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Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 #News

1080p and 140-degree FOV: The Dash Cam Mini records in 1080p HD quality with a wide-angle 140-degree field of view, ensuring you capture everything that happens on the road. Garmin, a well-known name in the GPS navigation world, has released a new and improved dashboard camera.

The Dash Cam Mini 2 is one of the smallest and most discreet cameras on the market, making it a perfect choice for those who want to record their journeys without attracting too much attention. It can record high-quality 1080p video, can be viewed from a wide angle, can automatically find incidents, and can tag them with their GPS locations.

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Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2, tiny size, 1080p and 140 FOV degree, watch your vehicle and approach with new connected functions, voice control
Small camera, great protection. The Garmin Dash CAM ™ Mini 2 car in the size of the language with voice control (only in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Swedish) automatically records the 1080p video and offers incidence of eyewitnesses.


Angie Said – I have only had this dashcam for at most a week now, so I will come back to update if this dashcam fails me.

I’ve used around 5 or 6 different dashcams in my 8 years of driving and I have to say I’ve learned a thing or two about what you want to look for when purchasing one after being burned so many times. I’ve used a few top sellers on amazon, which turned out to be crap. I then tried Vantrue, which also ended up corrupting all my files and never saving them after only a few months. Then I got on the OwlCam train, and got really burned by it. Not to mention, too expensive for such a piece of crap machinery.

Now this dashcam I put a *lot of thought* into before buying. I can’t stress enough how many times I’ve been burned. I decided to look based off of the following features:

1) is the company that made it real? Like real with their own website?
– Most of them aren’t, but Garmin has been in the game for a while with car products, so I figured hey give them a try.

2) Can the dashcam connect to an app/my phone? If yes, look that app up, see it’s reviews in the app store.
– This camera as of writing uses the Garmin Drive app, and this app has 4.5K reviews and 4.7 stars on the iPhone App Store. No other app I could find connected to any dashcam had so many and such high reviews. This gave me hope.

3) What is the actual recording resolution of the camera? Some companies lie, and it’s not actually 4K or whatever they say. Look at youtube reviews with proof of the file format.
– Garmin, they did not lie to my knowledge. I can see it. I can’t read license plates, but let’s be honest. None of the dashcams you can find will. Maybe some in some bizarre cases, but no – don’t expect to be able to catch a plate. If something happens, just yell out the plate State and Number so you can hear it in the recording later. Also, don’t be stupid, get UNDERinsured driver insurance AND UNINSURED driver insurance. From experience, this saved my sister’s literal life.

4) Can I have a Live connection to the camera somehow?
– NexarOne and Owlcam both have these options, but fail horribly at them. Garmin has a different version of live, and given that this dashcam checked enough of my other boxes, I said fine to this. Better not to be forced to pay some subscription fee anyways.

Their Live option just requires some internet connection, so I connected mine to my house wifi, as it sits in my garage. Those who park outside/away from wifi would just have to let it use their phone’s data when they are near it instead (which is nice when you are away from home if something happens).

Here’s my experience so far with this camera:
– Placement in the windshield -> I placed it in the center, directly behind my review mirror. I can’t see the screen of the dashcam because of where I placed it, but I don’t care personally. It blends in with the black interior of my car, you wouldn’t know it’s there unless you look hard. This is great to not attract as many thieves. It’s also SO TINY I am amazed.

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