Top 10 Best Plasma Cutter Under 1000

best plasma cutter under 1000
Best Plasma Cutter Under 1000

Metalworking and fabrication projects often require precise cutting tools that can efficiently slice through materials. One such tool that stands out for its efficiency and versatility is the plasma cutter. Designed to cut through various materials using a high-temperature plasma arc, the plasma cutter has become an indispensable tool for many professionals. But with the vast options available in the market, how do you identify the best plasma cutter under 1000? This article delves into the essential features and considerations to keep in mind when selecting an affordable yet efficient plasma cutter.

Plasma Cutter Defined

A plasma cutter is a tool that employs a high-temperature plasma arc to cut through various materials, especially metals. It works by sending an electric arc through a gas, often air, turning it into plasma, which then cuts through the metal.

Metal Cutting

Metal cutting is the primary application of a plasma cutter. It facilitates the process of slicing through metal sheets and plates with precision and speed. Whether for industrial purposes or DIY projects, a plasma cutter offers a reliable solution for cutting metals.

Portable Design

For on-site jobs, having a plasma cutter with a portable design is paramount. Portable plasma cutters are compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport and set up. They are ideal for contractors who frequently move from one site to another.

CNC Compatibility

Modern plasma cutters are not just manual tools. Some models are designed for CNC compatibility, allowing them to be connected to computer numerical control (CNC) systems. This feature facilitates automated precision cutting, ensuring consistent and accurate cuts, especially for large-scale or repetitive tasks.

Power Source

The power source is a critical component of a plasma cutter. Most plasma cutters use electricity, while others might use compressed air as their power source. Depending on the availability and your preference, it’s essential to choose a cutter with the right power source that suits your needs.

Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity denotes the maximum thickness of the material that the plasma cutter can effectively cut through. When considering a plasma cutter under 1000, you should ensure it has the adequate cutting capacity for your specific tasks.

Inverter Technology

Inverter technology in plasma cutters refers to those that use inverter power sources. These cutters are known for their energy efficiency and precise cutting performance. They can maintain a consistent power output, allowing for smoother cuts even at lower power settings.


The efficiency of a plasma cutter also depends on its consumables – parts like electrodes and nozzles that need periodic replacement. When selecting a plasma cutter, consider the availability and cost of these consumables.

Pilot Arc

The pilot arc is an advanced feature found in some plasma cutters. It creates a low-energy arc that initiates a high-energy cutting arc. This not only increases cutting efficiency but also ensures a consistent and stable arc, making the cutting process smoother and faster.

Safety Features

Safety should never be compromised, especially when dealing with powerful tools like plasma cutters. Look for safety features such as thermal overload protection, which prevents the machine from overheating, and an automatic shut-off feature in case of excessive heat or power surges. Such mechanisms ensure the user’s safety and prolong the machine’s lifespan.

At a Glance:

  1. VIVIHOME Portable DC
  2. Everlast PowerTIG
  3. Lotos Technology LTP8000 80
  4. Super Deal DC Inverter
  5. Goplus Cut-50 Electric Digital
  6. Lotos LTP8000 80amp
  7. Ramsond CUT 50DX 50
  8. Forney 317 250 P+ Plasma
  9. Hobart 500566 Airforce
  10. LONGEVITY Forcecut 40D

Best Plasma Cutter Under 1000 Review for DIY and Professional Users

Best Plasma Cutter Under 1000

Here are the 10 best plasma cutters under 1000 that are going to be found useful for you if you are looking for the specific features in the unit as detailed out in the below products. 

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VIVIHOME Portable DC  (Image credit: Amazon)


Best For cutting stainless steel


Brand: VIVOHOME | Item Weight: ‎25.2 pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH : ‎19.29 x 13.39 x 10.79 inches |


It is stabilized and reliable.

It saves energy.

It doesn’t noise louder.

It cut thick metals with ease while leaving the smooth finishing. No need to polish. 

Economical price.


There is no user manual.

Poor quality of accessories.

The VIVOHOME plasma cutter with its oxy-catalyze features works perfectly even at high speeds. It works on a 50Hz high frequency. We have found them the best 11v plasma cutter that could cut thick metals with ease while leaving a smooth finishing. The VIVOHOME is the best plasma cutter under 500 which is almost found as an economical and super fast machine. Moreover, you can use this machine to cut copper, alloys, steels, metals and alloy steels that have a thickness up to 1-12mm with their inverter power supply and step-down voltage technology. 

The piloting arc system in this plasma cutting machine strike easily with high-frequency voltage. The gas is supplied when the machine is on. However, the product is portable and lightweight. If you are searching for the plasma cutter that could be used personally or professionally then we will definitely recommend this machine.  

Screenshot 23 1 2
Everlast PowerTIG  (Image credit: Amazon)

Everlast PowerTIG

Best plasma under 800


Brand: Everlast Welders Canada | Item Weight: ‎40 Pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH : ‎19.60 x 15.4 x 10.2 inches |


It consumes low power.

5 years of warranty.

It can cut all metals with ease.

The controllers are easy to access and understandable.


It cannot cut aluminum.

It is a little bit expensive.

It doesn’t work swiftly at 220V.

The Everlast plasma cutter has been considered as the best plasma cutter 2019. So, if you are planning to buy any good cutter with an economical price range that could cut different types of metals then go for Everlast cutter. This PowerPro cutter almost fulfills your requirements by its high-performance during operation whereas giving you an opportunity of long-lasting 5 years warranty. It works from 110 to 220 volts. Moreover, it is portable and lightweight. So, you can transfer the machinery to your place or workshop easily.

The inverter-based plasma cutter works on IGBT technology for the performance of a high duty cycle. The controllers on the machine are very simple to access. During the operating process, the indicator lights tell the user how much the pressure is getting enrolled in the machine. You don’t need to polish the metal after the process is complete because the machine gives the metal a smooth finish. Except for aluminum almost all the metals can be cut through this machine.

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Lotos Technology LTP8000 80  (Image credit: Amazon)

Lotos Technology LTP8000 80

Best plasma under 800


Brand: LOTOS | Item Weight: ‎45.0 pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH : ‎19 x 12 inches |


It can cut the thick metals with ease. 

It doesn’t require any expensive gases.

It is heat resistant.

It can easily interface with single knob use.


Air leak at a high level of energy.

It needs cleaning after every use.

If you are looking for the plasma cutter that could help you to perform cutting jobs and gouging then the Lotos plasma cutter is a well-equipped cutter that has a high-class system. This machine is extremely reliable to use and fast. With great features, this machine is affordable that gives you high performance in the best portable platform. At high power capability, the cutter could cut even the thick metals that even not need any extra polishing.  

The machine is lightweight and easy to carry at any place however, the case is compatible to carry consumables along with the plasma cutter. The machine is designed for DIY hobbyists and also professional users. It is perfect for the user who works in the mine or needs the machine for cutting pipelines.

Screenshot 23 1 4

Super Deal DC Inverter
 (Image credit: Amazon)

Super Deal DC Inverter

Everlast plasma cutter


Brand: ‎SUPER DEAL | Item Weight: ‎‎24.4 pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH : 15.1 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches |


The machine is environment-friendly.

It consumes low energy.

Very easy to use. easy to use. 

Available at a reasonable price.

Convenient for all types of metals.


The quality of the accessories is not good.

It lacks the installation manual.

This Super Deal DC inverter plasma cutter is known for its great features in the market. It has exceptional features as compared to other welding cutters. It performs great with PRO technology while finding at a reasonable price in the market as compared to other machines. Moreover, it works at a high energy speed of plasma and high temperature. It is a completely modified iron body machine and due to its built, the machine is reliable and durable in the long run. Therefore, we have found this machine exceptional for DIY and professional users. 

The other best feature we have found in this machine is that it is well equipped with DC output digital display that tells the user about the amperage and air pressure of the machine. Furthermore, the machine doesn’t make any noise and it leaves the slit metal well-furnished. So, there is no need for polishing the metal. However, there is also a voltage compensation that a user can change according to the demand. For a wider range, you can use this cutter application including automotive ducting, industrial site work, sheet fabrication, maintenance and repair processes.

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Goplus Cut-50 Electric Digital
(Image credit: Amazon)

Goplus Cut-50 Electric Digital

Everlast plasma cutter


Brand: ‎‎Superbuy | Item Weight: ‎‎32 pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH : 15.1 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches |


Perfectly designed.

Less cleaning is required.

No need to polish the metal after cutting.

It has a 2-years warranty.

The machine is safe, durable and reliable for the long run.

It consumes less energy.


Interruption is a must.

It requires 220 volts.

The Goplus plasma cutter has dynamic features with multifunction. This plasma cutter is backed with IGBT technology. The Goplus cutter is lightweight and durable as it has a handle so one can carry it anywhere easily. Moreover, the machine is not complicated with the functions as it is easy to operate and understand. For safety ensure it is equipped with wire and mask for protection of the user while working at high amperage. The plasma cutter is suitable and compatible to cut all types of metal including sheet metals, sculpting processes, maintenance, and automotive metals for repairs.  

The Goplus plasma welding and cutter machine have unparalleled features that can serve professionals, hobbyists, or repairers. The body of the cutter is made of iron and that is the reason it is best for the long-run process. This can be your call if you are looking for a heavy-duty iron machine that could according to your demand.  

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Lotos LTP8000 80amp
(Image credit: Amazon)

Lotos LTP8000 80amp

Best plasma cutter under 1500


Brand: ‎‎LOTOS | Item Weight: ‎‎45.0 pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH : 12 x 19 inches |


The machine is IGBT technology with heavy-duty designed features.

Along with CNC and pilot arc, it is a hand cutting plasma cutter.

On 220V it provides 80amps collectively.


A little bit expensive.

Very little 1-year warranty.

It is huge as compared to other plasma cutters.

The Lotos LTP8000 plasma cutter is a heavy-duty powerhouse machine that can possess a duty cycle of up to 60%. Even if the metal is rusty, dirty or rough the machine has the pilot arc feature that could cut any type of metal. The arc manipulates through the high frequency that further produces cleaner cuts with consistency that further eliminates polishing. 

Moreover, the machine has the MOSFET transistor that helps to generate such uniform output which could cut very thin metal, too. With high power capacity, best chinese plasma cutter could easily cut thick metals. However, if we talk about safety it comprises such German advanced cooling system technology that is known as PAPST.

Screenshot 23 1 7 edited

Ramsond CUT 50DX 50
(Image credit: Amazon)

Ramsond CUT 50DX 50

Portable Air Plasma


Brand: ‎‎Ramsond | Item Weight: ‎‎19 pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH : ‎14.25 x 6 x 9 inches |


Ramsond plasma cutter is easy to carry due to its portability and lightweight.

It is a dual voltage converter

This cutter could cut up to 1-inch thick metal and even it can cut 3/4c inch thick metal with great voltage and pressure.


1-year warranty. 

The handle top is not as comfortable as found by many users.

If you can not pay a huge number of bucks for the plasma machine then Ramsond is the best plasma cutter under 500 one could get under the handsome package. The Ramsond CUT 50DX with remarkable features has a dual-frequency of 50/60Hz with an automatic dual voltage of 110/220V. It has a 60% duty cycle with integrated gauge display pressure.  

Moreover, this best plasma cutter under 1000 could cut up to 1-inch thick metal with great voltage and pressure and even it can cut 3/4c inch thick metal too. It only weighs 19 pounds because of embedded digital inverter technology. This plasma cutter is the 4th generation product by the ramsond plasma cutter review and it has conquered other primary issues that were found in the previous model of the same company.  

Screenshot 23 1 8

Forney 317 250 P+ Plasma
(Image credit: Amazon)

Forney 317 250 P+ Plasma

Best plasma cutter for the money


Brand: ‎‎‎Forney | Item Weight: ‎‎‎40 pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH : ‎‎15 x 7.5 x 14 inches |


It is portable.

It is capable of drag cutting.

It cut clean in 1/8”.

It is available at a reasonable price.


The speed of the ignition is very slow.

The duty cycle is low on 120V.

If you are looking for the best plasma cutter with a built-in compressor then Forney 317 115FI is the best option as it can cut brass, aluminum, copper, cast iron, stainless steel and also other conductive metals.  It operates at 120V, 15A anywhere with its rocker switch. The machine can cut up to 1/8” with sever 1/4”. 

The speed of cutting in one minute is at least 20 inches. Furthermore, best chinese plasma cutter incorporates the drag torch technology that cuts more precisely. This thing indicates best plasma cutter under 1000 handy features for the users who are new to plasma cutting. The thing that we found a critic about this unit is its slow ignition time.

Screenshot 23 2

Hobart 500566 Airforce
(Image credit: Amazon)

Hobart 500566 Airforce

Best plasma cutter for the money


Brand: ‎‎‎Hobart | Item Weight: ‎‎‎34.3 pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH : 17 x 18.25 x 11.63 inches |


It has up to 5 years warranty.

Affordable price.

It has an easy user interface.

It can easily cut through 3/8 mild steel.

The wind tunnel technology prevents dust and particle to enter the machinery.

Portable and lightweight.


It doesn’t run well at 220v.

It is found a little bit expensive.

The Hobart plasma cutter is a similar new age cutter like other machinery in the market. The thing that makes it different from other cutters is the fan that only works on demand for debris. It is well-equipped with the multi-voltage plug that functions smoothly under any fluctuated voltage. This plasma cutter is recommendable for every type of metal except aluminum. However, this cutter gives the metal a fine shine that doesn’t require any polish after cutting. 

Another exceptional thing about this machine that remarks us is that it gives less slag to clean up with any found spatters. The wind tunnel technology of best chinese plasma cutter stops the dust and particle to enter the machinery which further saves the internal parts of machinery from damage. Furthermore, this plasma machine is furnished with the TIG torch that consumes to complete the DIY requirements. Overall, this machine is a masterpiece for all types of uses.

Screenshot 23 1 10

LONGEVITY Forcecut 40D
(Image credit: Amazon)

LONGEVITY Forcecut 40D

Best plasma cutter 2022


Brand: Longevity Global | Item Weight: ‎25 pounds | Item Dimensions LxWxH : ‎15 x 6 x 9 inches |


It can cut every type of metal including aluminum. 

For fine-tuning, there is a digital display.

With the help of a power plug, it allows the operation up to 110V to 220V. 


It doesn’t work swiftly at 220V.

It heats up quickly.

The LONGEVITY ForceCut 40D is the best Chinese plasma cutter with double voltage 110V/220V that could cut up to ½” thick metal upon 220V whereas the metal about the thickness of ¼” can be cut on 110V. With the heavy-duty cycle, about 35% of this machine is highly durable and can run with consistency for a long time operating process.  

Moreover, with the help of an air compressor that sets around 45-65 psi, it can efficiently and quickly cut exotic metals.


In this article, we have reviewed the best plasma cutters under 1000 that are highly durable and reliable for the users and are available in the market. In the above-recommended plasma cutter, some of them have a built-in compressor. Moreover, before making a final decision of buying your choice unit go for a thorough test. We have managed to put the best plasma cutter under 500 with almost the same features as the expensive cutters for the users who have a shortage of money at the time with the plasma cutters under 1000.  

Moreover, there are different companies unit plasma cutters over-revived in this well-informed article that will be found useful not only for the DIY users but the professional users too, so if you found them useful then do let us know through the given options.

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