7 Best Hair Steamer for Natural Hair

Today we are going to tell you the secret of keeping your hair healthy naturally without any harmful products. All we need is a good hair steamer which is easy to use and portable. So we bought you 2020’s 7 best hair steamer for natural hair

Best Hair Steamer for Natural Hair

A hair steamer is a product that helps in the nourishment of our hair. It not only helps the hair grow long but also make them healthy. And this is a big discussion with a lot of benefits that we are going to tell you just in this article, before reviewing the best hair steamer 2020. 

You would have seen the review of the best hair steamer 2019 but now we have some new variety and changes, we have unconsidered a lot of options that were not suitable for your hair steaming. Some of those products are even discontinued in making.


Hair steaming is just like a spa day, treating your skin, cleansing it, getting the dead skin removed, having a massage to increase the blood flow. Just like that steaming your hair is giving you hair intense nourishment, taking care of the growth of your hair and also your scalp. 

We always forget that our scalp plays a very important role in how our hair looks. By steaming your hair the circulation of blood in your head gets better and it opens the pores and allows the product to get into the scalp and nourishes your hair growth, and texture. The stream helps the hair to lift the hair cuticles and penetrate the treatments deep into the hair shaft and heals the damage.

Deluxe Hair steamers are very much liked by people with curly hair because they have more dry hair and have fewer hairstyles. But with the help of steam they can change hairstyles because it provides moisture in the hair which gives them the ability to change the look of hair.

These portable and easy to use Hair Steamer 2020 can be used at home without help, you can use them alone without trouble.

Hair steamer helps get rid of the dryness from the hair and scalp. Let me tell you how it works.

Hair steamer with a hood

  • All you need to do is use your favorite conditioner and apply it to your hair. 
  • Then you have to put a shower cap on your hair which is mostly provided with the hair steamer, it can be the hair steamer with a hood.
  • You have to fill water in the hair stream if it’s the machine.
  • Then you have to turn on the steamer and adjust the heat.
  • Then you have to adjust the height of the hood and put your head under it
  • Then just sit back and relax.

Hair steamer cap

  • If it is a hair steamer cap that can be microwaveable you have to heat it.
  • Then you have to wear it on your head and relax.
  • Or you can do all your chores because it is not bounding you to sit back, it has no cords attached.

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REVIEWING the 7 Best Hair Steamer for Natural Hair

We will introduce you to 8 different types of Hair steamers that are providing you with the same service but differently. And on different levels as well. Some will be exactly what you need, and some will make you just want them because of their features or the service they are providing.

Kingsteam 2 in 1 Hair Ozone Facial Steamer 11zon

Kingsteam 2 in 1 Hair & Ozone Facial Steamer

Easy to use.


Voltage: AC110-120V | Power: 330W | Facial Steamer Size: 11x9x7inches | Hair Steamer Size: 13*12*20inches |


  • Easy to use.


  • Can burn your skin if the contact is too close.

Topping our list is Kingsteam’s 2 in 1 Hair and Ozone facial steamer, which is one of the best hair steamers for natural hair but with an additional feature of a facial steamer. This hair steamer can provide your hair with the natural health which they are lacking by opening the pores of your scalp and let the root of your hair absorb the nutrition. 

This is an adjustable hair steamer that you can use at home, its size is great to keep it anywhere. It provides nutrition to unhealthy hair and prevents the breakage of hair and two-faced hair. Split-ends will be less and damaged hair will be gone.

The second feature in redpro hair steamer is the facial steamer which helps to improve the skin, it opens the pores and unclogs them. Cleanse your skin and pores removing all the dirt and oil. It exfoliates your dead skin by melting and give you a fresh look. It has an adjustable water sprayer that rotates in 360 degrees. 


  • 2 in 1 steamer.
  • PTC ceramic heating.
  • Produces micro-fine steams.
  • Ion water particles generated by ozone.
  • Facial streamer included.
  • The automatic off function helps it turn off when the water level reduces.
  • 10 times more effective.
  • Aromatherapy function 
SSLine Professional Salon Hair Steamer 11zon

SSLine Professional Salon Hair Steamer


Color: Black | Weight: 5kg | Dimensions: 21.65×21.65×45.28-57.09 inches | Head Cover Size: 36cm Diameter |


  • Deep Conditioning
  • Enhanced Product Absorption
  • Scalp Treatment


  • quite expensive
  • Hair Type Compatibility

Here we have the SSLINE’s professional salon Hair steamer, the product names tell us about the “Quality” this hair steamer has that the professionals prefer. This steamer for hair is accurate for a salon but it is easy and efficient and can be used at home. 

This hair steaming comes attached to a stand with wheels, it is moveable and also adjustable according to the height we require. The salon hair steamer water dispenser comes with a spring at the end which helps it from leaking by maintaining the level of the water. 

This redpro hair steamer is great for hair treatment, it works for a protein treatment, hair dying, and hairstyling which includes curls with rollers. It has the capacity in the bonnet to adjust your head with rollers. It is moveable, you can easily adjust it to the height of your couch and lie down while this deluxe hair steamer will do its wonders. 

It is made with high-quality plastic and the stand is made of iron and loved by professional users. 


  • Have Protection of Water Shortage Technology.
  • Portable & compact design.
  • Saves energy, have less power consumption.
  • Designed with Quadrangle iron stand.
  • Gives your hair health and softness.
Mangold Hair Care Steamer Cap 11zon

Mangold Hair Care Steamer Cap

Helps move your head.


Colour: Polka dot | Voltage: 110V Coating cloth Material: High-temperature inner film Power Cord: 60W |


  • Helps move your head.


  • Bounds you to one place due the cord.

Mangold hair care steamer cap is another type of hair steaming product. This hair steamer cap for natural hair is an amazing product that is so easy to use and easy to carry even while using it. 

This is a portable hair steamer cap made of cloth, which gives it the ability to adjust easily as the material used is soft. The redpro hair steamer has a high-temperature inner film coating which makes it do its procedure of hair steaming. It works on a very low voltage and has three levels of thermal heating according to the temperature you required on your head, not many people like a lot of heat. 

The natural hair steamer deeply nourishes your hair and helps you get rid of frizz and dryness, it also solves the problem of split-ends. The hand held hair steamer is designed as a flame-retardation temperature control steaming cap.

So there is no worry of it firing up, it’s completely safe and continent. The film used is of high quality and waterproof. This handheld hair steamer is to use at home and does not hold you back from moving.


  • Portable hair streaming CAP. 
  • Two adjustable levels of temperature.
  • Safe and convenient.
  • Waterproof.
  • Brings Spa to home.
  • Flame-retardation.
Boloye Cordless Flaxseed Deep Conditioning Heat Cap 11zon

Boloye Cordless, Flaxseed Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

No cords, Washable.


Material: Microfiber cotton and flaxseed | Weight: 650g | Size: Universal size | Hair accessory: 2 pink |


  • No cords
  • Washable.


  • Not long lasting.
  • Does not help with hairstyles

Now, this is the product where we can talk about the hype, people always want to go wire-less in every type of gadget they use. This hair steamer cap for natural hair is microwaveable and with a cord, doesn’t make it the best hair steamer for natural hair? Yes, it does, this cap gives your hair nourishment after getting heated in the microwave and they produce steam in your hair when you wear it.

the natural hair steamer is made of microfiber cotton with flaxseeds on the inside top. Flaxseeds remain hot for a while and help you with the treatment your hair requires.  This heat cap comes with disposable shower caps which have to be worn under this cap not to get the direct heat, they keep your hair safe.

This hand held hair steamer is a washable heat cap, it is an accessory that can be easily carried with us.


  • Microwavable Heat Cap.
  • Flaxseed in each top
  • Healthy hair growth.
  • Soft microfiber cotton.
  • Economic and Safe.
  • Deep hair conditioning.
  • Fits to all. 
BRJEleganty Soft Bonnet Hood Steamer 11zon

BRJEleganty Soft Bonnet Hood Steamer


Hose size: 3 feet | Hose width: 9 inches | Hold grip: 4 inches wide | Material: waterproof |


  • Works with dryer.
  • Economical.


  • Doesn’t have its own steam maker.
  • Not good for hairstyling.

This is another style of hair steamer we have for you. This BRJ Eleganty soft bonnet hood steamer is one of a kind. This not only brings steam to your hair but also helps in drying because it works with the hairdryer.

The best hair steamer for home use gives all the qualities a normal hair steamer gives, it makes your hair healthy, nourishes them, gives them volume makes them shine with the help of moisture.

This is a perfect effortless steam hair dryer that dries the wet hair but moisturizes the dry hair. The natural hair steamer has a waterproof and washable parachute material. A three feet pipe is attached with the bonnethead which helps it connect with any kind of hair dryer of any power or quality. The hood’s width is adjustable and can be held on the head with laces. 


  • Soft and adjustable fit.
  • Work as a dryer and steamer.
  • Easy to use.
  • Saves effort and time.
  • Gives deepest conditioning.
  • Hand washable head bonnet.
  • Even efficient Airflow.
B. Blush Beauty Microwavable Thermal Heat Cap

B. Blush Beauty Microwavable Thermal Heat Cap

Gel beads are appealing.


Material: Microfiber and gel beads Size: free-size |


  • Gel beads are appealing.


  • No cord helps in working with it on head.

B. Blush Beauty microwavable thermal heat cap is a hair steamer cap which is not only economical but so easy to use. The best hair steamer for home use is made of microfiber but within the layer, it has gel beads that actually work in the heating process. When we heat in the microwave the beads absorb the heat within them and when we wear it on the head it helps to build the steam with the help of heat.  

Heat it in the microwave for 150 seconds and it gives a long-lasting steaming effect for 30 minutes almost. The heat helps the conditioner penetrates the hair follicles deeply.


  • Microwaveable.
  • Gel Beads allow the heat to spread all over you head and helps the conditioner to get into roots.
  • Cord-less.
  • Reusable.
  • Saves time.
Kiss Red Pro 1875w Ceramic hair streamer 11zon

Kiss Red Pro 1875w Ceramic hair streamer

kiss hair steamer quality is so good


Material: Ceramic | Model: B0D04 | Power: 1875-Watt | Steamer height: 4.5inches adjustable |


  • Material is reliable.
  • kiss hair steamer quality is so good


  • Heavy because of material.

Here we are with our last entry for you kiss red pro hair steamer. This is a ceramic hair steamer it can nourish your hair due to its material as well. Ceramic is considered a great material in a red pro hair steamer. It comes with four different heat control settings so you can adjust the heat according to your needs. 

The ceramic hood is big enough to adjust your head, including the big head rollers for curling your hair. The kiss hair steamer can also help to dry your hair.  The height of this best hair steamer of 2019 is adjustable according to the height of your couch. It is just like the huetiful hair steamer which was also ranked as one of the best hair steaming products last year.

The best thing about this steam hairdryer is that after using you can fold it back and it becomes the size of the hood only.


  • Ceramic hair steamer.
  • Four different heat settings.
  • More coverage with big hood.
  • Dries hair quickly. 
  • Adjustable height.
  • Portable and takes very less space.


Here we presented the Best Hair Steamer for Natural Hair which provides almost the same features, what matters the most is if it is the right Hair steamer for you, if you require a handheld hair steamer, handheld hair steamer, or a deluxe hair steamer or, steam hairdryer.  Do not worried about how to use a hair steamer.

A hair steamer should be selected according to how long it will be used and how much it has to be used. And if you want it for the long term and excessive use you should have the best hair steamer which can long last.

And that will be a deluxe hair steamer. But if you want it as an easy to go product you better buy a heating cap for easy use. Portable equipment for steaming hair is recommended more by us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Accordion Sample Title, Is a hair steamer cap for natural hair easier to use?

Yes, it is more recommended for easy use.

Which is the best handheld hair steamer?

Any Hair steamer which is easily adjusted in height.

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