7 Best smelling body wash for women – Best choice

Best smelling body wash for women
Best smelling body wash for women
Best smelling body wash for women
Best smelling body wash for women

Hello to my beautiful ladies, here we are with another amazing beauty product review. But as you know I will not only tell you which product is good, I will tell you why it is good for you. I will also tell you how some ingredients can benefit you and which ingredients we should completely avoid for the sake of our beautiful skin! So hang in with me and see which 7 best smelling body wash for women I got for you!

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A body wash is an easy product to use for cleaning your body. People prefer using body wash and shower gels over soap because these are easy to put on and get away with. The best body wash is the one that is treating your skin well. And body washes are of so many kinds. And every kind comes with a different ingredient, smell and flavour. Yes, you are reading it right. There are 70% of people who do not care about the ingredients or formula, they just go for the best body wash with a nice smell, they buy it by just smelling it.

A great smell is a very important factor for the best body wash. But it is important to know that what we are buying just because of that amazing smell, is it good for the skin type we have?

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At a Glance:

  1. O Naturals Moisturizing
  2. Love Beauty & Planet
  3. Aveeno Antioxidant Infused
  4. NIVEA Care & Cucumber Moisturizing
  5. BOTANIC HEARTH Lavender
  6. Purely Northwest

Body washes are made up of two types of formula.

1. The body wash is usually called a shower gel.

A shower gel is more like shampoo, it is usually clear look-wise. The formula used in a shower gel is mostly water and soap because its purpose is mostly cleaning, and not moisturizing your skin. Some shower gels also have a certain amount of conditioner too so your skin will not get very dry.

But most of the shower gels dry out your skin. The best women’s body washes are more like how a shampoo works, it cleans.

Shower gels can be used on the hair as well as the body, but they are less powerful than a shampoo, the amount of soap is less in a shower gel than a shampoo. They tend to produce less lather or sometimes no water at all.

the long-lasting fragrance body wash comes in different flavors of fruits and plants. They have a great smell and bright colors. Shower gels are considered the best body wash for oily skins, which do not get any irritation with dry skin because these gels do dry out their skins too much. Shower gels are multi-tasking, as they can be used on your hair too.

2. Best moisturizing body wash for dry skin.

The second formula we have is the creamy moisturizing body wash. These body washes look like a lotion, they are the best luxury body wash. They are thick and creamy, as they contain levels of oil or petroleum along with the detergent.

This best women’s body wash is an advanced form of shower gel that helps you in cleansing your skin but gives you the benefit of moisturizer. Moisturizing body washes contain many essential oils. Different oils are used in body washes, which give them different textures and smells. But not just that they give you the quality of smoothness.

The quantity of detergent is tender in the moisturizing body washes for dry skin but they cleanse away all the dirt and leave a gentle effect of smoothness on your sensitive skin. These have soap that smells good all day.

Review Time Ladies! 7 Best smelling body wash for women.

1 27
Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate  (Image credit: Amazon)

Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate

Best smelling body wash for women


It has no side-effects.

Its budget friendly.

Soothes the skin.

Great smell.

Recommended by dermatologist.


Cannot be recommended for people with flower allergies.

Too many ingredients combination can be not suitable for a lot of people.

On top of our list is the best body wash for women – Dove Go Fresh. It is an advanced formula with Pomegranate and Hibiscus Tea which can nourish your skin. Pomegranate has vitamin C in it.

It helps with the protection of the epidermis of our skin which is the topmost layer and regenerates cells in the inner layers which increase blood circulation and heals our skin.

The best smelling body soap is an anti-inflammatory substance that cannot cause any damage to any type of skin. Hibiscus is an anti-aging plant. The best smelling body wash smoothens the skin and brings a glow to it. The natural acids present in it helps in purifying your skin by controlling acne.

This combination of both these products in a body wash can bring our body smoothness and moisture. It is found as an amazing product for our skin in terms of moisture.

And this is the best moisturizing body wash for dry skin with an amazing smell. It has no such ingredient which can harm your skin that is why we are recommending you this amazing body wash. It is important to look at the


Sodium ChlorideAqua WaterHibiscusCocamidopropyl Betaine| Punica Granatum Fruit JuiceSabdariffa Flower ExtractSodium Lauroyl GlycinatePhenoxyethanolSodium Lauroyl IsethionateGlycol DistearateAcrylates CopolymerBHT| Lauric AcidTetrasodium EDTAGlycerinPEG-150FragrancePentaerythrityl Tetra stearateStearic AcidPPG-2 Hydroxyethyl CocamidePalmitic AcidCitric AcidIodopropynyl ButylcarbamateLimoeneCitronellolRed 33LinaloolHexyl CinnamalGeranial|

2 27
O Naturals Moisturizing (Image credit: Amazon)

O Naturals Moisturizing

Best smelling body wash for women


It has dead sea salts.

Have natural oils.

It keeps your skin hydrated.

Provides vitamin E.


A little too expensive.

It has a unisex scent.

Our number two is this O naturals’ amazing moisturizing body wash which is a gentle and lightly scented body wash for men and women. It has Shea butter, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, and the Dead Sea salt. This body wash is enriched with vitamin E, which makes our skin gentle.

This one is known as a great smelling body wash because Shea butter deeply moisturizes the skin. Coconut oil softens the dry dead skin. The good smelling body wash rejuvenates the skin and gives it the young look.

Avocado oil boosts the production of skin collagen, and it helps in the natural healing process. Vitamin E has the anti-aging property it is also known for intense healing. Dead Sea minerals are nourishing and therapeutic.

So according to the ingredients that are present in this best luxury body wash is all we need for our perfect good smelling, moisturizing body wash.

We suggest good moisturizing body washes because people with dry skin can have a good effect on them and people who do not have dry skin will not be harmed because of it. So this best smelling body soap is an amazing product that we recommend you to use.


Sodium ChlorideAqua WaterSodium coceth sulfate | Cocamidopropyl Betaine| Dead Sea SaltsPhenoxyethanol and EthylhexylglycerineAvocado OilTocopheryl acetate|olive oilVitamin E |Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter | Vegetable GlycerinHydrogenated Coconut Oil | FragranceStearic Acid | Citric Acid|

3 28
Love Beauty & Planet (Image credit: Amazon)

Love Beauty & Planet

Best smelling body wash for women


Fresh mimosa flower fragrance

Have natural oils.

It is unisex.

It has coconut extract.


The flowers are not suitable for everyone.

Here we are with our number three, this is the best body wash with coconut water and besides, we have a mimosa flower in it. When it comes to skincare, we all love what coconut does. Coconut is the best natural moisturizer and having it in a body wash is a plus.

The mimosa flower is used in the product to give us the perfect best smelling body wash scent that we require. this best smelling shower gel has a very refreshing smell that will brighten up your senses.

And such type of body washes is very good for the people who take morning showers. It’s a good way to have a fresh start for the day and you can also use it as the best smelling soap for men.

This perfume body wash looks more like a shower gel but because it has a great number of natural oils it produces a good amount of lather. So finally we have a shower gel that is not going to give you dry skin and you can enjoy all the freshness the mimosa flower is providing here.

And not to forget coconut it completes this Love and planet body wash. This is the best smelling body wash for men and women.


Aqua Water| Linalool| Phenoxyethanol| Polysorbate 20|Fragrance|Hexyl Cinnamal | Acacia Decurrens Flower Extract |Citronellol |Glycerin |Menthol | Coconut Oil| Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone| Coconut Water | Limonene| Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride |Tetrasodium EDTA |Polysorbate 20 |

4 28
Aveeno Antioxidant Infused (Image credit: Amazon)

Aveeno Antioxidant Infused

Best smelling body wash for women


It has good amount of vitamin C.

It has a lot of fruit extracts.

It has richness of cream.


Ginger does not attract a lot of people.

Smell goes away early.

Aveeno is a very likable product by the people, it has won people’s hearts in very little time. Aveeno’s antioxidant-infused body wash is a great catch.

This is the best moisturizing body wash for dry skin because it got amazingly different ingredients that are not so usual to find in beauty products, though they are very beneficial.

The best women’s body wash is a mixture of white peach and ginger for your flawless skin. Ginger has forty antioxidant properties that protect our skin against aging and prevent free radical damage.

The word that defines ginger best is it rejuvenates the skin. It also improves skin tone. And not just that a product with ginger can be the best body wash for acne. Ginger does miracles to your skin, you can try raw ginger to your skin as well to see the results.

On the other hand, we have white peach in this body wash which gives bring the vitamin. White peach is a great source of vitamin C. Peach can also be used as an anti-aging substance, it also brightens the skin and helps in removing the dark circles so you can use it instead of best smelling soap for women.

It tightens the skin pores and brings freshness. The good smelling body wash also enhances the smell of the product, who does not love the smell of peach? It makes this body wash a soap that smells good all day.

We recommend you this creamy moisturizing body wash, which is worth a shot for the people who are worrying about their skin’s getting older.


Sodium laureth sulfate | sodium lauroamphoacetate | tocopheryl acetateginger root extractpeach fruit extract | fruit oil | cucumber fruit extract | grapefruit fruit extractfragrancesodium benzoate | acrylates copolymerpolyquaternium-7 | butylene glycolWaterglycerincocamidopropyl betaine | citric acid | polysorbate 20sodium citratepolyquaternium-7butylene glycol |

5 29
NIVEA Care & Cucumber Moisturizing (Image credit: Amazon)

NIVEA Care & Cucumber Moisturizing

Best smelling body wash for women


Cucumber never disappoints.

Nivea is dermatologist approved.

It has a great scent.


Do not produce enough lather.

Nivea has been taking care of providing us moisture since 1911, and it has never disappointed us when it comes to creamy soft moisturizing products. Here we have is the best moisturizing body wash for dry skin from Nivea, the Nivea Care & Cucumber moisturizing body wash.

Nivea has produced a lot of types of best body washes over the years, but this best smelling drugstore body wash is just amazingly different due to its ingredients.

Here we have cucumber and melon together, which insanely sums up to a great smell. The ingredients used together are a genius and different idea, but it brings us a great smelling moisturizing body wash.

Cucumber has vitamin C and caffeic acid which together give it the property to heal irritated skin by reducing inflammation. Cucumber has a great amount of water which takes the guarantee of hydrating your skin and prevents it from sagging.

Melon has vitamins A and C which help with the anti-aging and growth of collagen cells in your skin. With a touch of Almond oil, this becomes a best smelling shower gel.


Sodium Salicylate| Water| CocamidopropyBetaine| Glycerin| Sweet Almond Oil| Hydrogenated Castor Oil| Hydrogenated Glyceryl Palmate| GlycerylGlucoside| Citric AcidSodium Laureth Sulfate| Sodium Benzoate| Glyceryl Cocoate| Leaf Juice Powder| Sodium Chloride| PEG-3 Distearate| Polyquaternium-7 Fragrance| cucumber & melon extarct|

6 25
BOTANIC HEARTH Lavender (Image credit: Amazon)


Best smelling body wash for women


Organic product.

No harmful substance.

It’s for both men and women


Do not produce enough lather.

Our number sixth in the Botanic Hearth’s lavender body wash which by the name tells us it is the best smelling drugstore body wash. It is one of a kind, for the people who go for more natural extracts to be used in a product that they are going to use on their skin.

The botanic products are so in trend these days, people are preferring organic products and no chemicals to keep their skin better.

This Botanic Heart lavender fragrance body wash is more like a shower gel by the look but full of natural extracts and oils. It has coconut water, olive oil, Shea butter oil, cocoa butter seed, lavender oil, which brings us the comfort of moisture.

The peppermint leaf oil, lavender oil, cranberry seed oil are used for the great scent. This organic body wash is the best body wash for men and women.


Lavender Oil | Water| Coconut Water | Olive Fruit Oil | Coconut oil| Jojoba Seed Oil| Shea Butter Oil| Cocoa Seed Butter| Hydrogenated Cranberry Seed Oil l Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil| Punica Granatum Seed Oil | Linseed Oil | Peppermint Leaf Oil| Tocopherol| Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Oil| Melia Azadirachta Seed Oil|

7 21
Purely Northwest   (Image credit: Amazon)

Purely Northwest

Best smelling body wash for women


It has the soap that smells good all day.

Great for athletes.

No harmful substance.

It’s for both men and women.


Makes people wonder it its suitable to use for normal skin.

Do not produce enough lather.

This purely northwest body wash is another best smelling drugstore body wash that is made for people who have skin problems and are unable to use the other normal body washes. And all the medical ones are not very good smelling body washes, so here comes this best smelling body wash men and women both can use.

This body wash has a great combination of ingredients that keep the good smell alive which is long-lasting so you can say it’s an alternative to the best smelling body soap. This formula is made with essential oils in great quantity.

This is made especially for the people who tend to wear shoes most of the time, it is afoot and body wash. It doesn’t mean that we cannot use it on the body or it will cause our body any trouble. This is made for people who have the problem of bad body scent.

The Tea Tree leaf oil can reduce acne of its anti-inflammatory property. It is great to reduce redness, itching, swelling, inflammation. It prevents scars and gives you clear smooth skin.

It’s not only made for the feet, but it also helps reduce dryness in the scalp. We can use this product all over our body as it can help in the healing of irritation, prevents the bad smell, and also treat dryness.


Aloe Barbadensis leaf Juice| Purified Water| Tea Tree Leaf Oil | Sodium Laureth Sulfate | Oregano Leaf Oil | Cocamide DEA | Eucalyptus Leaf Oil | Lauryl Lactyl Lactate | Rosemary Leaf Oil l Peppermint Leaf Oil | Bark Oil | Cajeput | Glycerin | Sea Kelp Extract l|


Above there is the best smelling body wash for both women and men both. Some of them have really good ingredients, which are rare to find at such a low price.

All we need to know is if any of the ingredients used in these best moisturizing body wash for dry skin can anyhow bring any allergies. These are the best ones for the use of every skin type, you can use any of these without any more thinking.

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Does body wash to make you smell good?

Yes, of course, they have the ingredients which keep the smell alive for a long time.

What is the best smelling body wash for guys?

O Naturals Moisturizing Body Wash is great for men.

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