(Dual Cam) 4 Best Front and Rear Dash Cam With Night Vision

Best Front and Rear Dash Cam With Night Vision
Best Front and Rear Dash Cam With Night Vision

You may have seen that the best front and rear dash cam with night vision is turning out to be increasingly more mainstream in Western nations. A few years ago, just police cars would have a dashboard camera installed.

One, you can get video evidence in case of an accident no matter the fault is yours or not. Two, you can get security against corrupt police officers that have been known to fine drivers that hadn’t done anything wrong. Three, and this may unbelievable if you haven’t seen it, yet there are videos of people on foot abruptly hopping out onto a driving vehicle, to claim cash from the driver’s protection!  

best front and rear dash cam with night vision
Best Dash camera with night vision

In other words, a meteor struck a remote town someplace in Siberia, Russia – and amazingly, many live recordings of the event are on social media. 

Today, we will discuss on best front and rear dash cam with night vision so you can easily pick one of the best in dash cam for coming the year 2020. There are various reasons for using a car dashboard cameras:   

Best front and rear dash cam with night vision – They’re fun!

Just imagine, if you’re going on a long drive towards northern areas and enjoying the beautiful view. You want to record these magical moments so that you can share them with your loved ones later at home and you can add music and upload a nice video on social media platforms. This is all possible by dashboard cameras.  

Dashboard cameras are always on while you drive. They start recording when you turn the start key, so you won’t need to turn your camera on. And keep in mind that memory cards do have a restricted limit, mostly dashboard cameras enable you to record more than 4 hours of film at the top video quality. 

In addition, these front and rear dash cameras use a technique called “cyclic recording”, implying that once your memory card is full, they will consequently overwrite the oldest video film, so it’s impossible you can ever come up short on “disk space”. 

Moreover, modern car dashboard cameras have a G-sensor which marks the recording for safekeeping automatically so it can’t get inadvertently overwritten.

We have chosen the four absolute best front and rear dash cams with night vision that you can get in the coming year 2020. We will be taking a gander at dashboard cameras from every price range, starting as low as $ 39.59 for a basic yet powerful APEMAN Dashboard and moving up the value scale to almost 10 times as much for a top-quality camera, the Rexing Dashboard cam. 

Note that the car dashboard cameras reviews in this article are not the most up to date cameras around. We have assessed technical specifications as well as consumer loyalty for every camera throughout 2019. 

So What Sets A Car Dashboard Camera Reviews Apart From Other Cameras? 

On the off chance that you are asking why you can’t simply utilize a simple camcorder or even your telephone’s cam, this is because a car dashboard cameras review ought to have all of the following features:

  • Connect to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter with a long power link (at least 12ft) that you can go around the windshield, hiding it flawlessly so it is hidden from the light. 
  • Auto on/off: Dashboard cameras start recording when you turn over the car’s engine, and stop when you park. That’s why you don’t need to worry about turning the camera on or off. 
  • Loop recording: Enables the camera to overwrite the oldest bit of footage when the memory card is full, so you never come up short on disk space. 
  • Impact detection/G-sensor: A G-sensor ensures that if an effect is identified, the video film quickly preceding and following the effect won’t be overwritten by the loop recording highlight, so you don’t coincidentally lose basic proof. 
  • Time and date stamp on record (and speed on the off chance that we have GPS): valuable should you ever require your video film as proof in court. 
  • Resolution: 1080p (1920×1080 pixels) is practically standard in 2018. While there are as yet two or three 720p (1280×720 pixels) run cams accessible, most new cameras support 1080p resolution. 
  • Interfaces: Dashcams generally comes with HDMI, USB, and A/V interfaces.

Best front and rear dash cam with night visiond Buy Today

At a Glance:

  1. Dash Cam Front and Rear CHORTAU
  2. Ssontong Dashcam
  3. REXING V1

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Garmin Dash Cam  (Image credit: Amazon)

Garmin Dash Cam

Best Front and Rear Dash Cam With Night Vision



Technical Description:

APEMAN has long been a name associated with top-quality car dashboard cameras. It has a 1080P full HD dash cam so you can get super high-resolution quality videos on a 3” large LCS screen.

And it delivers clearer images & videos and even replays the key moment when you are driving fast. This top model does the basics very well and thanks to 170° super wide-angle for car driving recorder. 

There is a Built-in G-SENSOR so this car dashboard camera can automatically detect a sudden shake or crash and lock the recording to keep the videos from being overwritten and even in circle recording. In case of an accident, the scene can be genuinely restored. 

Along with this line, The dashcam with the best night vision has super night vision because a combination of F1.18 large aperture, WDR, HDR guarantees the clarity of pictures and videos around evening time. Interestingly, it can be a unique gift choice for your friends and family. APEMAN customer service is always available for you at 24 hours.  

Customer Review

Got 6391 Customer Reviews and the rating is 4.4 out of 5.

Excellent Dash Cam!

The picture quality is pretty around the evening time. The camera doesn’t have night vision, however, makeup with the WDR, HDR highlights. But you need to care that your windshield is clean. 

The dash camera was flawlessly bundled. Very slink design with the dark matte completion. No over-entangled reflexive design, this is what a dashboard camera ought to resemble. It has a decent 3′ in the display screen, it is anything but a touch screen yet it’s pleasant to have a big screen to explore the menus. 

The instructions are entirely straightforward, likewise in numerous dialects. The links included are sufficiently long to go around the car flawlessly. The included charging link has a built-in USB charging port, which incredible on the off chance that you just have one cigarette lighter container. 

There are two distinct kinds of mounts included (1) is a suction cup the other is a sticky pad. Suction cup mount has two changes nobs which are exceptionally simple to use to get the right edge. The suction mount has a twist to secure feature I like when securing the suction cup. 

The menu of dash cam with best night vision is easy to navigate, huge amounts of extraordinary highlights incorporated with this camera like motion detection, consistent circle recording, and parking monitor. 

It took me around 15 minutes to install and run the cabling through the car. 

In short, incredible little dash camera!!

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Dash Cam Front and Rear CHORTAU (Image credit: Amazon)

Dash Cam Front and Rear CHORTAU

Best Front and Rear Dash Cam With Night Vision



Technical Description:

Most people rated the CHORTAU dashboard camera for its easy installation and use. It will operate with reference pictures in the user manual. Few dash cams don’t offer a suction mount feature, but CHORTAU has implemented it here too. And suction mount could be easily attached anywhere on your windshield in seconds. 

You need to insert an SD card and connect it with the power supply. The car dashboard camera will begin recording immediately after igniting, shut down, and save the video when you shut off your car. 

On top of this, it has also a feature of dash cam front and rear. This double dash cam outfitted with a 1080P resolution front camera and a waterproof rear camera. The car dashcam with 6 pcs IR LED and Wide Dynamic Range, the front camera catches the license plates and street signs even around evening time, in this way guaranteeing to get you the best video. 

Wide-edge front (170°) and rear(130°)camera help wipe out the vulnerable sides of your vision. Dashcams with parking modes are largely excellent. CHORTAU proposes some important function settings for your daily use. Like, for G-Sensor level, pick low or turn off, loop recording chooses 3 minutes, motion detection chooses off, and parking monitor picks On. 

Amazingly, CHORTAU is providing lifetime after-sales support for this dual dashboard camera. 

Customer Review: 

Got 1061 Customer Reviews and out of the rating is 4.5 out of 5

Great Dash Cam for front and back views. It is very easy to install and start recording. This dash camera with night vision is incredible for insurance purposes when you need it. It keeps on recording and will save the video of any mishap you may have. What is incredibly decent is that the front view video and the back video records in separate AVI documents.

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Ssontong Dashcam (Image credit: Amazon)

Ssontong Dashcam

Best Front and Rear Dash Cam With Night Vision



Technical Description:

Crosstour is one of a good brand because its dash cameras are packed with cutting edge technology. AND, yes they are very good. 

It has 3 inches large LCD screen car recorder and combined with 1080P Full HD and 12MP resolution, this dashboard camera can give insurance professes to counteract debates. Its huge screen shows the real-time picture, causes you to observe each detail when playing back and acquires better visual experience the up and coming occasion. 

This dashcam with the best night vision is combined with advanced big aperture and WDR technology. It helps you to get a relatively clearer video and picture at night. Car license plates can be effectively found in low light conditions. The security of driving around evening time will be improved a ton. 

The clear and big image is automatically captured via a 170° wide-angle 6G lens car camera. For instance, you will have the option to see 4 paths of traffic. The more you see, the more secure you are. 6 glass fixed-centre gives better light transmission, subsequently recording crystal clear video. 

Thanks to Crosstour for its 7 important functions which you can easily use. The first one is loop recording, the second is motion detection, then on/off the sound, license plate stamp, time stamp, auto control off, screen saver, and lastly burst photograph.

These capacities fundamentally cover what you are looking for every day driving. It comes with 1 suction cup, simple to utilize. All that you want to go on a long trip.

Customer Review

Got 2821 Customer Reviews and out of the rating is 4.3 out of 5

This camera works extraordinarily! I drive a great deal, yet I chose to hold up half a month just to check whether there was any reality to the bad reviews. Since half a month has passed by with (fundamentally) no issues, I’m here to tell everybody the awful reviewers are a lot of techno-unskilled infants. 

One of the main concerns I see is that the guidance that comes with the dash camera with night vision tells the client nothing. That is somewhat valid, yes.

The manual just discloses to you the fundamental capacity of each button and very little else. I believed that was somewhat frustrating, yet I started to play with the camera, 

I had the option to configure the camera to my ideal details very quickly. I see a couple of individuals grumbling about how the screen turns dark following a couple of moments of non-use. This is EASILY turned off in the settings. 

4 32
REXING V1 (Image credit: Amazon)


Best Front and Rear Dash Cam With Night Vision



Type the word Car best front and rear dash cam with night vision in Amazon and the number of search results is quite surprising. REXING is one of them. This is a very handy cam with a full HD discreet design dashboard camera.

The dashboard camera with night vision is a signature low-profile configuration enables the V1 to be a well-shrouded observer to the street ahead. Sony STARVIS picture sensor catches wonderful Full-HD 1080p video @ 30fps. 

The 170-degree ultra-wide-angle lens and wide dynamic range will take care of the 6 layer glass lens open up to catch a broad perspective of your surroundings. The better WDR innovation permits the camera to perform ideally in any lighting circumstance by modifying the exposure to make balanced pictures and film. 


This dashboard camera with night vision utilizes a supercapacitor which can withstand extraordinary temperatures from – 20 to 176°F that averts the danger of overheating, expands the life span and dependability of the camera.

With the parking screen feature, the dashboard camera with night vision will automatically turn on and record when the vehicle camera recognizes vibration or the dashcam will catch frames for a time-lapse video for all day, every day. You have to connect the smart hardwire kit to activate the parking mode.  

One very fine feature is a wifi connection. You can view, save, and offer dash camera with night vision recordings remotely on your cell phone with the utilization of an application interface.

Along with these, continuous loop recording is a given here, as is G-sensor technology so you can record your video in 1 or 3-minute intervals.

When your storage limit is reached on the memory card, new recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings. Supports high-perseverance miniaturized scale SD memory cards up to 256GB in memory size.

When the implicit gravity sensor recognizes a crash, the present video is bolted, guaranteeing significant film is kept secure. Bolted recordings will be prevented safe from being overwritten.

Customer Review: 

Got 7578 Customer Reviews and out of the rating is 4.3 out of 5

Excellent Camera, very satisfied!

In the wake of researching on the web, I chose to purchase the Rexing V1 because of its size and because it accompanies a cement mount. I don’t care for suction cup mounts since they will fail after some time. I hard-wired the unit to my car so that at whatever point the ignition is on, the unit will be controlled. 

Secondly, Rexing’s client support agent was helpful, understanding and pleasant and even offered me to give a substitution unit under warranty.


Mostly the best in-dash cam has comparable same technology as each other, and, generally, mount someplace along with a vehicle’s front windscreen or windshield. Place your dashboard camera from where your road view isn’t blocked. 

I would suggest picking a car dashboard camera with night vision that contains both front and rear. And, it also requires a little extra installation, not cables hassle. 

In addition, G-sensor technology is one of the best features because it automatically saves your video and images, therefore is no need to worry about manually save buttons.

Meanwhile, if we get another best car dashboard cameras reviews, we will update the abovementioned list with a greater amount of the best we’ve reviewed. Continue reading to discover which rank among the dash cam best cameras in 2020.

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