse. The phone then processes the information and sends it to the “car” app in order for a response to be made or a song/message/call etc.. to take place.

What is the use of Bluetooth headsets for phone calls?

It uses bluetooth wireless connectivity to automatically connect with the phone which means no more tangled wires, just straight up communication between two devices.

Of course there are other benefits besides not having tangled wires.

Your headphones aren’t restricted by being plugged into your phone. You can leave your handset somewhere safe and take the headphones out with you to listen to music, watch videos or do whatever it is you’d use them for. The left headphone will still be connected to the phone but the bluetooth headset doesn’t have any restrictions on where it can go.

You don’t need two hands anymore. Making the most of every moment becomes so much easier when your phone is safely tucked away in your pocket yet you can still receive calls or play music etc… Without interrupting what you’re doing.

You don’t have to carry round a clunky wired headset anymore. Especially useful if you use it all the time, that extra weight on your head can be a pain after a while.

It doesn’t matter if you have the latest phones anymore. Bluetooth compatibility is something that all recent top of the range smartphones are capable of, meaning that it’s not an issue to use bluetooth headphones for your phone. Hands-free calling is now safe too. If you’re using your phone while driving, access your phone via bluetooth through a different device allows you to make and receive answer calls without having to take your eyes off of the road.

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