5 of the Best Fluid Head Tripod Under 200$ in 2021

Best Fluid Head Tripod Under 200$

For any camera system, the tripod with a fluid head system counts censorious to deal if you are a beginner or even a professional photographer. The camera tripod is comprised of two parts – fluid head and tripod itself. These parts play the equally same role in a shoot. Shooting is done through different filming methods in different environments and situations.

To make the occasional shoot more sensible to the required environment the especially utilized tripods with fluid heads are needed. So, keeping all the shooting and filming scenarios in our minds either you are a YouTuber, streamer, beginner or a professional photographer we have managed to find some of the best fluid head tripods under 200 for you to buy right now.

Best Fluid Head Tripod Under 200$

To increase the production value, we have managed to find the fluid head tripod that will last for many years if used without carelessness. As we all know that every product comprises of different prices and you just need to know for what kind of use you are willing to buy the product!

The fluid head is actually the sub-variety of a pan/tilt head. They offer steadier, a smoother movement that works more specific than mechanical large tilt/pan heads. So here we will let you know about the camera tripod with a fluid head comprising of various features at affordable price ranges. However, the recommended tripods for the influencers are no more than $200 and you will easily verify the advanced model for your use. To buy the best tripod under 200 and understand that the level of fluid head tripod either compatible with your use, the guideline below will help you to identify your need.

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1Velbon DV-7000N Video Tripod4.0
2Velbon Videomate-638 Video Tripod4.3
3Neewer Professional Heavy Duty 4.1
4Manfrotto Befree Advanced Tripod3.7
5SLIK Pro 700 DX Tripod4.9

Recommended 5 Best Fluid Head Tripod Under $200

While, keeping the whole set of features in mind it was very difficult to find the fluid head tripod that could revive our expectation of shooting various projects, documentaries and much more. Here are some of the best tripods that can offer you great performance with an array of features to satisfy professional and beginner photography. What are you waiting for? Just get your hands on the best tripod for the camera from the following listed tripods under $200.

1. Velbon DV-7000N Video Tripod with PH-368 Fluid Head

Many YouTubers require equipment for their video though they don’t have enough money to start comprising a great video. Eventually, Velbon DV-7000N video tripod with the fluid head combo is found as a blessed resisted option on thy don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars. With its low-budget and 6kg load capacity, it is ideal for DSLR and mirrorless setups. The fluid head is perfectly built for those streamers who don’t enough money or budget to get an expensive drag head.

With 3.47kg weights, it is found durable with its maximum payload. The tripod can be set-up quickly because of the built-in spirit level and quick-release platform that further makes it perfect for a quick win situation. However, Velbon DV-7000N is the more resilient video tripod for DSLR cameras. The pan and tilt range of this best video tripod under 200 head has impressed us the most as it offers 2-way fluid head (PH-368) flexibility and skilled performance. Moreover, the rubber feet full grip even on uneven surfaces with long arm control. For more convenience, it includes a sliding-quick release plate and bubble level.

    • They aren’t found great for professional filmmaking as they are not capable to bear heavyweight equipment and camera.

    2. Velbon Videomate-638 Video Tripod Height 171cm Black

    The Velbon videomate 638 is the affordable tripod that any of the influencers need to get their work start. It is a high-quality tripod with an extremely affordable price. Due to the lightweight, it is found travel-friendly with free live fluid video head that comes at the affordable price range and is found by streamers more favorite than Manfrotto mvk502aq video tripod with mvh502a fluid head in compassion with its performance and money.

    To make the best documentary tripod is the essential thing with a lightweight fluid head. The leg locks allow the fast setup while the quick-release feature allows the handheld shoot to be taken in second’s moments. The PH-368 fluid head gives expensive looks with smooth camera movements while 1.98kg makes the video mate highly portable that overwhelmed to be the free motive for outdoor shooting in uneven terrain. It works perfectly with the large camcorders that payload of 4kg (8.82 pounds). The body of best video tripod under 200 is made of aluminium that is respectively highly durable. However, it offers the fluid cartridges for pan and tilt and an optional pan bar is also included for more fluid motions.

      • The thing that is found unimpressed is the tightness of the knobs as they can’t be tightened sometimes. Due to this, it cannot be considered suited for high professional works.
      • The fluid head is not perfect but can be considered keenly worthy due to its price.

      3.Neewer Professional Heavy Duty Video Camera Tripod, 64 Inches/163 Centimeters Aluminum Alloy with 360 Fluid Drag Head

      Looking for the best fluid head for hunting? ThenNeewer’s professional heavy-duty video camera tripod is an amazing option as it comes with incredible features. Sometimes you need a removable fluid head for extra features but the Neewer tripod has an array of features that includes a fluid drag head like Benro fluid head. So, if you are looking for a professional shoot tripod than it is a suitable option as it doesn’t provide remarkably sophisticated captures like other expensive models.

      However, Neewer fluid head provides you more advantages than other cheaper video heads. For example, if we compare Neewer with Be Free Manfrotto MVH400AHUS support featurethen its fluid head could support a camera with its maximum capacity of payload. The payload capacity is considered up to 6kg (13.2 pounds) which shows more payload than other cheaper models. For fluid motions, it offers 360° smooth rotation. For forward and backward balance, it provides superior quick release plates that support your DSLR or camcorder.

      Moreover, the legs have a height adjustment system that provides flexible shooting on an irregular surface. The leg locks and rubber feet keep the tripod steady when you are shooting the wildlife, and capturing the hunted bird flight swiftly while keeping the tripod on the steeper road or a surface. However, it features a very good performance with its mediocre price.

        • Its pan and tilt locks cannot be tightened enough to shoot a professional documentary of hunting but you can consider it over benro fluid head for Velbon DV-7000N best DSLR tripod as it could stream live video sessions easily for the vloggers and internet streamers.

        4. Manfrotto Befree Advanced Tripod MKBFRLA4BK-BH Befree Travel Tripod

        If you are looking in the same price range as Velbon videomate 638 then you must consider this Manfrotto MKBFRLA4BK-BH as it comes with a centre ball head. Manfrotto fluid head that is lighter at a similar price. It can support up to 17lbs of gear in terms of weight. However, the weight of the best video tripod under 200 is 3.5lbs which is why it is considered a travel buddy.

        The Manfrotto MKBFRLA4BK-BH tripod with video head offers easy link connectors and screws for the attachment of the camera. The pan fluid drag helps to manipulate ergonomic operation while the top plate helps to detach and adjust the camera quickly. The flexibility of 360° pan and + 90° / – 85° of tilt offers you awesome footage.

        The Manfrotto fluid head monopod isn’t large but is found stable to support the attachments. This video and DSLR tripod are backed with reliable performance for years if used with care.

          • The thread is considered the biggest issue till now in this great fluid head monopod tripod. This makes it neither as much sturdy as much a professional need. However, looking at its price this is recommended for the newcomers or beginners.

          5. SLIK Pro 700 DX Tripod with 700DX 3-Way, Pan and Tilt Head-Titanium

          The SLIK Pro 700 DX tripod is built with an aluminium body that we recommend over Manfrotto MKBFRLA4BK-BH and Neewer professional video camera tripod. However, we also searched for canon tripod under the same price range but we came across that only make the lens and perfect cameras. So, if you compare it with Manfrotto mvk502aq video tripod with mvh502a fluid head the smoothness with sturdy stability is more expected. The pan drag adjustment has fewer limitations. But it is found a great partner for travel.

          To balance the head at a stable position the counterbalance is naturally fixed with a spring load on the tripod. While the tilt drag is fixed at the zero position and a pan drag is fixed at a pre-set level. Other features that are included are sliding plates with a safety lock, two bubble levels, an adjustable pan arm length, pan and tilt locks. The 3 section legs help you to make it stable for outdoor shooting either they are portfolio shoots, solo shoots or documentaries.

            • It doesn’t extend the limitation for the pan drag. It also forms a fixed counterbalance that is why we can say they are considered best tripod fluid head for professionals.

            Features to Consider in The Best Fluid Head Tripod Under 200

            You should know that for attaching a camcorder with a fluid head you should have a standard camera tripod that you could place in a still position to cease the camera’s vibration and jerk movements. So, before buying a tripod just concentrate on your ravishing setup. Is your tripod heavy? What is the maximum payload? While, if you are up for hiking and any other action shoot or photography you must consider how much the rig is overwhelmed to get weighed.

            So, consider these things in mind while you are in the shop and buying a best video tripod under 200 for the shoot.

            Heads for Photography

            In filmmaking, there are different shooting content. In the case of a sit-down interview, you need a photo tripod as an inexpensive solution for shooting a wide shot without jerks and no movements. For such static shoots consider these photographic heads for a tripod.

            Pan and Tilt Head

            In regards to pan and tilt, the fluid head for video is a more reliable and modified form and yet they are more flexible. However, the fluid head is easy to control while providing you much smoother motions. It allows you to adjust tripod head on one axis through retightening and loosening the knobs. The arm is attached with knob can move the pan in different directions.

            Ball Head

            This feature is designed in a ball and socket style. The ball is attached to the base that moves in its joints freely. The ball is secured in its place by a tightened knob. The movement of the ball is controlled with this knob. The arm is attached to the knob.

            Bubble Level

            The bubble level feature is however not included in all the fluid heads. But it is still important to know the level of your head and the level of your tripod head as they must be equivalent to each other in some ways so they could give you a better result of your videos. However, this feature in the fluid head takes the prices a little higher.

            Friction vs. Fluid

            Most of the low-cost models are not the true fluid heads but are rather known as a friction head. Though friction heads aren’t that bad as they are crucified though they are less smooth than fluid heads so they don’t offer exact performance like true fluid head.


            You need to look for the two things when you are looking for a counterbalance. The first thing is the counterbalance of the fluid head makes it easy to control and operate. Secondly, if the counterbalance weight will be lower, they will work better. So, try to find a counterbalance weight almost nearer to zero kilograms or pounds.

            Bubble Level

            The bubble level feature is however not included in all the fluid heads. But it is still important to know the level of your head and the level of your tripod head must be equivalent to each other in some ways so they could give you a better result of your videos. However, this feature in the fluid head takes the prices a little higher.

            Balances Camera Plate

            A camera balance plate counts great importance for tripod heads. The good camera plate allows detaching the camera quickly from the head. While this feature is less considered in a limited budget.


            Arms are the important feature in a tripod as it controls the movement for panning and tilting. In some tripods, there are options to mount the handle according to the required shoot. While in some models they have the second handleability for greater control which are mounted for zoom in and out controls.


            Tripods are consisting of legs that are constructed from carbon fiber or aluminum. The aluminum legs are cheaper than carbon fiber while carbon fiber is stronger. The prices of both material tripods are significant and however, they don’t affect the functions of tripod photography. So, it depends upon you, as you worth the weight of tripod because most of the manufacturers have added the expense of material cost.

            Legs of the tripod offer supports and stability to camera fluid head payload. The number of telescoping sections is needed to be considered for stability. If the stages or sections of a tripod are more than the collapsing size would be smaller. While, if there will be more sections than tripod will require a longer setup time with heavier weight.


            The spreader is a prominent feature of a tripod as it provides stability. Keeping the shoots and studio arena in mind these are designed surely at the bottom of the tripod legs. Spreaders located on legs allow extra support to your tripod so it could get adjusted on outdoor terrain and uneven surface without getting collapse.


            The tripod has universal feet made of rubber. In some versatile and may be expensive tripods you will find spiked foot option traits for outdoor places. However, it varies from retractable spikes to wind-down spikes to interchangeable feet.

            Leg Locks

            Leg locks are present on each leg so you could adjust the camera tripod according to your desired angle. They are a very important characteristic of a tripod as the legs are needed to be adjusted while shooting in the outdoor or uneven surface according to the required angle. The locks on the tandem legs are engaged with the lever. However, some locks are engaged on single legs horizontally. While some of these horizontal locks when bumped could get latch unexpectedly, so be careful!

            Some of the locks on cheaper tripods cannot be replaced when they get broke. While some tripods locks could be get replaced that all depends upon the cost of the tripod. Such tripods are expensive.

            What type of tripods is best for a shoot on uneven surfaces?

            Giving you a brief answer, the tripod with true heads in motion instead of friction head is found best for shooting on uneven terrain. The tripod with the fluid head should have a steady camera plate so the heavy camera could maintain a balance. When we searched for the best video tripod 2019, we got to know through the buyer reviews that whatever the fluid head costs it should have the mechanism to release the camera quickly while they should have tightened screws to place the heavy camera in a systematic position. Also, the carbon fiber tripods are considered the best choice over aluminum. Though they are costly.


            In this article, we have discussed the best fluid head tripods under 200 that can perform ideally for the beginners but somehow also for the professional photographers. If you are looking for the best fluid head for hunting thenNeewer professional heavy-duty video camera tripod is an amazing option as it comes with incredible features. Manfrotto MKBFRLA4BK-BH as it comes with center ball headis the best DSLR tripod. The SLIK Pro 700 DX tripod is far better than the Manfrotto mvk502aq video tripod with mvh502a fluid head. Moreover, the tripods that are discussed in this article can be last for many years if you will use it without carelessness.

            However, these tripods are identically tested on an industrial level and are non-paid by the manufacturers. Also, we have studied and researched through our perspective and customer reviews. So, if you are looking for related tripods with great heads that don’t demand much money in the market then you should go for any of the best camera tripods as listed above.

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