Can I use my Garmin as a backup camera?

Yes, you can attach a Garmin camera to your car’s back window, and it will work just like a normal backup camera. However, there are some limitations you have to keep in mind:

  • You must have a power supply running to the camera wire. Otherwise, you’ll have no images on your screen.
  • You must have a touchscreen monitor in order for this method to work (Garmin nuvi series).  Some older models only show the last image taken with the camera.
  • You need an extra USB cable. Garmin doesn’t supply one.  You can use the USB cable for your GPS with backup camera in order to make this work, but you’ll need another cable that’s about 2 feet long (this is really hard to find).

What is a backup camera?

A backup camera is an image sensor, most commonly found in smaller automobiles, that provides a live video feed of the area directly behind your vehicle whenever you shift into reverse.

The purpose of this video driver assistance technology is to help drivers maneuver safely and more easily in reverse. There are a handful of companies that manufacture these cameras, including Garmin.

Do I need a backup camera?

It really depends on your driving style and conditions. If you often park in tight spots or drive a particularly small vehicle, it’s likely the best choice you can make for safety reasons as well as convenience. Some drivers swear by them and wouldn’t drive without one.

They’re also helpful for drivers with vehicles that can tow other vehicles, as they provide an extra set of eyes on the trailer or hitch while maneuvering.

How does it work for backing up? Does someone have to actually sit in the back seat to see what is behind the car?

No, anyone can use this method to see what’s behind them. They just have to sit in front of a touch screen monitor. Once they select “camera off” or “Garmin camera, then they’ll be able to see the images taken by the Garmin camera.

Also, if you have children in the back, make sure they understand not to play with the monitor while you’re backing up. It’s best to put them in front, so they too can see what’s behind.”

Will this work on a 2010 Toyota?

It should work with any car. You’ll just need to find a power supply for the camera wire, and an extra USB cable that’s about 2 feet long (this is really hard to find). If you have kids in the back, make sure they understand not to play with the monitor while you’re backing up.

can i use it as my backup camera without having to buy a new mirror?

Yes, this works just like any other ordinary backup camera. As long as you have power running to the wire and an additional USB cable that’s about 2 feet long, then you’ll be able to see what’s behind your car on a touchscreen monitor.

Where to find the input for the backup camera on my Garmin device?

The first input available will be labeled “Camera” or “Video IN”, depending on the model. Some devices have additional inputs for composite or even component video signals, but they won’t be necessary unless you’re hooking up another Garmin device that’s capable of recording, like a Virb Action Camera.

Is it possible to use any old video cable as a substitute for the official one from Garmin?

Yes – any video cable with at least one audio channel should work. Some drivers have had success using an auxiliary cord, while others have purchased cables intended for use in vehicles; though, make sure it’s compatible with your device and meets your needs before making a purchase. Your safest bet is the official cable from Garmin.

Also, keep in mind that whatever cable you use must be powered to work properly.

How can I enable the display of the backup camera on my Garmin device?

The simplest method is to simply keep your existing audio/video input connected and plugged in whenever your Garmin is connected to external power.

This way, it will automatically activate as soon as you plug it into your car’s power port. It can also be enabled through the settings menu of your device by choosing “Backup Camera“, followed by “Enable”.

You will likely need to restart your device for this setting to take effect and begin providing a video feed. Congratulations, you should now know everything there is to know about using a backup camera with your Garmin device!

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