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9 Best Mountain Bike Helmet Under 100

Finding the best mountain bike helmet is a very important thing to do as a mountain biker, and there are several factors that you have to consider. One of these factors is how much you want to spend on your new helmet, which can be the deciding factor for some people. Other things you might want to take into consideration before buying new best mountain bike helmets are how comfortable it is, the weight of the helmet, and how durable it is.

Best Mountain Bike Helmet

For the most part, more expensive helmets are more comfortable, more durable and they weigh less. Helmets that cost less than $100 typically weigh between 20-30 ounces, and they don’t tend to be very durable. As you get more expensive, the weight is reduced with some of the best mountain biking helmets under $100 weighing just 10-20 ounces. These are also much more comfortable, but the price can often be a factor in deciding on the best helmet for you.

List For 9 Best Mountain Bike Helmet Under 100

Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet
Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet (credits: Amazon)

Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

Full Schwinn 360°


Size: Adult | Color:Grey Recommended user for product: CyclingBrand: Schwinn Athlete: Cyclist |


  • Helmet With Rear Light
  • Age Range: 14 Years
  • Full-Range Padding
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Batteries Included


  • Hard plastic parts

The Thrasher Helmet is a modern, sleek and easy-to-use bike helmet. Designed to keep young riders safe, the Thrasher features a vented lightweight ABS shell and a full rear stabilizer. A heavy-duty buckled chin strap is designed to stay on your head, while the easy-to-adjust side dial gives you a perfectly customized fit with one hand.

The visor quickly and easily adjusts to multiple positions for fog protection and side ventilation in the heat. Multi-position chin straps make it comfortable for all head types; there is even reflective material on the rear of the helmet for added nighttime safety. For protection, you can trust, get your Thrasher today.

The helmet is good for all because of the padding inside. It is adjustable which means it will fit almost every kid. I like how it’s vented at the front and rear of the helmet because my child has a big head that gets hot really easily. The helmet is pretty stylish and can be used for bike riding or skateboarding.

The front of the integrated visor does not stay up all the way which makes it hard for him to see in some situations but it does fit under helmets when he does inline skating with his friends. It also comes with a little bag to put the helmet in which is very nice.

Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet
Giro Fixture MIPS (credit: amazon)

Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

Unicersal Adult


Size: Universal Adult (54-61 cm) | Color: Matte Black (2021) | Recommended Uses For Product: Cycling | Brand: Giro | Athlete: Cyclist |


  • Synthetic
  • 18 Wind Tunnel Vents


  • Strap is way too small

The Giro dirt bike helmet is a face-shaped shell that covers the entire head and has a buckle system for fastening securely. The 3 tabs on the rear strap adjust the fit with all sizes to choose from. It’s certified bicycle helmet standard, which makes it one of few cycling helmets designed to protect riders of adult size specifically.

This product offers MIPS protection, so if someone falls or crashes inexplicably their brain will be better protected versus without it. This protective technology is patent-pending and unique in its ability to rotate inside the helmet instead of just slide around within these products’ shells like most do today. This is achieved through the MIPS system’s 30 thin, low friction layers.

When you push your head forward or to either side, there are actually multiple layers that will only slide an inch or two in any direction before they come to a stop. That movement gets absorbed instead of being transferred to your brain upon impact at those extreme angles.

Before MIPS, helmets would slide too much because they were not designed to slow down or catch sliding objects. This new technology is the best of both worlds in that it eliminates rotational forces inside the head while still being able to slide unimpeded when necessary.

Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet
Giro Register MIPS Adult (credit: amazon)

Giro Register MIPS Adult


Size: Universal Adult (54-61 cm) | Color: Matte Black (2021) | Recommended Uses For Product: Cycling | Brand: Giro | Vehicle Service Type: Bicycle |


  • Synthetic
  • Market-Leading Protection
  • Integrated Mips
  • 18 Wind Tunnel Vents
  • Universal Fit Sizing


  • straps are too loose

The Giro R for adults is an all-around trail helmet that’s designed to keep you stoked. It features the Roc Loc Sport fit system, which adjusts the cradle of the head based on what eyeglasses you wear and feels like a personalized custom fit.  The helmet features a revolutionary MIPS Brain Protection System, which will provide comfort and peace of mind for all skiers and snowboarders.

It is also equipped with front vents to keep you cool, an integrated clip-on light mount, a goggle strap clip on the back of the helmet, reflective graphics for added visibility in low-light conditions, and an eco-friendly vegan-friendly design.

The Giro R also comes with an integrated clip-on light mount, goggle strap clip on the back of the helmet, reflective graphics for added visibility in low light conditions. It also has a “vegan-friendly” design. A vegan product is made solely from non-animal derived ingredients, unlike other products on the market that may contain animal byproducts or those tested on animals.

Roc Loc Sport is the next generation of Roc Loc fit system.  This technology combines a refined, low-profile TPU strip with an adjustable harness for improved comfort and easier adjustment. New, angle-adjustable armrests are integrated into the base plate to provide more options when customizing your fit.

Giro Tremor MIPS Unisex Youth Cycling Helmet
Giro Tremor MIPS Unisex (credit: amazon)

 Giro Tremor MIPS Youth Visor MTB Bike Cycling


Size: Universal Youth (50-57 cm) | Color: Matte Bright Green Recommended Uses For Product: Cycling Brand: Giro | Athlete: Cyclist |


  • Lightweight And Durable
  • Mips Brain Protection System
  • Roc Loc Sport Fit System
  • Universal Fit Sizing


  • Strap Becomes Loose Easily

The Giro Tremor MTB Bike Cycling Helmet is designed for the youngest riders. The ABS shell rotates to absorb energy with MIPS helmet technology to better protect noggins from helmet-induced accelerations.

This kid’s helmet stays securely in place on an active youngster’s head thanks to a dial-fit system that adjusts for comfort and stability, while the spherical, low profile design increases the visibility of peripherals around them for safer rides.

The padded chin strap features an elastic section that is perfect for growing kids who are just learning how it feels to wear helmets. It’s just like training wheels for their head: comfortable and easy to wear. Before riding, ease kids into this helmet with a slow and short intro, then slowly ride at increasing speeds. This will take time to build confidence in the helmet’s abilities to protect them if they fall.

If a kid has an early negative memory of wearing a helmet, it may take a while longer before that fear is replaced by trust in the Giro Tremor MTB Bike Cycling Helmet’s ability to protect them while they learn how to ride. The Giro MIPS has a full front-to-back interior channel that can accommodate the growth of little heads, so they won’t outgrow it in seconds. It is safe to say that this helmet will last them several years due to its expansive size range.

Giro Isode MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling
Giro Isode MIPS Adult (credit: amazon)

Universal Adult (54-61 cm)

Giro Isode MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet


Fabric Type: Synthetic Size: Universal Adult (54-61 cm | Color: Matte Black | Recommended Uses For Product: Cycling | Brand: Giro |


  • Synthetic
  • Market-Leading Protection
  • Integrated Mips
  • 18 Wind Tunnel Vents
  • Universal Fit Sizing


  • Comfort is mediocre and adjustability is poor

The Giro Isode MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet is one of the most stylish and safest helmets on the market. A web-style strap with Velcro ensures a comfortable, secure fit. The helmet’s multi-surface construction is tough enough for mountain biking, yet the rear has channels to break up airflow best suited for road riding. Reduced noise is achieved thanks to 16 vents that dissipate turbulence by reducing air speed.

The MIPS system plays its role in safety by stopping the rotation of the brain on impact. It is not only beautiful but also boasts an extensive range of features including 16 open vents to reduce wind resistance and noise, a web style strap with Velcro that ensures easy adjustment for a snug fit, and the multi-surface design which is suitable for both mountain biking and road cycling. The rear of the helmet features channels to break up airflow best suited for road riding.

The MIPS system plays its role in safety by stopping the rotation of the brain on impact, resulting in an energy-absorbing system that allows the helmet to slide relative to the brain. The removable visor shields your eyes from glaring sunlight and raindrops alike.

Mountain Bike MTB Helmet
Mountain Bike MTB Helmet (credit: amazon)

Mountain Bike MTB Helmet


Size: Large  | Color: Blackish Green | Recommended Uses For Product: Cycling Brand: OUWOR | Vehicle Service Type: Mountain Bike |


  • Made Of Strong PC Shell
  • Integrated-Moulding Technology
  • Designed For Various Road & Mountain Bicycle Activities
  • Easy To Remove Or Install
  • Soft Inner Sponge Pads


  • Cheap chinese buckle

The MTB helmets are the must-have accessory for mountain bikes. The helmet protects the rider from head impacts. It also provides a stylish way to show off your sense of adventure and keep you safe in inclement weather.

The OUWOR Mountain Bike Best MTB Helmet is made of a strong PC shell, integrated-molding technology, Lightweight material and 16 vents keep user cool during long-distance cycling.  The size of the MTB helmet is adjustable. The Bicycle Helmet is perfect for cycling enthusiasts.

It is a great buy if you spend a lot of time on your bike and it protects more than just your head – it also shields your eyes from the sun. The built-in visor keeps sunlight out of your face when you’re riding downhill, so you can ride off road with confidence.

The Mountain Bike Helmet comes with a detachable visor that ensures excellent sun protection, an inner lining that can be taken out and washed. The helmet also features reflective detail on the outer shell that are visible to other cyclists and motorists at night.

Giro Fixture Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet
Giro Fixture Adult Recreational (credit: amazon)

Giro Fixture Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet


Size: Universal Adult (54-61 cm) | Color: Matte Grey | Recommended Uses For Product: Cycling | Brand: Giro | Athlete: Cyclist |


  • Market-Leading Protection
  • Integrated Mips
  • 18 Wind Tunnel Vents
  • Universal Fit Sizing
  • Soft Inner Sponge Pads


  • small for big head

The Giro Fixture is a lightweight helmet, affordable recreational cycling helmet designed for the casual cyclist not participating in organized events or commutes. It uses venting wings to help draw air over and around your head. This reduces moisture buildup on your forehead for a cooler ride.

This helmet is designed to be used for recreational cycling. It has 18 wind tunnel vents that keep the rider cool and comfortable, as well as an adjustable fit system that allows riders to adjust the fit of the helmet to their head size and head shape. It also uses a Float Fit system that allows for an easy and quick method to adjust the helmet’s straps and fit without taking your hands off of the handlebars.

The helmet also has a MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) layer built into it, which reduces rotational forces on the brain injury caused by angled impacts. This is especially important in recumbent bikes, where the rider’s head is usually further away from the bike than usual.

Team Obsidian Airflow Adult Bike Helmet
Team Obsidian Airflow (credit: amazon)

Team Obsidian Airflow Adult Bike Helmet


Size: M/L 58cm-62cm | Color: Black | Recommended Uses For Product: Cycling | Brand: TeamObsidian Vehicle Service Type: Cruiser, Mountain Bike |


  • Shock Absorption Technology
  • 22 Massive Air Vents
  • Bicycle Helmet For Adults
  • Adjusts In Seconds


  • Adjustable Feature Was Not Attractive

Team Obsidian Airflow adult bike helmet is a sport-level helmet that moves the air in to keep you cool. It’s constructed from a lightweight, low profile design and has a hard shell for superior protection. With rear exhaust vents and huge top vent ports to regulate airflow, this unique product brings innovative cooling technology where it’s never been before – right inside your head.

Helmet is designed with bike enthusiasts in mind. We all know that when the weather heats up, biking becomes uncomfortable and strenuous. The Obsidian’s massive top vent/rear exhaust ports are strategically placed to activate airflow inside the helmet at just the perfect times to maximize cooling power while maintaining a low profile design

The Obsidian Airflow features an aerodynamic shell design with rear exhaust ports for maximum airflow, a hard outer shell to protect your skull fracture, and huge top vent/rear exhaust port hybrid intake vents that open and close automatically when you do to keep you cool while maintaining a low profile design. Obsidian’s patent pending ventilation system helps to improve airflow where it’s needed the most.

With 18 Wind Tunnel vents, the Obsidian Airflow provides riders with superior airflow, keeping your head cool and comfortable during even the toughest rides. The integrated MIPS system further enhances safety by dissipating rotational forces from angled impacts to your brain caused by angled impacts on your helmet.

Adult-Men-Women Bike Helmet
Adult-Men-Women Bike Helmet (credit: amazon)

Adult-Men-Women Bike Helmet with Light


Size: M(21.6-22.8 in/55-58cm) Color: Matte Dark Blue | Recommended Uses For Product: Cycling Brand: GROTTICO Inner Material: Expanded Polystyrene |


  • Meets US & EU Cycling Standards
  • Adjustable Fit System For Men And Women
  • Bicycle Helmet With USB Rechargeable Light
  • Fusion Process Makes In-Mold Helmets Lighter
  • 23 Vents Keep Ample Ventilation


  • Little Uncomfortable

The Adult-Men-Women Bike Helmet with Light is the helmet for 360 degrees protection while riding your bike. You can choose your favorite different colors or an LED color. The front light has 6 bright white led lights that come on automatically when you’re in motion and turn off when you stop to make sure no one runs into you at night.

It also includes a rear red blinking light that will get drivers’ attention better than normal novelty lights, without making it. The Adult Bike Helmet weighs is normal, which is less than most helmets that are not equipped with lights. The extra durable ABS shell won’t crack or break even if you drop it on the ground by accident.

If falls from 9 feet high will just damage your helmet instead of your head. The Helmet is very comfortable as well as lightweight thanks to the 23 air vents that allow your hair or hat not to get wet by sweat during the summer. It will also keep your head cool in the winter, while preventing frostbite on the ears. The Adult-Men-Women Bike Helmet with Light is a must have for both adults and children who ride their bike to school or work. Don’t be caught dead without it.

Mountain Bike Helmet Advantages

There are many advantages of owning a bike helmet. The bike helmets are usually made of hard plastic which is meant to protect the head from injury if, for example, you were to get into an accidental crash while riding your bike.

One other advantage is that bicycle helmets will protect your head in the event that someone else accidentally hits you with their car while you’re biking on the side of the road. Bicycle helmets also can save your life in an accident because they reduce the risk of skull fractures and other serious injuries.

  • The advantage of the Mountain Bike Helmet is that it provides protection from injuries to the head.
  • It also protects from injuries to the face, eyes and teeth.
  • Helmets provide good control to the rider by keeping wind and bugs from hitting in face. Helmets with a sun visor provide extra sun protection for eyes.
  • Helmet ensures comfort while biking throughout the day. It keeps riders engaged in biking without straining their necks.
  • Mountain Bike Helmet is cooler than the conventional biking cap because of its padding and shell design. It ensures great ventilation to keep head cool.
  • The adjustable visor looks more stylish helmet and adds an extra charm to your appearance.

Mountain Bike Helmet Buying Guide – How To Choose a Mountain Bike Helmet

Sizing – A properly fitted helmet should have level on your head front-to-back and side to side. But not so tight that it hurts or blocks your vision, and not so loose that the helmet rocks from side-to-side when you shake your head left to right. The front of the helmet should sit just above your eyebrows.

Riding a mountain bike with good form and great skill is fun, but if you ride without a helmet, it can be extremely dangerous. Riding helmets come in different sizes and should fit the size of your head properly.

Adjustment – You should adjust your face MTB Helmet so that it secures to your head and does not move around when you shake your head. The chin strap should be buckled securely: the straps should lay flat without twisting and touch together in front of you without splaying out to the sides.

The only way to properly adjust a helmet is to wear it. Most helmets have several ways to adjust them for a better fit. Most have a wheel at the back of the helmet to adjust the head circumference and some helmets have a secondary wheel on top of the helmet to allow you for vertical adjustment.

Fit – The chin strap should fit snuggly under your earlobe or below it to prevent much of the weight from resting on your jaw. Straps that are too loose can pinch the neck and may cause you to swallow or choke, but straps that are too tight can be uncomfortable and may cause chafing.

Inside the helmet, there should be a small gap between the brow pad and your forehead to allow air to flow up and cool your head as you ride. There should be no gaps between the padding where your head touches the helmet.

Comfort – When you first put your helmet on it should feel snug but not too tight. Try to adjust the helmet so that it is centered and not canted to one side. Straps should be flat against your skin with no gaps.

Durability – Look for helmets that are sturdy and well-ventilated. There should be no dents or cracks on the helmet or the moving parts of the helmet’s retention system, and there should be no visible wear on the helmet’s exterior shell.

Quick release buckles should be metal and not plastic-only. Buckles that do not use a quick release system but require a screwdriver to adjust should be avoided.

Ventilation – While ventilation is not as important in winter as it is in summer, there are still times when an MTB Helmet should be well ventilated.

Many helmets now come with a number of adjustable vents to allow you to adjust the airflow inside your helmet and regulate body temperature.

Extras – Many MTB Helmets also have other features, such as removable visors or chin guards and built-in lights for night riding.

Certification & Safety Standards – The safety of a helmet is of the utmost importance. MTB helmets have safety certification from many safety bodies, including:

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) In addition, wearing an approved helmet may help you get insurance discounts.

Helmet Materials and Construction – A BMX helmet is worn on a mountain bike should be of high quality and of durable construction. All helmets not made specifically for cycling will protect you from injury only when the helmet itself sustains an impact.

A good MTB Helmet will be made from a high-quality, durable material that is well ventilated. Your helmet shell should be a multi-impact material that is able to withstand more than one impact and still provide you with a safe haven for your head.

Cost – While a cheap helmet may cost you less up-front, it may not last as long or protect you as well.

Style – While safety is the most important aspect of a helmet, style shouldn’t be discounted. Many helmets are available in different colors and styles to suit your taste.

There are many factors that go into choosing an MTB Helmet for you. These include safety standards, comfort, features, cost and style. By paying attention to these factors when choosing your MTB Helmet, you will be sure to get the best helmet for you.


It is important to know all the factors that go into choosing a mountain bike helmet before purchasing it. Keep in mind safety standards, comfort, features, cost and style when shopping for your mountain bike helmet to get one that suits you best.

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