Top 10 Best Exhaust Tips For Deep Sound A Comprehensive Guide

The art of enhancing a vehicle’s exhaust system to achieve that coveted deep sound is a pursuit enjoyed by many automotive enthusiasts. In this article, we will delve into the core aspects of exhaust tips for deep sound, detailing various elements that contribute to this sought-after resonance. We will explore everything from the materials used, such as stainless steel and chrome-plated finishes, to the role of components like mufflers and resonators. Let’s start our engine and rev up our knowledge!

Exhaust Tip: A Style and Sound Enhancer

An exhaust tip is more than a mere accessory. This vital component, attached to the end of the exhaust pipe, not only enhances the appearance but also serves to influence the sound of a vehicle’s exhaust system. By choosing an appropriate exhaust tip, car owners can amplify the deep, resonant tones they desire.

The Quest for Deep Sound

The deep sound produced by an exhaust system refers to a low-frequency, resonant tone that can be both pleasing to the ear and symbolic of power. Achieving this deep sound requires a combination of factors, including the exhaust tip’s design, the muffler’s functionality, and the presence of resonators.

Muffler’s Role

The muffler is an essential component for shaping the sound of the exhaust. It helps in noise reduction and can be tuned to achieve that low-frequency, deep sound. Learn more about how mufflers work from this.

Stainless Steel and Chrome-Plated Exhaust Tips

Many exhaust tips are made from stainless steel, prized for its durability and corrosion resistance. Chrome-plated exhaust tips, on the other hand, offer a shiny and polished appearance, enhancing the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.

Dual Exhaust Systems

A dual exhaust system, with two exhaust pipes and two exhaust tips, can contribute to a deeper and more aggressive sound. It divides the engine’s exhaust flow, reducing backpressure and providing a distinct auditory experience.

Easy Bolt-On Installation

For those who wish to upgrade their exhaust system without extensive modifications, many exhaust tips for deep sound offer bolt-on installation. This feature makes customization accessible to more car owners.

Resonator: Amplifying Sound

Resonators refine and amplify the sound produced by the engine, further contributing to achieving a deep and powerful exhaust tone.

Performance Enhancement

While the primary focus may be on sound, upgrading to exhaust tips for deep sound can provide slight improvements in vehicle performance. This enhancement is attributed to better airflow and reduced backpressure.

Customizable Options

The world of exhaust tips for deep sound is rich with customizable options. Different shapes, finishes, and designs offer endless opportunities for personalization, allowing car owners to create a unique auditory and visual experience.These resources provide in-depth insights into how these components function within the exhaust system, contributing to the deep and resonant sound that so many car enthusiasts love.

At a Glance:

  1. Flowmaster 15363 Quality exhaust Tips
  2. Borla 20248
  3. GM 22799815 Exhaust Tip
  4. AUTOSAVER88 Black Powder Coated Exhaust tip
  5. GM Accessories 22799814 Dual-Wall Quality Exhaust Tip
  6. MBRP T5053 5″ O.D. Dual Wall Angled Nice Exhaust Tip
  7. DC Sports EX-1012B Black Muffler Tip  – Quality Exhaust Tip
  8. MBRP T5073 6″- Best Exhaust Tips For Deep Sound
  9. Powder Coated Bolt On Diesel Exhaust Tip
  10. MagnaFlow Center/Center Performance Muffler Exhaust 10416

Best Exhaust Tips for Deep Sound

Flowmaster 15363 Quality exhaust Tips

Best exhaust tips for deep sound


Comes with a manufacturer warranty

Fit the pipe

Stainless steel well-polished construction


The tightening bolts are not strong enough


  • Clamping mechanism
  • Stainless steel buildup
  • 3.5 inches exhaust tip
  • Rolled edge with polished round
  • Angle Cut Design

Flowmaster has been manufacturing exhaust systems and tips for the automotive aftermarket since 1983. The company is a leading manufacturer of performance exhaust systems, mufflers, catalysts, and other related products. 

Flowmaster 15363 Exhaust Tip is made of stainless steel and is polished to a mirror finish. It has an OE-style rolled edge, which creates perfect fitment with your factory exhaust pipe. 

This tip will give you an aggressive look on the road. This Nice Exhaust Tip – 3.50″ is a durable and well-made tip that looks great on the truck. 

It fits perfectly in the exhaust pipe and it makes an awesome addition to your vehicle. The product after several months of installation still works perfectly. 

Flowmaster is the original inventor and world leader in performance exhaust systems for street, off-road, and racing. Flowmaster’s patented muffler designs offer a wide variety of high-performance options, from mild to wild – with dozens of available configurations and styles.

Flowmaster designs and manufactures the highest quality products available at competitive prices to meet or exceed your expectations. The quality of the product is very good and I have not experienced any problems with this product so far. If you are looking for an affordable, functional, and stylish exhaust tip then I would recommend this one from Flowmaster.

61VrfmCtceL. AC SL1500

Borla 20248

Best exhaust tips for deep sound


The appearance is very nice

Easy to install cut tailpipe


Much deeper sound


It comes just in a single piece


  • 2.25-inch inlet
  • Stainless steel built
  • Weld-on installation
  • Single round rolled angle-cut resonated style

Borla 20248 Exhaust Tips are specifically designed for each application. They deliver deep, rich tones from a variety of exhaust combinations. 20248 is made from high-quality stainless steel and comes with an added resonator tip for additional sound control. Now you can get the Deep Sound which wants. 

Borla’s 20248 exhaust tip is one of the best products in this category that provides deep sound and high-quality material. This quality exhaust tip product will fit right on with no hassle at all. These best exhaust tips for deep sound provide a deep sound, with an aggressive appearance. 

The resonated tip provides additional sound control and comes highly polished to provide the best look possible. Borla’s 20248 premium exhaust tips are made in the USA. They fit great and they’re backed with a Lifetime Warranty.

Borla Exhaust Tips give your car a custom look and add performance to your vehicle. For the best exhaust tip performance, choose Borla Exhaust Tips.

61wKZc2KMjL. AC SL1500

GM 22799815 Exhaust Tip

Best Muffler for Deep Sound


Easy to install

Stainless-steel buildup

GMC Logo looks great

Compatible with different exhaust systems




  • Dual Wall Angled Exhaust Tip
  • Sleek, angled design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Highly polished chrome finish
  • GMC logo

Are you searching for the best exhaust tip to give your truck an awesome sound? GMC has got you covered! Bring out the dual-tone exhaust noise with this GM 22799815 Exhaust Tip – Best Muffler for Deep Sound is a dual wall angled exhaust tip. 

It will fit perfectly on your existing system with no modifications. It features a clamp-on installation and adds a custom look to your vehicle. It’s constructed with a factory-style design and is made for durability. This best exhaust tip for trucks is a stylish exhaust accessory that installs easily and attaches quickly to your vehicle’s tailpipe. 

You can use this exhaust tip on dual- or single-wall exhaust systems (excluding catalytic converters). With a laminated stainless-steel construction, this dual-wall exhaust tip ensures a long service life without rusting and offers an attractive style. 

It is an easy-to-install upgrade that attaches to the existing tailpipe in minutes without requiring any modifications to the exhaust system.

71Wr9097DCL. AC SL1500

AUTOSAVER88 Black Powder Coated Exhaust tip

Best exhaust tip for deep sound


Black powder-coated finish

Comes with stainless steel material

Deeper sound exhaust tip

Angled cut – rolled edge style


Design is not convenient for all sizes.


  • Stainless steel material
  • 2.5-inch inlet exhaust tip
  • Stylish look
  • Thicker inner wall design

The AUTOSAVER88 Black Powder Coated Exhaust tip is a must-have product for any car enthusiast. This affordable exhaust tip is made with super thick stainless steel material with a powder-coated black finish. 

Want your car to sound like a Maserati or a Ferrari? No problem. These sound-making systems are the perfect way to have your car roar just like a tiger. It is the best black exhaust tip that can be used with any car with a 3-inch exhaust outlet. It provides a stylish look for the vehicle and enhances the overall appearance. 

The inlet diameter of the exhaust tip (2.5 inches) is one aspect that makes this exhaust tip stand out. The shape and size of the exhaust tip are made ergonomically to ensure that the sound is directed back into the chamber to create a deep and rich sound.

The thickness of the inner wall design makes your vehicle sound rumble and crackle, giving the driving experience a nice touch. From the initial design and manufacturing to the final installation, we at Autosaver88 are committed to offering the best quality exhaust tips.

We have a complete production and quality supervision system, and we pride ourselves on providing the best exhaust tips for deep sound for our customers. 

GM Accessories 22799814 Dual-Wall Quality Exhaust Tip

Best exhaust tip for deep sound


Best quality polished exhaust tip

Stainless steel buildup

Look great-easy to install

Makes a good look at your exhaust systems


Pretty expensive to others


  • Stainless steel material
  • Vehicle specific
  • 1.157 kg package weight

If you’re a car enthusiast, then you’ll know the importance of adding a couple of extra accessories to your ride. And if you’re a performance-oriented driver, chances are present that you’re going to have to replace your stock exhaust

Luckily for you, GM Accessories 22799814 Dual-Wall Exhaust has a wide range of sleek exhaust tips and headers to choose from. This sound amplifying exhaust tip is the perfect addition to the exterior of your vehicle. 

They help to boost the power of your engine, as well as provide a clean, stylish look to your car. 

This polished stainless steel exhaust tip is designed to improve your vehicle’s overall appearance and is perfect to meet your specific model. Plus, it is vehicle-specific, so it fits perfectly. 

GM Accessories 22799814 Dual-Wall Exhaust Tip makes it easy to add a sporty appearance to the exterior of your vehicle. It installs easily, giving you added convenience. This nice exhaust tip is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind.

61RP9j6MrWL. AC SL1500

MBRP T5053 5″ O.D. Dual Wall Angled Nice Exhaust Tip

Best exhaust tip for deep sound


Stainless steel buildup makes the quality better

high-gloss, embossed finish that gives it a sophisticated look

Without clamps installation


Sometimes not fit right


  • Easy to install
  • Stainless steel material
  • Round-cylinder shape
  • Dual wall angled exhaust tip

If you want to add a finishing touch to your performance exhaust, the MBRP T5053 5″ O.D. Dual Wall Angled Exhaust Tip is a perfect choice. 

It features a high-gloss, embossed finish that gives it a sophisticated look, which is complemented by its stainless-steel construction. This tip is easy to install, requiring no clamps or welds. 

The stainless-steel material used in manufacturing this tip gives it corrosion-resistant properties, ensuring that it lasts for many years to come. The embossed finish of this tip complements the look of your performance exhaust.

MBRP Performance Exhaust is dedicated to providing reduced back pressure exhaust system components and technology to the automotive aftermarket. 

Our systems are developed in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Pontiac, Michigan. We engineer our exhaust systems to provide the highest level of performance, quality, and value. 

It is embossed with a subtle MBRP logo and it comes with everything required for easy installation. A wide variety of exhaust tips are available to fit multiple applications and styles.

71q2j5tBXpL. AC SL1498

DC Sports EX-1012B Black Muffler Tip  – Quality Exhaust Tip

Best exhaust tip for deep sound


Aggressive sound appearance to the vehicle

A high-quality deeper sound tip

Good price deal

Easy to install


Sometimes not fit right


  • Stainless steel buildup with Flat Black Finish
  • Add a sporty appearance to your vehicle
  • Affordable performance
  • Exhaust tip welded by hand

DC Sports EX-101B Black muffler tip has the best exhaust tips for your car or truck. Shop for the best sport exhaust tips, with the best-resonated exhaust tips and muffler tip styles to choose from. 

Each DC Sports exhaust tip is made of the highest quality stainless steel with a flat black finish coating. The stainless-steel material is highly resistant to corrosion and rust while providing the durability and strength required to create the best exhaust tip. 

These sound amplifying exhaust tips are stylish and durable, so installing these exhaust tips on your car, truck or SUV will get it noticed. The tips are also easy to install.

These tips are heavy-duty and are compatible with factory-installed or high-performance aftermarket exhaust systems. Moreover, DC Sports exhausts add a sporty appearance to your vehicle. 

These tips are crafted to perfection and are polished to a mirror finish. The tips produce the best sound and performance output. With DC Sports exhaust tips, you can create an aggressive sound and still add an appealing appearance to your vehicle.

61pyUSSOBqL. AC SL1500

MBRP T5073 6″- Best Exhaust Tips For Deep Sound

Best exhaust tip for deep sound


No welding require

Deeper sound exhaust tip

Easy to install

Mirror polished




  • Stainless steel buildup
  • Round-angled cut shape
  • 3 pounds item weight
  • MBRP manufacturer

MBRP 6” O.D. Angled Rolled Exhaust Tip is the crowning touch to your performance exhaust. Slide this exhaust tip onto your existing 4” tailpipe and add the perfect finishing touch to your truck. 

This exhaust tip is designed to work with a 6” or larger round exhaust pipe. Each exhaust tip is constructed of 100% stainless steel, which resists corrosion and ensures long life. 

No welding or cutting is needed for installation. The built-in clamp provides a secure fit and makes for fast installation. The exhaust tips come in a mirror-polished finish and are available with your choice of several logos. 

MBRP has a full line of performance exhaust and accessories to help your truck get the sound you want and the performance you need.


Powder Coated Bolt On Diesel Exhaust Tip

Best exhaust tip for deep sound


Looks and sounds great

Powder-coated stainless steel is durable

Deeper sound quality exhaust tips

The paint quality is good


Black coating starting to chip off


  • Powder-coated white diesel exhaust tip
  • Stainless steel buildup
  • 4.93 pounds weight

No matter how big or small your car, boat, truck or motorcycle is, this large, 4” Powder Coated Bolt on exhaust tip for deep sound diesel will definitely catch the eye of your friends and it will surely make your car more powerful. 

With its rust-resistant stainless-steel structure, high-temperature tolerance, and seamlessly wrapped in a shiny powder-coated stainless steel, this useful tip is sure to make your car look like a champion. 

This exhaust tip is also a great way to test the performance of your car, by changing the tone at the RPMs, you will be able to know how powerful you are. It comes with everything you need to install the exhaust tip. It almost takes no time to put the exhaust tip on. The exhaust tips change the sound of your truck.

My truck sounds like a monster! I am so happy that I was able to get this stainless steel exhaust tip at such a low price. These are the best exhaust tips for deep sound on the market!

41JSM5NgZcL. AC SL1500

MagnaFlow Center/Center Performance Muffler Exhaust 10416

Best exhaust tip for deep sound


Nice quality and louder

Easy to install

Sound is amazing


The sound is extremely loud


  • Stainless steel material
  • 8 pounds item weight
  • Satin body finish
  • Straight-through muffler type

Getting an exhaust system is an important investment in your engine’s performance. MagnaFlow Center/Center Performance Muffler Exhaust 10416 is the easiest way to add pure performance and sound to your car, truck, or SUV. 

Their commitment to making your ride the best can be evident the moment you open the box and look at the fine details that make your Muffler sound amplifying exhaust tip so powerful, such as the brushed satin finish. 

This MagnaFlow nice exhaust tips muffler is 100% stainless steel and contains no silicone, which makes it stronger, more durable, and more resistant to rust and corrosion than other, less expensive materials. 

There are many exhaust muffler options available, but few compare with the value of these high-quality, direct bolt-on exhaust tips. Mufflers ensure you get the maximum flow and performance, with looks to match. 

MagnaFlow is the only muffler manufacturer to test and tune our products on our proprietary in-house dynos using quality control standards in the industry to ensure performance that is never compromised. 

Now you can buy your favorite performance brand muffler with the confidence that you are buying the best. The end lt is the most advanced performance muffler you can buy, bar none.



Well, exhaust tips can make your car sound great but they can also make your car sound bad. If you are interested in getting some extra sound out of your car then you should know that you can get some extra sound out of it by installing an exhaust tip on the top. 

Not only that, but you can also get a professional to install an exhaust system on your car, if you are not sure how to do it yourself, or you do not have the time to do it yourself. 

If you do decide to do it yourself, you should know what you are doing and why you are doing it. You should know how your car works and what makes it sound the way it does. 

You should also understand the pros and cons of having an exhaust system installed on your car. The pros are that you can get a deeper sound and you will love the way that your car sounds. 

You will also enjoy the way that your car sounds when you are just driving around. With our list of the top 10 best exhaust tips for deep sound, you can get help with what you are looking for. Let us know which product fits your needs.

Happy Driving!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my exhaust sound deeper?

In order to improve the sound of your car, you might want to consider upgrading your exhaust system. The exhaust system is responsible for controlling the sound of your car. 
That’s why an exhaust system upgrade is a must if you want to improve the sound of your car. The best sound mod you can get for your car is a catalytic converter muffler. 
They are made from superior quality metal and give a sporty sound to your car. Most importantly, always use the perfect fit of your muffler.

Which exhaust tips sound louder?

There are basically two types are _____ exhaust tips; one is a single exhaust tip and the other is a dual exhaust tip. The single exhaust tip is made of one piece of the exhaust tip. 
So the single exhaust tips offer some advantages such as giving an improved sound and performance. However, the single exhaust tip can be costly. 
The dual exhaust tips, it is made of two pieces of the exhaust tip. The dual exhaust tips can be cost-effective. But, it can be less appealing.

Which exhaust tips give the deepest sound?

The exhaust tips that give the deepest sound have the longest extension. Longer ones are generally louder than shorter ones. An exhaust system that is louder than stock tends to give a deeper sound than a low-end system. 
The type of material your exhaust tips are made of also makes a difference in the sound of the exhaust. Steel tips will give a deeper sound than chrome tips. 
The thickness of the exhaust tips also makes a difference. Thicker ones are going to make your car louder than thinner ones.

Which exhaust tip will change the sound?

If you want to increase the sound of the engine then you should change the exhaust tips. It’s a well-known fact that the sound of the sports car’s engine is part of the pleasure and fun when driving such a car. 
You can change the sound of the engine by changing the exhaust tip. The best choice is to get the tips that have a dual-pipe system because they are more effective in producing sound.

How can I make my exhaust sound deeper and louder?

Exhaust sound is a major factor in performance and style, but it is not just to make your car sound nice. It is a very important safety feature that directly affects fuel economy, acceleration, and handling. 
The exhaust system brings forth the fuel/air mix and sends it out with great force. So the more power you have, the more effective the exhaust system has to be. 
If you start hearing issues with your exhaust, it’s time to have the exhaust repaired or replaced. Do the proper maintenance and you will be rewarded with a nice sound for years to come.

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