(Buying Guide) 5 Best TIG Welder Under 1000

Best TIG Welder Under 1000
Best TIG Welder Under 1000

TIG known as the Tungsten Inert Gas is a renowned welding process that can access great weld operational control like any other technique of welding. If you are looking for the best TIG welder under 1000 for thinner welding material and hard material that requires greater heat control then you are on the right platform. 

It is also declared as a common misconception that newbie welder requires to shell a big amount of corpus if they want to start TIG welding. But we have found that good welding doesn’t depend upon buying expensive welding machines, yet it needs a lot of practice and skills. If the skills are good enough then even the cheapest machine for welding could blow the mind. 

Best TIG Welder Under 1000, $500 and $300
Best TIG Welder Under 300$ to 1000$

So, in this article, we are going to discuss the 5 best tig welder for home use and professional use under 1000 that is neither too expensive nor so cheap however considering the best amount of money that anyone could afford easily for their basic need. 

Before heading directly to the listed products in this article, let us briefly describe the thing to keep in mind before purchasing the TIG welder. 

Guideline for buying best TIG welder

Here are some of the important tips that you should consider while buying a welding machine. It is better to consider the performance and specifications that eventually suit your needs. So the top notch things to consider for your machine are under the following:

  • Metal thickness

If you want to weld the thin and delicate metals then you must go for such opt unit that performs at low amperage. TIG welding is also found best for thin metals while on the other hand if the thickness of the metal is ½” or more then it is better to consider stick welding or MIG procedure for such thick metals. 

  • Quality and speed of welding job

The quality and speed are mutually exclusive for a welding job. That is if you are working in the high business of precisions manufacturing then a TIG welder is the best option with AC capabilities. 

  • DC/AC Combination

In the aspect of aluminium and magnesium welding, AC output is the best. While in case if you are working with stainless steel and simple steel that DC output gives you the best result. So for maximum versatility look forward to buying AC/DC combination machine.

  • Amperage

Amperage range is the best part of TIG welder so as far as the range will be higher more versatile the machine would be. The high amperage TIG welding works more swiftly while the machine performs great even at low amperage.  

So here is the list of 5 best TIG welding machines that are available at affordable rates.

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At a Glance:

  1. 2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC/DC TIG Welder
  2. Lotos TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC Aluminum TIG Welder
  3.  EVERLAST PowerARC 140 140amp Lift Start TIG/Stick
  5. Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD ACDC

818yaXHaF+L. AC SL1500

2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC/DC TIG Welder

Best TIG Welder Under 1000


: Material: Stainless Steel | Power Source: AC/DC : Item Weight: 69 pounds | Batteries Required: No


It comes with the foot pedal which provides full optimum control with hassle-free operation.

They provide high-quality welds.

It offers good control.

It operates on both AC/DC


It is a little bit expensive.

The AHP Alpha TIG welder 200DX provides a digital display and stick function. It performs huge tasks that vary on a person’s needs. It is best for hobbyists, part-time, and even professional use. This welding machine functions best on thin aluminum and stainless steel. The IGBT inverter innovation if utilized smoothly then it would yield full appraise. By dropping down the function of anti-stick up to 30 amps the stick lifting process becomes easier. 

It is built with a dual voltage system that is why it is easy for professional and naïve welders. The maximum current output is 200A and the minimum is 10A whereas for the TIG 200SX maximum Longevity is 200A and 5A minimum. To weld the thinner aluminum efficiently this minimum ampere helps consistently. The Alpha-TIG200X is the flexible welder that is available in the market which whoops 200 amps over 110-220V with many other features. 

61qKenzDq+S. SL1200

Lotos TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC Aluminum TIG Welder

Best TIG Welder Under 1000


: Material: Aluminum | Power Source: AC/DC : Batteries Included: No | Item Weight: 58 Pounds


It is AC/DC.

It includes a foot pedal.

A downsloping dial is a good option.

It has a high-frequency start.


There is no MIG option.

Looking for the best tig welders for aluminum?  Then you have got in the right place because this welding machine works with versatility with the capabilities in its hardware. It offers great control while working like a beast with simple use. In any circumstances, the controls on the welder allow us to works with any metal. With acute precision, the square inverter makes the fine aluminium weld nicely. 

This feature makes it our personal favourite with its extra quality features in this machine. Moreover, this machine works optimum not on the weekends only but works like a beast with its industrial level features if enthusiastically functioned every day. This machine welds a number of metals that include aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, and many other types of materials. It has a 3/8 welding capacity for stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel. But Lotos TIG200ACDC is known best aluminum tig welder for the money while the welding accuracy is further impressed by the square-wave inverter. 

It has the highest frequency start as its start-up is easy and instant if we compare it with a scratch start. It has a foot pedal which isn’t the best quality pedal as it lacks accuracy and responsiveness. To finish the weld smoothly set the automatic down-slope setting according to the destined position. 

61wZo0hGKSL. AC SL1500

 EVERLAST PowerARC 140 140amp Lift Start TIG/Stick

Best TIG Welder Under 1000


: Item Weight: 24.8 pounds | Material: Metal : Power Source: DC | Batteries Included: No


The EVERLAST PowerARC 140 140amp welding machine is portable and lightweight.

This machine can be used for dual purposes.

It is ideal for professional, commercial and beginning welding jobs.

It is easy to use.

It is very affordable.


In some cases, we have found through some customer’s feedback that they didn’t found this machine useful for heavy-duty jobs.

Customer service is occasionally not found not as good as it was expected.

If you are looking for the best tig welder under 500 then this TIG welding machine is super flexible in performance. It can be your best choice if you are a beginner and you want the best tig welders for home use and also for professional use. It is designed to be a multi-tasking welder that can be used for both TIG DC welding purposes and stick. This machine features a double voltage from 120V to 240V. 

The automatic start reduces the electrode sticking. Moreover, the digital display helps to maintain the current setting. The lifts start for DC TIG setting for stainless welding and steel welding. 

41P+Z t7PML


Best TIG Welder Under 1000


: Batteries Included: No | Batteries Required: No : Item Weight: 66.0 pounds | Part Number: K2698-1


It is a good quality machine.

It comes along different accessories including stock wires and tips.

It is portable.

It has an extensive range in the setting.


The machine is too expensive.

The consistency of the welding is not bad but also not super.

One of the most renowned companies is Lincoln Electric that produces impressive quality welders for professional and home-based jobs. If you are looking for a tig welder then Lotos TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC Aluminum is the most convenient option. Likewise, if you are searching for the best MIG welder for a price less than 1000$ then LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO K2698-1 is a remarkable option with its performance under such a price tag. It comes along with a range of accessories that somehow lacks in the above-discussed welders.

The K2698-1 only reaches 180 amps maximum while laying a bead with fewer spatters on the light section. In this way, it is not found great for heavy welding purposes. This welding machine comes along with the help manual and simple setup. For a more easily set up e-manual is also present if you need it. It has a ground clamp and decent gun which isn’t much exceptional if compared with the price that you paid for the machine.

Some people also admire Lincoln Company for the best welding helmet for tig and mig and also for other welding products. No doubt their style makes you grab their products including machines.  TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC Aluminum is one of the best tig welders.

71tBoJUsLwL. AC SL1500

Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD ACDC

Best TIG Welder Under 1000


: Material: Metal | Power Source: AC/DC : Batteries Included: No | Batteries Required: No


It has great pulse arc capabilities.

It is AC/DC.

Great sloping function.

The delusion of the foot pedal is one the greatest availability in this machine


Stick welding ability isn’t that good if we compare it with money.

The 110 volts for welding isn’t found powerful.

Like other TIG machines as above discussed, we have found Weldpro’s Digital TIG200GD as one of the topmost leading welding machines for the money you are less than $1000.  Although it has smaller amperage of about 200 amps maximum, still it copes to weld great with 110 volts. 

However, it is also known for being the best stick welder for beginners. With a huge range of welding options, it is the perfect aluminum welder along with detailed setting selections and sloping functions. Such features make it easy for the user to weld any kind of metal under 200 amps. 

Moreover, the delusion of the foot pedal is one of the greatest availability in this machine as it comprises the pulse arc modes excellently. For some purposes, we have found this machine not as good for stick welding but still, we recommend it for beginners and TIG welding.


In this article, we have managed to list the 5 best tig welders under $1000. We have also found that good welding doesn’t depend upon buying expensive welding machines, yet it needs a lot of practice and skills. So before buying a quality tig welder, it is better to consider the performance and specifications of the welding machine that eventually suits your needs.

We have also detailed the guideline for buying the welding machine that includes thickness of metal, speed and quality of welding job, AC and DC combination, and amperage. This will help you with buying the best tig welding machine. Moreover, we have also categorized the machines with their product descriptions, features details, pros, and cons. Furthermore, the influencing precaution tips include the safety measurements which should be taken while welding. However, the best auto-darkening welding lens should be worn for eyesight safety.

For further related information, You can visit our official website (vigocart.com).

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