Top 10 Best Wireless Hard Drive For Mac [The Ultimate Guide]

best wireless hard drive for mac
Best wireless hard drive for mac

Hey there, tech enthusiast! We’ve all been in that situation – juggling with wires, trying to connect our external hard drives to our beloved Mac, right? Imagine a world where those wires don’t exist, and yet, your data transfer is swift and seamless. Yes, you got it right. I’m talking about wireless hard drives for Mac. Let’s dive into this topic and uncover the magic behind this technology.

The Rise of Wireless Technology

With companies like Google, a multinational technology giant, leading the charge in innovating our digital world, it’s no wonder that wireless technology has taken center stage. The ability to transfer data without those pesky physical connections? Now, that’s what I call convenience!

What’s the Buzz about NLP and Entities?

Ever heard of NLP? No, it’s not some secret code. It stands for Natural Language Processing. It’s a branch of artificial intelligence that helps machines understand and respond to human language. Now, what does this have to do with wireless hard drives for Mac, you ask? Well, NLP helps in extracting specific pieces of information, known as entities, from vast amounts of text. These entities help in organizing and processing data, which is essential for technology like wireless hard drives to function efficiently. It’s like the brain behind the operation!

Unraveling the Wireless Hard Drive

At the heart of this magical device is the hard drive – a place where all your precious digital memories, work files, and favorite cat videos reside. But what sets the wireless hard drive apart is its ability to communicate with your Mac without any physical connection. So, the next time you want to watch a movie from your hard drive, no more searching for cables, just connect wirelessly and voila!

Why Mac Lovers Rejoice

If you’re a Mac user, you know the premium experience it offers. Apple Inc. ensures that every Mac is a blend of style and performance. Pairing your Mac with a wireless hard drive only amplifies this experience, ensuring that data transfer is not just fast, but also elegant.

The Power of Multinational Tech Innovation

Multinational companies, like Google, have been at the forefront of global technological advancements. Their reach across multiple countries means that they can pool in diverse talents and ideas, driving innovation. This global approach is one of the reasons why we see such rapid advancements in technology, including the development of wireless hard drives.

Artificial Intelligence: More Than Just Robots

When we hear “artificial intelligence,” our minds often wander to robots taking over the world. But it’s so much more than that. AI, including NLP, plays a vital role in making technology user-friendly and efficient. It’s the brainpower behind many of the gadgets we use daily, including, you guessed it, wireless hard drives!

Information: The Heartbeat of Technology

In today’s digital age, information is everything. It’s the data processed and organized for specific purposes, like storing on a hard drive or analyzing to improve technology. The better we can manage and process this information, the better our technological devices, like the wireless hard drive for Mac, will perform.

Top 9 Best Wireless Hard Drive for Mac Buy Today

At a Glance:

  1. SSK Portable NAS Wireless
  2. LaCie DJI Copilot
  3. LaCie Rugged USB-C 5TB
  4. Emtec P700 Series 1TB
  5. Seagate Mobile Wireless
  6. WD 4TB My Passport
  7. WD 4TB My Cloud
  8. Apple AirPort Time
  9. BUFFALO Link Station

1 19
Seagate Wireless (Image credit: Amazon)

Seagate Wireless

 Best Wireless Hard Drive For Mac


Brand: Seagate | Item Weight: 10.9 ounces | Product Dimensions: 0.95 x 4.93 x 4.94 inches |


  • 10 Hour Battery Timing
  • Can work without internet
  • Connectivity indicator
  • Diverse Compatibility


  • SB 2.0 is outdated Technology
  • The plastic body is not Durable


Seagate is one of the best external hard drives which is under $100 budget. When it comes to storage space Seagate is one of the most sought out brands. This external hard drive offers diverse compatibility across many platforms like IOS, Windows, Android, and Kindle Fire.

Now, you have the power to take your data on the go you can stream movies and it does not require any internet connection. You can stream HD movies using three mobiles at the same time or you can stream music using this external hard drive. It comes with 500GB storage space for everyday data storing usage with 1 Lithium-ion battery which is part of the package.

The outer body with made of plastic which is light in weight and there is a light indicator to show you the connection with devices along with this you will also find a power button if you want to completely turn it off for a long period upon full charging this device can deliver back up of 10 hours.

Seagate also offers a media app that helps you stream easily and synchronizes fast across many devices and keeping in the same line of products Seagate is a budget-friendly product and provides value for money.

2 19
SSK Portable NAS Wireless (Image credit: Amazon)

SSK Portable NAS Wireless

 Best Wireless Hard Drive For Mac


Brand: SSK Corporation | Item Weight: 12 ounces | Product Dimensions: 5.21 x 3.61 x 0.86 inches |


  • 10 devices can connect
  • Hotspot connectivity
  • USB 3.0


  • LED indicators would be a great Plus


SSK Corporation created one of the best external hard drives which are portable and have an immense range of options available to them. From the first look of it, you find solid enclosure care which is shockproof and gives it a durable look it is compact and carries only 12 ounces of weight.

One of the best features of this external hard drive is that it simultaneously connects with IOS and Windows hence no need to format this drive again. It is equipped with the latest 3.0 USB which delivers data at a high speed of up to 300MBPS and you can connect up to 10 devices at the same time with this external drive. You do not need an internet connection to use this hard drive and you can enjoy sharing data at any time with this drive. It has 4 different modes available

Mode1: Data can be accessed from multiple devices in this hard drive
Mode2: This external can act as a bridge between your WIFI router and devices and provide you with simultaneous connectivity. Mode3: You can use a cable connection between the external drive and router directly and use WIFi and devices for storing data. Mode 4: It is the traditional method in which you can turn off the device and use it with a USB cable.

It provides an auto-backup facility as well if it is used with SSK App.

3 20
LaCie DJI Copilot (Image credit: Amazon)

LaCie DJI Copilot

 Best Wireless Hard Drive For Mac


Brand: LaCie | Item Weight: 1.18 pounds | Product Dimensions: 5.35 x 4.37 x 1.42 inches |


  • Built-in Display
  • Wifi Connectivity
  • Splash, Dust and Shock Resistant


  • Removing Cover may be inconvenient
  • May not be budget-friendly


Seagate manufactures specially storage devices under a sub-brand known as LaCie. LaCie is a rugged series designed in a way to provide maximum protection to data. LaCie DJI Copilot Boss is a huge step up from a traditional hard drive it has a built-in battery that lets you connect wirelessly it is compatible with Mac, IOS, Windows 10, and many more.

You do not need a laptop for this hard drive because It has a built-in display that informs you about remaining space, transfer status and you can copy from a USB or SD card without attaching a laptop to it. One of the best features of this external hard drive is the ability to act as a power bank for your phone.

This product can also be used with other devices like a drone camera or the DSLR camera and if you have a second hard drive you can connect LaCie and be able to transfer data from a secondary hard drive without connecting your computer with it.

You can download the LaCie App on your cell phone and when you connect it with this hard drive, it will give you many more details about file type and enhances the speed as well. One of the last but not the least feature is that it comes with Data rescue services and it is not only shock-resistant but is splash resistant, dust resistant too.

4 20
LaCie Rugged USB-C 5TB (Image credit: Amazon)

LaCie Rugged USB-C 5TB

 Best Wireless Hard Drive For Mac


Brand: LaCie | Item Weight: 14.1 ounces | Product Dimensions: 1.02 x 3.39 x 5.32 inches |


  • Compact Size
  • Water, Splash, and dust Resilient
  • USB C compatible
  • Light in weight


  • USB or SD cannot be plugged in


The LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt USB-C games are the natural plan of its now-famous Rugged Line of drives originally presented years prior, and since becoming a staple of photography and videography sets from one side of the planet to the other. The orange plan gives high permeability just as insurance from drops from as much as 6ft.

Alongside the rough drive itself, the LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt USB-C accompanies an enormous assortment of stopping choices and links out of the case. Incorporated with the drive, is a thunderclap link, considering speed up to 30Gb/s (capacity – see beneath for a superior clarification), alongside a Thunderbolt 3.0/USB3 Type-C link to be connected to the side port on a case by case basis.

The additional port as an afterthought considers connecting to an age-old USB2/3, futureproofing, and all the more significantly, past sealing the drive to be utilized on frameworks new and old.

Hard drives just can’t stay aware of the velocities of processors, GPUs, and memory. All things considered, hard drives have changed altogether throughout the most recent ten years, and velocities have improved cosmically.

From the standard turning drives to SSD, and presently M.2, hard drives are getting quicker (and more modest) more than some other part in a PC. Indeed, even still, you’re not going to see revolutionary execution out of a USB Type-C drive over a USB3 drive – or not yet in any event.

The LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt USB-C has picked space over speed, offering 5TBs of information on a 5400rpm drive. Until further notice, there are not many drives that can offer you better execution at five terabytes of limit.

However, with M.2 drives turning out to be increasingly famous, and for a portion of the size to even SSD drives, one would trust that the capacity will turn out to be quicker, more modest, and at more noteworthy limit at some point in the following little while. So while the LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt USB-C is a mind-boggling drive, the future for outside drives is far more splendid than what even this drive can serve.

To put it plainly, the LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt USB-C is a quick drive, even by the present norms, however, is to a great extent worked in light of capacity. Utilizing free speed tests, I had the option to discover numbers tantamount to what in particular is expressed on LaCie’s site. When utilizing Thunderbolt 3.0 or USB Type-C, speed stretched around 125MB/s, which means record moving is bursting quick given this is a 54000rpm turning drive, in any event, while moving numerous gigabytes of information.

5 20
Emtec P700 Series 1TB  (Image credit: Amazon)

Emtec P700 Series 1TB

 Best Wireless Hard Drive For Mac


Brand: Emtec | Item Weight: 7 ounces | Product Dimensions: 1.57 x 4.92 x 8.07 inches |


  • Easy to Setup
  • LED indicators
  • 3000 mAH battery
  • 8 devices connectivity
  • Budget-Friendly


  • The plastic body does not give a good feel in hands


EMTEC is of the rising brand we have included in the list for the wireless storage space. Meet the new P700 Series which offers 1TBof storage space with lots of built-in features. This external hard drive is packed with a 3000 mAH battery which lasts for about 6 hours.

This hard drive is light in weight and offers 3.0 Latest USB connectivity for a high transfer rate. This external hard drive works for both IOS and Android with MacBook and Windows as well. The body of this Hard Drive is made up of hard plastic which is curved from the edges. There are different LED indicators on the drive for reading/write, one for battery level and WAN/Wi-Fi too.

On the Surface, you will find some easy-to-use buttons like the Power button and Reset button. EMTEC offers an App called EMTEC CONNECT APP that lets you store directly using Wi-fi. With this drive, you can connect 8 devices at the same time and you can wirelessly stream movies and shows.

You can also create a backup with a hard drive just with one click. The best thing about this hard drive is that fulfills the need of user which you expect for highly marketed brands in the market but with a very reasonable price.

6 17
Seagate Mobile Wireless (Image credit: Amazon)

Seagate Mobile Wireless

 Best Wireless Hard Drive For Mac


Brand:  SEAGATE | Item Weight: 1.24 pounds | Product Dimensions:  6.3 x 2.13 x 6.69 inches |


  • Easy to Setup
  • Separate Power Button on the side
  • Long battery timing
  • 8 devices connectivity
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Connectivity drops


Meet the Seagate GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless External Hard Drive STBF500101 Black. This product is perfect for a single person who wants to carry their work on the go it comes with wireless capability which means if you want to share a presentation, your work or want to access the files you don’t even have to take the hard drive out of your laptop bag instead just connect wirelessly and share photos and work without any interruption.

It comes with USB 3.0 which means you can enjoy high-speed connectivity across many platforms be that Windows, Apple, Media players, and smartphone devices and it offers reverse compatibility with USB 2.0, firewire 800 as well. Up to 8 users can connect to GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless External Hard Drive.

This device is portable and you can connect 8 devices simultaneously. It has 25 hours standby time and 7 hours of battery life with a wide Wi-fi range of more than 30 Feet.

In the box, you will find a storage device USB 3.0 adaptor with cable compact wall adapter and car charger, USB cable, and a quick start-up guide.

7 13
WD 4TB My Passport  (Image credit: Amazon)

WD 4TB My Passport

 Best Wireless Hard Drive For Mac


1TB or 4TB capacity options | Built-in card slot | Up to 6 hours of video streaming | Up to 8 devices at a time can be connected via Wi-Fi | 6,400 mAh power bank


  • Multiple Devices Connection
  • Perfect sound speed
  • SD card slot one side
  • a multi-purpose 4-LED array


  • Poor Battery Life after sometime


This drive is one of the best wireless hard drives for Mac. The WD Wireless Pro is great for versatility and suitability. The WD My Passport Wireless Pro is like a usual wired hard drive, but it also has integrated Wi-Fi and a 10-hour battery.

This drive can easily attach to the main laptop or desktop that can be access1ed throughout the house without any extra setup involved. It can also be used to backup data wirelessly while out and about, connecting directly to the Wi-Fi networks the WD Wireless Pro transmits. It creates both 2.4GHz and 5GHz (ac) hotspots.

It has a few extra features, though. The WD Wireless Pro has an SD card slot on one side. There’s a multi-purpose 4-LED array on the top too. This indicates how much battery is left, or tells about file transfer is to be complete.

Recharging the battery is very convenient you plug the WD Wireless Pro in using the full-size USB port on the back. A smartphone-style power unit is included in the box.

The drive is, predictably, one of the best external hard drives a lot larger than a standard portable hard drive as all the extra tech necessary. Its footprint covers about twofold the area of an ultra-portable alternate, and its roughly 20 percent denser than a 3TB portable drive.

8 9
WD 4TB My Cloud  (Image credit: Amazon)

WD 4TB My Cloud

 Best Wireless Hard Drive For Mac


Brand: Item Weight: Product Dimensions: |


  • Centralized, whole-home storage
  • Mobile and remote web access
  • Media Back-up Facility
  • Auto Sync software


  • Heavy than most drive
  • Cannot be taken with you


WD (Western Digital) is one of the famous manufacturers of storage space. This Cloud Network Storage is a perfect solution for your entire house. This external hard drive can be plugged into your home network and acts as a private personal unit. It comes with various storage capacities but this specific product has a storage capacity of 4TB also this unique series comes only in white color which you can place in a standing position.

You can back up your data in one place that you have full control and it serves on the go as well you can log in to your home network storage anywhere from the world and all you need is the internet. Multiple devices can be connected to this external hard drive.

This storage unit offers diverse compatibility across many platforms such as Windows, Mac, gaming consoles, and media players also where most storage devices need to be formatted due to the shifting of operating systems like from Apple to Windows this hard drive does not need any formatting.

This WD Cloud Personal Storage comes with USB 3.0 for blazing-fast transfer speeds. This product also comes with My Cloud services WD software where you can log in and access your data plus it offers an automatic backup and sync facility. This product comes with an Ethernet cable, AC adapter and Quick Install Guide, DLNA 1.5, and UPnP Certified.

9 6
Apple AirPort Time   (Image credit: Amazon)

Apple AirPort Time

 Best Wireless Hard Drive For Mac


Brand: Item Weight: Product Dimensions: |


  • Official Apple Product
  • Auto Back-up Facility
  • Not Budget Friendly
  • Easy to Setup


  • Over Heating Issues


AirPort Time Capsule is one of the best wireless hard drives for mac to back up your precious files, if you own a Mac device, is by using the Apple Time Capsule. As it works swiftly and efficiently with Time Machine in OS X, you can wirelessly back up important information to a very large 2TB or 3TB drive. It also doubles as a Wi-Fi base station which can create a capable Wi-Fi network that’s compatible with any Wi-Fi device.

As a base station, this external hard drive is very fast data transfer speeds considering that it makes use of the three-stream 802.11ac technology which permits you to enjoy up to three times faster speeds than 802.11n Wi-Fi. You also get more channel bandwidth for better data flow and it is all because of the 80 MHz-wide channels. This external hard drive it’s able to transmit at two frequencies at the same time (2.4 GHz and 5GHz).

The antenna array of this best wireless hard drive for Mac has an intellectual beamforming system that sets itself apart from opponents. This base station offers other additional features like three Gigabit Ethernet ports for times when you want wired connectivity and wireless printing. It’s also highly compatible with lots of Mac devices or any other Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets. The Apple Time Capsule is certainly the best option and can be called the best wireless hard drive for Mac users who want the best wireless hard drive.

10 5
BUFFALO Link Station (Image credit: Amazon)

BUFFALO Link Station

 Best Wireless Hard Drive For Mac


Brand: Item Weight: Product Dimensions: |


  • Budget-friendly NAS device
  • Easy to set up
  • Consolidate storage and backup
  • Built-in Bit Torrent client
  • DLNA/UPnP connected


  • Not Portable Enough


Top of form bottom of Form

It is one of the best wireless hard drives for Mac technology can be confusing and difficult to install and organize. This external hard drive Buffalo, work to make our technology products reliable and easy to use right after you get this in your hands opening from the box because it is very easy to install. This external hard drive understands the needs of its users, the product is designed is a very chic and elegant look additionally its aligns with your requirements.

This external wireless hard drive gives free Web Access service and you can create a private cloud for easy remote access and file sharing with anyone, anyplace over the Internet you want to give.

It has terabytes of storage, Link station 210 is the central location to store and guard all data from every PC and Mac computer, tablet, and smartphone in your home or small office. Store, access, and share files from anywhere over your network at speeds up 10/100/1000 Mbps. Network file sharing and security to RAID management remote access and more. Included on all Buffalo Link Station devices, Link Station NAS System streamlines your everyday data needs.

The Link Station 210 comes fortified with a USB 2.0 port, allowing to increase storage capacity or backup to another device for data protection. With NovaStor, you get help with the whole thing from choosing your backup plan to installing and setting up the software. This is one of the best wireless drives.

Best wireless hard drive for Mac


As you would search for any storage device make sure aside from the storage space of it you are considering the data transfer rates and the compatibility across various platforms. It may be daunting when you are not a technology person and you are in search of the best wireless hard drive for mac or windows across many websites.

Therefore, in this article, we have outlined some of the external hard drives which you help you make the right decision for you. We hope you continue to benefit from the knowledge you gain from this article. Thanks for visiting.


What is the best external hard drive for a Mac?

• Best External Hard Drives for Mac in 2020
• Best Overall: Seagate Backup Plus Slim (2 TB)
• Best Capacity: Western Digital My Book (8TB)
• Best Thunderbolt 3 Drive: LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt.

Is USB 3.0 fast enough for SSD?

SSD over USB 3.0 will be much faster than a mechanical drive.

How do wireless external hard drives work?

Wireless hard drives connect either directly to your Wi-Fi network (such as by plugging it into your router) or by creating a network for you to join with your devices.

Which lasts longer SSD or HDD?

SSDs, especially the SLC or MLC variants, will last much longer than any hard drive.

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