(4 X 4 Drive) 11 Best Snow Chains for Trucks

Best Snow Chains for Trucks

One of the best ways to have a danger-free journey is the use of snow chains. Most of the time, people face pains in finding the best chains for tires and, even newcomers don’t even have the idea of the best snow chains for trucks. We have solved this problem of yours. We have categorized the best snow chains for trucks.


It isn’t easy to find a perfect match. So, we investigate the dozens of chains to find the perfect ones. We summed up the best snow chains for high-quality trucks, low prices, and top-rated on Amazon.

General Summary

  • If you are looking for multiple purpose tire chains, Security Chain Company QG1850 Quick-Grip Tire Chains is the best snow chain for trucks, cars, and SUVs. Such chains are easy to install with clearance.
  • The method of choosing the best snow tire chain for a truck is to test your truck maintenance no alarm of fitting.
  • Then check the width, aspect ratio, and at the last diameter of the wheel in inches.
  • Always choose the branded snow chains so that they will become more reliable
Best Snow Chains for Trucks
Best Snow Chains for Trucks

Types of Snow chains

Snow chains are gadgets use to grip the tires in snowy and icy areas. These are attached to the tires of trucks or cars and automatically moves under the wheel.

There are two types of snow chains

  1. Tire chains
  2. Tire cables

Tire Chains

Tire chains are the metal chain links that are coupled together to create a web around the tire. These metal chains last for a couple of years if you use them frequently. They are more resistant to rust than cable chains. These are use 

image 1

Tire Cables

It is the tire covering, made of steel cables that cover the tire in the form of a network. Small metal rings are often present on these cables for batter hold. These rings are lighter and smaller than that of tire chains.

Now, we are guiding you towards the best snow chains for trucks.

Best snow chains for trucks in 2022 Buy Today

At a Glance:

  1. SZ135 Super Z6 Tire Chain
  2. Thule 16 mm XB16 SUV
  3. Glacier 1026 passenger
  4. ZT747 Super Z LT
  5. SZ143 Super Z6 Cable Tire
  6. ZT735 Light Truck Chains
  7. KONIG XG-12 PRO 245
  8. KONIG XB-16 247
  10. Jeremy well 10 PCS

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KOING Easy-Fit CU-9  (Image credit: Amazon)

KOING Easy-Fit CU-9

Best snow chains for trucks


Brand: Konig Distribution | Item Weight: 13 pounds | Dimension : 23.92 x 21.4 x 3.48 inches |



This Chain is the best snow chain for trucks and is also easy to install. Only 12 seconds are required for its fitting. It has the fastest record-breaking capability and is due to the internal rigid arch system. The Aluminum central bar is the heart of this system.

Its installing is not fast at first. It took about two minutes in stormy conditions. Following these steps, you can easily install the Chain

• Extend the rigid arc

• First, hang the Chain on the tire from the top.

• Lock the Chain by pressing down the hubcap with your foot.

• Drive the truck for a better tire grip

  • Easy to install
  • Easily removable
  • Having a multipurpose nylon bag

2 7
SZ135 Super Z6 Tire Chain (Image credit: Amazon)

SZ135 Super Z6 Tire Chain

Best snow chains for trucks


Brand: Security Chain | Item Weight: 1 pound | Dimension : 17.8 x 6.3 x 5.4 inches |



It is challenging to drive a truck in the mud. Snow chains have overcome this problem as some chains are the best snow chains for mud. Security chains are designed to operate in mud as well.

Super Z6 is the popular tires chains for mud. It is the latest one among the Z family with unique quality and great features. Despite all other wheels, it only requires only half of the space to work. In other words, it requires only 6.3 mm.

Its size varies from the tires of the car to the tires of pickup trucks. If you want something with a combination of comfort and also performance, Z6 is the best choice. It is one of the top-rated tires in the market.

  • No movement of the car is required for the installation of these chains.
  • No need to re-install the Chain
  • It has brilliant performance than others.
  • These are reliable and strong.
  • It is pleasant with traction control, AWD, and anti-lock brakes.

3 7
Thule 16 mm XB16 SUV (Image credit: Amazon)

Thule 16 mm XB16 SUV

Best snow chains for trucks


Brand: Thule | Item Weight: 9.14 pounds | Dimension : 14.17 x 3.94 x 14.96 inches |



Thule Easy-fit snow chains are the easiest snow chains for trucks and cars to install. Thule was a scientist who had a record of installing multiple chains in a minute.

These chains are the standard tire chains with the better functioning of the tires of the same caliber.

It has color-coded installation points. It has D-shape links for the best traction. It has resistance to corrosion as made of alloy steel with 12 mm clearance.

If you want the cheap instrument to travel on muddy or even snowy roads, this Chain’s choice is best.

  • Its D shape helps in dual-sided traction
  • Manganese nickel alloy steel increases its durability
  • Rubber tensions help in the fitting of Chain 
  • Colored points help in attachment

4 7
Glacier 1026 passenger (Image credit: Amazon)

Glacier 1026 passenger

Best snow chains for trucks


Brand: Glacier Chains | Item Weight: 1 pound | Dimension : 14.3 x 9 x 5.1 inches |



It is one of the best chains for mud in the market. It has a twist-link cross that is fitted with V bar studs. When the studs are subjected to mud, they became held in mud to increase traction.

These chains have a low profile that you must have if you have fat chains. These snow chains for mud give a smooth ride. Their fitting has no problem even if you get them on at night, side of the highway, or even in winter. This is one of the top best tire chains.

  • Long-lasting as made of steel
  • Increase traction is due to cross chains
  • Support is scheduled to V-bar style
  • Easy to install

5 7
ZT747 Super Z LT  (Image credit: Amazon)

ZT747 Super Z LT

Best snow chains for trucks


Security Chain
| Item Weight: 14.18 pounds | Dimension : 16.5 x 9 x 8 inches |



These snow chains’ choice for trucks is right as they are modified for SUVs and pickup trucks with ABS, AWS, and anti-lock brakes. They are made up of rubber tensioners, and no need to tighten them after being installed. These chains are more reliable than the standard tire chains and cables.

This tires chain series is super Z’s, specially designed for sports/utility vehicles and pickups trucks. Only five stock number covers the entire range of light truck tires. Waterproof gloves and an instruction booklet are also present in its plastic bag.

When you use these chains,d you will always have new tricks to learn. You still feel something new in every travel. Keep the gloves, knee pads, and other tools with the chains and put the rubber tensioners inside to keep them warm for better use. This is best for snowy and icy roads.

  • Multipurpose plastic bag
  • Five stocks cover the tire
  • Waterproof gloves give aid in installing in winter

6 6
SZ143 Super Z6 Cable Tire (Image credit: Amazon)

SZ143 Super Z6 Cable Tire

Best snow chains for trucks


Security Chain
| Item Weight: 1 pound | Dimension : 7 x 4 x 18 inches |



These chains are the best snow chains for trucks in the long winter. Their design fulfills the necessary traction for cars, pickup trucks, or SUVs. You will never regret whether to use these chains all-year-round or once in a while in snowy and icy conditions

It is easy to install. You don’t need to move the truck while installing. Even you adjust again or reinsert. It is as easy as installation. The rubber tightener in the Chain helps to grip the tire while driving.

These chains are specially designed for anti-lock brakes and other electronic control systems present in your trucks. If you want the best snow chains for truck wheels, these are matchless choices.

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Compatible with electronically monitored control systems
  • Built-in rubber tightener
  • Works with cars, pickups, and SUVs

7 6
ZT735 Light Truck Chains  (Image credit: Amazon)

ZT735 Light Truck Chains

Best snow chains for trucks


Security Chain
| Item Weight: 13 pounds | Dimension : 16.8 x 8.3 x 7.7 inches |



These chains have no match among all. These are also one of the best snow chains for a truck. Like all others, it is also easy to install. You don’t need to buy any tool for its adjustment as a built-in system is already present in it. If the adjustment loses, you can even tight these chains.

These chains have made easy off-road driving. It has better traction performance and is due to electronically monitored control systems.

These chains have a shallow potential for any damage. So, you don’t need to get worried about any damage to your truck or its parts, or even chains are misused. They have limited clearance.

  • Self-tightens thanks to a built-in tensioner
  • Won’t damage vehicle body
  • Effortless installation
  • Work well with systems like anti-lock and traction control

8 3
KONIG XG-12 PRO 245  (Image credit: Amazon)


Best snow chains for trucks


Konig Distribution
| Item Weight: 16 pounds | Dimension : 16 x 15 x 5 inches |



These chains are specially designed for SUVs, and are the most demanded oness. It is the expensive one among all chains but then people like it.

It has a self-tensioning system that makes its installation very easy to balance the pressure required for the links. It means that you have done when the Chain is on once. No-fly adjustment is needed in the cheap oldest models.

The other coolest feature is the nylon bumper, red spots while seeing. These bumpers keep your truck wheel safe from any damage as they have no contact with tires.

Its grip is very efficient because of double-traction that is held in plus shape. This plus network catches the tire firmly and it gives a good performance. Even though these have high prices but are useful than those with a low cost and less reliability, These chains are long-lasting.

  • SUVs special
  • Non-scratch nylon bumper
  • Low 12 mm clearance
  • Quick fitting
  • Strong grip

9 2
KONIG XB-16 247   (Image credit: Amazon)

KONIG XB-16 247

Best snow chains for trucks


Konig Distribution
| Item Weight: 18.58 pounds | Dimension : 15.12 x 4.06 x 14.72 inches |



This product of Kong is the combination of a classic security chain company design and a yellow pad style design of Sanku.

Now, This is the classic standard snow chain and is the best snow chain for a truck with a unique quality. The gadget you are buying is not any unique but is the simplest one with the abilities better the make this Chain very useful and productive.

  • Self tensioners
  • 2 in 1 product
  • Strong grip
  • 40mph speed

10 1
TRAC-GRABBER Trac  (Image credit: Amazon)


Best snow chains for trucks


Brand: TRACGRABBER | Item Weight: 9.93 pounds | Dimension : 10.25 x 7.5 x 5.75 inches |



These are the alternatives to snow chains for trucks. These devices have the ribbed rubber block attached to the outer surface of the wheel and grip the tire through a strip.

These blocks clear the snow and mud by rotating the wheel and provides batter bites to the lower body. These are also the alternative to snow chains for mud.
Each wheel has a single strip, and when the block touches the ground, it focuses the entire wait of that side of the wheel onto the rubber ribs for a bite. If you don’t have the idea of installing chains, Trac-Grabber straps are the best alternatives.

These straps are only installed once when you are stuck but it helps you free your truck without any helpline.

  • Affordable for every one
  • Highly effective
  • Damage-free alternatives
  • Fold up into a bag
  • Size varies from car to truck

Jeremy well 10 PCS  (Image credit: Amazon)

Jeremy well 10 PCS

Best snow chains for trucks


Jeremy well
| Item Weight:
1 pound
| Dimension : 20 x 7 x 1 inches |



For long-term traveling, this is the best choice for you. These devices are designed as not to dig into the snow, mud, or sand. These belts avoid dry and flat surfaces. To use any standard chain, you must try it safe from any damage and remove once unstuck.

It also has a double-tiered design that gives them dual-directional cleats. These gadgets proved to be a lifesaver during frequent drive-over snow.

These are plastic alternatives. Advanced Traction System INC introduces the plastic tire chains with easy installation and can drive the wheel about 300 miles on a snowy or icy surface or even in a dry place.

TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) based Go Claws are the plastic chains. These are available for trucks, cars, RVs, and snowmobiles.

  • Fits tire sizes from 175 to 295
  • Operating Temperatures: -35°C 
  • Suitable for driving in speeds up to 40 km/hr 
  • Ten tire chains cover two tires 


These all are the Best Snow Chains tires for Trucks. All of these are the most rated chains on the platform Amazon for trucks. The manufactures of these chains introduce their new products with modifications on Amazon as they launch. And give special discounted offers. So, don’t waste time and visit their site to become the luckier one.


Q: How these best snow chains for trucks are installed?

A: To install these chains, frankly speaking, you don’t need to be an expert. There is a video that helps you to install these chains.

Q: Can you use snow socks instead of these chains?

A: yes, you can use it as more efficient but suitable for the tires with a poor clearance.

Q: How will you come to know my tire size?

A: Look at your tire just above the rim. There are three numbers.
1. 1st is three digits-Tire width
2. 2nd is two digits-Tire height ratios
3. 3rd is two digits-Diameter
These all are in inches and can be measured by a tire size calculator.

Q: How many chains does a tire require?

A: It is one’s personal choice about how many chains does he or she want. Some only put chain to the wheel connected the engine. So, SUV 4*4 or similar need four chains,1 for each. The car can be driven with two chains. With the tire chains on. You must have to go carefully and don’t exceeding 30mph

Q: If a car has its anti-lock system, are snow chains still required?

A: Yes, you need snow chains as the system is designed to stop the car. Snow chains have an effect on the rely system of the anti-lock system to make them less efficient so, these are necessary

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