Best Game Consoles for 7 Years Old Kids – Top Choices 2023

Best Game Console for 7 Years Old Kids
Best Game Console for 7 Years Old Kids

Are your kids interested in video games and you are planning to gift them the Best Game Consoles for 7-Year-Old Kids on their birthdays? Video games are an immersive form of entertainment. Therefore, we have found that most people, including kids, teens, young or old, are game freaks and they love to spend their spare time playing the game, either on mobile, laptop, PC, PlayStation 4Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc.

Choosing the right game console for your grandchildren or children can become a nightmare. You might get confused while selecting the best value console while acknowledging that what kind of game is perfect for kids without too much graphic, violent, or adult content. 

It can become a challenge for you to find the right game console for your child if you haven’t experienced playing the game. So, you don’t need to worry about this because we have succeeded in finding the 6 best game consoles for kids aged 8–10 years and 3–6 years old. 

Best Game Console for 7 Years Old Kids
Best Game Console for 7 Years Old Kids

General Summary

  • If you are looking for a portable video game console, then the Nintendo Switch is the best option as it supports more than one player, hence it is reliable for family fun.
  •  Unlike different games, PlayStation 4 equips parental control. If this is your highest priority, then the PS4 is the best handheld game for 5 year olds as it has many selections for parental control. 
  • Like PlayStation 4, we have found Xbox One with a wide variety of games as an expensive version. The choice between the selection of these two-game consoles depends upon the exclusive games you would like to buy for your kid.

While seeking out the best game console for football, here are some of the top picks from 2020 that we have found recommended for sensitive or premature age groups.

At a Glance:

  1. Nintendo Switch w/ Neon Blue & Neon Red Joy-Con + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 
  2. PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console 
  3. Nintendo Switch Lite – Yellow
  4. Xbox One X 1Tb Console – Gear 5 Limited Edition Bundle
  5. Microsoft Xbox One X White Limited Edition 1TB Console with Wireless Controller
  6. Xbox One S 1TB Console – Starter Bundle
  7. New Nintendo 2DS XL With Mario Kart 7 Pre-installed

Best Game Consoles for 7 Years Old Kids

Nintendo Switch w/ Neon Blue & Neon Red Joy-Con + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 

Best Game Console for 7 Years Old Kids


With numeric pins, they access parental control.

Some games included are Mario Party, Let’s Go Pikachu, Pokémon and Super Mario Odyssey.

Easy to access and play at home and anywhere you like.

A huge variety of games are available on the e-shop.

For parental controls, the Nintendo App allows monitoring of the system


This gaming system has limited power so it is not capable to run big fat-budget games.

Therefore, your kid might not enjoy some big games as their friend do enjoy on other platforms.

Nintendo has always been known for creating a great gaming atmosphere for friends and family and the new Nintendo Switch has responded to the game industry with an exception.

However, they are found great for every age as they are expensive and need to be handled with care so they are recommended as the best games console for 9 years old. For parental control satiate you can choose it to be played on your LCD big screen, or you can remove it just from the plastic dock and let it go with a tablet.

The controllers are eligible for 2-players if you have 2 kids or if you want to join the game with your kid you can have one game console for your use. Be sure to buy the traveling case so you can take the Nintendo switch with you anywhere.

Best Game Consoles for 7 Years Old Kids

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console 

Best Game Console for 7 Years Old Kids


The game package includes HDMI cable, USB cable, power cable, and a controller.

You can customize a passcode for parental control.

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB is the best game console for the 7-year-old boy.

Your kid will enjoy the game graphics due to high processing power.

Most of the games for this system are under $60.

With games, you can also enjoy the films with your kids in Blu-Ray format.


You need to pay a subscription fee if your child wants to play with his online friend.

You cannot enjoy the previous generation games on the PS4 gaming system.

To enrich and heighten the game experience PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB game system lead the way. However, you will also find two different video game consoles as its alternatives that are PS4 pro and Slim PlayStation 4 which are more enhanced game systems. However, PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB contains expensive features such as 4K TV gaming and HDR technology.

Such features are incredible for a kid who likes to play the latest games. While, the video game consoles have multiple options to control or manage the game time, age limit rating level, customized spending limits, and web browsing disability through consoles for a kid. So, it is highly recommended for the kids whose parents want to keep their eyes on their child’s activity.

Best Game Consoles for 7 Years Old Kids

Nintendo Switch Lite – Yellow

Best Game Console for 7 Years Old Kids


It is a pocket-size gaming console that can be carried anywhere even in the pocket.

Small and lightweight.


No parental control mode.

Looking for handheld games for your 7 years old musketeer? Here the yellow Nintendo switch lite console is a small and lightweight gaming console that can be carried easily anywhere even in the pocket. The design is sleek with an integrated plus control design pad.

However, it is also compatible with the digital and physical Nintendo switch games that allow the support of handheld mode. The yellow Nintendo Switch lite is compatible with such games as Super Smash Bros, Super Mario Odyssey, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Since this gaming system is recommended for all age groups, we have spotted them as the best games console for 9 years old as they are ready to hit any space in between the road whenever you want.  

Best Game Consoles for 7 Years Old Kids

Xbox One X 1Tb Console – Gear 5 Limited Edition Bundle

Best Game Console for 7 Years Old Kids


You can watch 4K Blu-ray movies also the 4K videos streaming on the Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon.

Enjoy more luminous colors with the high dynamic range technology.

You can also play live games through a multiplayer gaming network.

You can access more than 100 games instantly with new games that are being added with time.


It doesn’t work great with the gear 5 console.

The game console is very expensive.

The Xbox One X includes a 1TB console that provides you low months payments for 24 months if they get purchased with all the Xbox accesses. Moreover, you can access 100 high-quality games and multiplayer online. You can also add an Alexa device for voice control.

We have gone through many game consoles but found it with a sleek and stylish casing that enhanced the casing with dark translucent that over-view Crimson Omen as submerged in ice and snow which is ultimately designed by the Xbox team.

It is perfect for every thriller, action, and adventure, also sporty game. It is also recommended as the best game console for football by one of the gears of war fans who mentioned that its controllers are eventually best for all types of games. 

Best Game Consoles for 7 Years Old Kids

Microsoft Xbox One X White Limited Edition 1TB Console with Wireless Controller

Best Game Console for 7 Years Old Kids


The Xbox console games offer you to play 100 fun games with addition to new games that are added over time.

With backward compatibility, hundreds of legendary games can be experienced through the Xbox consoles.

You can experience Xbox play games on the Windows 10 PC with Xbox One.

The controllers are easy to access for long weekends.


The disc player of these gaming consoles is found slowest as it takes a long time to download a game or a movie.

The secret cache fills frequently while downloading a game that takes several minutes to load a game and sometimes the game server does not respond to the game.

Looking for the best games console for 5-year old whose birthday is around and you want to surprise him with a whole lot? Here comes the Microsoft Xbox One X white limited edition 1TB console with a wireless controller that not only enhances the quality of the game makes the streaming go HDR. You can play the game with 40% more power on these gaming consoles while experiencing true 4K gaming. 

Moreover, with Spotify, you can enjoy the live streaming of 4K video on Netflix with your friends and family. While you can also experience Blu-ray movies especially animated films with your kids that allow you to spend quality family time. The Xbox live allows you to play with your friends online if they aren’t able to come to your place at a time.

Microsoft Xbox One X white limited edition is also the best game console for 9 years old that makes the kid reliable to play the fastest game through the gaming network with teammates, rivals through the global gaming community. 

The best thing that made us it included in our list is its Xbox Live Gold creditability that embarks to play 3-4 games each month through its premium offer without any additional cost.

Best Game Consoles for 7 Years Old Kids

Xbox One S 1TB Console – Starter Bundle

Best Game Console for 7 Years Old Kids


You can restrict the platform to access free apps.

It is the best game console for 7 years old as it has a parental control that has a PIN.

The game consoles can be used for a longer time as much you have expected.

Most of the features on this console can be accessed through the voice command.


There is no backward compatibility.

The price of games is very expensive.

Just like other gaming consoles models come in different generations. The Xbox One S 1TB console also comes with many incredible features that your kid would love to have in his gaming kit handle.

However, this model of Xbox is much more expensive and thus it has more powerful features. Xbox One S game systems have complete parental control with a wide range of games in their library. 

Parental control helps you to toggle the content right for your child’s age. This helps you to access the right game for your “teen” and “young” child. It includes games like Spyro Trilogy, Super Lucky’s Tale, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

Best Game Consoles for 7 Years Old Kids

New Nintendo 2DS XL With Mario Kart 7 Pre-installed

Best Game Console for 7 Years Old Kids


The system is lightweight and easy to carry around

It has a fast processor which offers short loading times


Some games may not be compatible with the C Stick

It only plays in 2D, not 3D like the Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo 2DS XL is a great console, but it’s not as powerful as the New 3DS. The new Nintendo 2DS XL has all of the features that make the 3DS and DSi systems great, like built-in amiibo support and parental controls. It also comes with Mario Kart 7 pre-installed!

This lightweight system is perfect for gamers on the go or anyone who wants to enjoy some classic games in 2D. With this device, you can play all your favorite Nintendo DS games in addition to most 3DS titles without any additional purchases. You’ll never have to worry about running out of battery power either because this clamshell design offers up to 6 hours of playtime.


In this article, you will find the best game console for a 7-year-old boy son or daughter, granddaughter or grandson. However, if you are looking for the best handheld games then you can try yellow Nintendo switch lite for the 5 years old child. The gaming systems that are discussed above are not only useful for kids but are also recommended for teens and elders.

Moreover, you can enjoy family time by spending movie hours watching Blu-ray movies together. Also, Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu are compatible with PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console and PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console.

Including the other scenarios, we would like to tell you that these company gaming systems are non-paid. We have tested them faithfully and then recommended them to our customers so if you still found any misleading write in the content you can contact us and correct us. Give us feedback if you found this article useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is appropriate to gift a game console to kids?

Nowadays, age is just a figure in the 21st century where even the 3 years old toddler is smarter than 50 years old. Everyone loves to play games on mobile but it affects the sense of the people. Tablet computers are trending to be a common stable at home while mobile phones and game consoles in the pocket is another common trend. 
According to our research, we have found many parents become frustrated with mobile gaming so they have themselves recommended gaming console as the best game console for 3 years old, 5 years old, 7 years old, and 9 years old.

Which is the best game console for 7 years old?

According to the editor’s choice, Xbox One S 1TB console and Nintendo Switch w/ Neon Blue & Neon Red Joy-Con is the first games console for 6 year old and 9 years old child. These video game console systems are ideal for your child if you want them to travel with you anywhere you just need the traveling case for its protection.

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