10 Best Wall Decor That You Don’t Know About

Best Wall Decor That You Don’t Know About

If you have bare walls in your home that you are looking to fill up, there are plenty of options that can appease you. Empty walls make a house look dull and do not give off a homely vibe, which is essential to turn a house into a home.

No one likes to have bare walls at home anyway. Wall art or decor helps add a touch of your creativity and personalization to your home. So, if you are looking to put life into your dull, fun-less walls, these ten ideas for wall decor is all the inspiration you will need:-

DNA portrait

The one wall decor idea that can totally convert your living space and that you do not know about is DNA portraits. Based on the concept of DNA fingerprinting, DNA portraits are just like your fingerprints.

They are utterly unique in a world of 7.8 billion people and make for the perfect never seen before wall art.

DNA11 sends you a swab kit to take a sample of your DNA, turns it into art, and, hence, you get your rare, one in a kind DNA fingerprint wall art. In addition, you can customize the portrait by selecting color templates to suit your home further!

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Full wall mural

Either you have a big, wide empty wall or a small patch of wall between two rooms; a mural can definitely add some bling to your walls. You can choose from countless options of mandalas, mural clocks, complete wall paintings, renditions of renaissance scenes, or anything else that calls out to you.

You can choose from a color palette that contrasts with the rest of your walls and sets a unique tone to your space. Wall murals add a sense of homeliness which is otherwise absent when you have bare walls.

Vertical garden

If you love the outdoor cum indoor kind of living styles, getting a vertical wall garden is a perfect way to add life to your walls. There are just too many ways you can design your vertical garden.

One way is to attach strong hooks near your ceiling at equal distances. Then, hang thick jute twines from these hooks and use these to hang repurposed bottle planters.

You can also place pots with climber plants just beneath the jute twines, and as the climbers grow, attach the growing creepers to the twines. Hence, your plants will grow uniformly and create a green wall!

Gallery art wall

If you like collecting art pieces, paintings, frames, or other decor pieces you would love to display, you can get a grand full-scale gallery art wall. First, start with all the paintings, framed pictures, or more you want to display. Now hang these just as you would see in an art gallery.

Hence, you can make your very own ceiling-to-floor art gallery look. You can also install floating shelves on your walls at intervals of choice and display your favorite art pieces on these. Finally, you can combine both these looks into a single one for a never seen before wall decor idea.

Wall sconces

Art displays or paintings are not the only way to bring decor to your walls. Lighting is ample decor in its own self. So, one way to cheer up dull walls is by installing wall sconces. These can come in varying sizes, shapes, and shades. In fact, you can also choose from minimalistic styles to elegant sconces.

Pair these with sculptures and use the sconces to light up decor pieces or as stand-alone design elements. Vertical lighting by the sconces either downwards from the ceiling or upwards from the floors can look great on your walls.

3D art

3D art has taken the world by storm, and it is time you introduce it to your home. 3D art is a way to add depth and dimensions to your otherwise plain, boring wall and make it a statement piece that everyone will be drawn towards. You can choose any design, from a geometric painting to a full-fledged 3d interpretation of a door to another world.

The possibilities are unlimited, and you can pair it with quirky furniture to complete the vibe.

Large scale artworks

Think big when you want a long-lasting impression wall. Large-scale art pieces are perfect for drawing the attention of your visitors and holding it.

You can choose any art piece in a style of your choice, from contemporary to modern art or abstract works. You can also choose from different textures like painting on canvas, paper, or even other fabrics.

Another way to display large-scale art is to bring home textured artwork and show it along with other art elements for a complete look.


A totally mess-free yet fun way to transform your walls is by getting wallpaper. Of course, there are so many ways to explore the possibilities with these, and the best part is that you do not have to deal with nuisances of paints, frames, or nails and hammers when it comes to wallpapers.

Thus, you can easily get a wallpaper with art prints, block prints, 3d prints, or more and recreate any look by just applying the wallpapers to your clean walls! Hence, you can easily switch the look of your wall from time to time without any hassle.

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Stencil walls

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, a stencil wall is a perfect option for you. All you have to do is get a stencil of your choice and select the block size of the stencil.

Remember that layering the stencil, aligning it with paints, actual painting, and drying takes a lot of care. But if you are up for the hard work, you can definitely slay it and transform your walls.

Souvenir wall

Do you have countless souvenirs from around the globe but do not know where to store them? Then, it is time you make your souvenir wall with floor-to-ceiling floating shelves or an entire open cupboard.

Design this space by placing your souvenirs on the shelves and matching the pieces that go well together or even are sharp contrasts to each other. Hence you can create a great wall of souvenirs that will surely catch a lot of attention!

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