(Reviews) 5 Best Cordless Drill under 100

Best Cordless Drill under 100
Best Cordless Drill under 100

All you need to know about Best Cordless Drill under 100

The word Cordless defines that: An electric device which uses wireless connection in its functioning, or The Electric device which has no wired in its supplying of Electricity is known as Best Cordless Drill under 100£. Simple cordless means that using a battery instead of wire in an Electronic device.

Cordless drills are mainly used for putting holes in walls, woods, or with other tough surfaces like these, etc and secondly, a cordless drill is used as a driver in fixing screws and fastening or cleaning polished surfaces. A cordless drill also means a battery-powered drill.

If you are a home DIY hacker you likely need a Powered Drill for your hacks. The main and very important role of batteries in these cordless Drills is, you can move them with every place where you find the need for a drill.

If you are a household guy you might need Best Cordless Drill under 100 at home depot which holds good power of energy, provides you the ease of controls in multiple functioning, and can handle different missions.

There are many types of Cordless drills available in the market like Drill drivers, Combination, cordless drills, corded drills so you need to know which drill is helpful and useful for you.

Best Cordless Drill under 100
Best Cordless Drill under 100

A cordless drill is useful for one of its best selling points is that you can take it anywhere even when your family member asks you to fix something or put a hole in the tough surface then simply pick your Cordless drill, and fix them in seconds.

Cordless drills are made up of weight material, take no more time in assembling, or are easy to use just by the click of a button. Cordless drills make the work easier, providing the best relaxation at work.

Best Cordless Drill under £100 in UK 2021 Buy Today

At a Glance:

  1. DeWalt DC759
  2. Black+Decker LDX120C
  3. DEWALT DC970K-2 Cordless Drill
  4. VonHaus Cordless Drill

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BOSCH 18-Volt  (Image credit: Amazon)

BOSCH 18-Volt

Best For Compact Cordless Drill/ Driver Kit


  • 2 Batteries in Box.
  • ED light for work in darker places.
  • ½ inch of the chuck.


  • The battery discharges fastly.

BOSCH cordless drivers are recommended by Editors. People like this cordless driver because of its heavy-duty in lightweight. This Bosch drill weighs less than 4 pounds by removing the battery but never stops on hard tough surfaces because of its 350 pounds of torque and speedups to 14000 RPM.

As we discussing “Best Cordless Drill under 100£” means the drill has a battery in it, this tough compact drill driver has a capacity of 18 Volts battery in it and it is made up of Lithium-Ion technology.

BOSCH provides you (2) batteries in the packaging. You can swap another 18 Volts battery in it if you have a BOSCH product already, so don’t need to worry about charging distortion, which is super amazing.

While you can take your work with this drill at night then obviously you need some light, BOSCH gives you super LED lights in front of its cord that counts in extras.

When the drill comes with controls and power, then this drill provides you ½ inch chuck and 20 clutch settings. The charger comes up within a box, can charge it fully in less than an hour, and lasts up to 5X of drilling.

People have noticed that this drill battery does not last long. So the simple and useful trick is to purchase more batteries and charge full, by doing this you can work simultaneously.

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DeWalt DC759 (Image credit: Amazon)

DeWalt DC759

Best For Compact Cordless Drill/ Driver Kit


  • Extra Handle Grip.
  • 3 years of warranty.
  • Light in weight (4.82) pounds.
  • Portable made up of hard material.


  • Unfortunately, don’t come with a charger and battery.
  • No led lights in front of the chuck.

DC759 cordless drill helps you drive your task faster by its 1,500 RPM speed. The DeWalt drill driver comes up with a Dual speed changer that controls low speed and high speed.

Low-speed gear has a capacity of 0-450 RPM Which is helpful when drilling on a wooden type surface, high-speed gear has a capacity of 1500 RPM which is useful while drilling in walls.

The DEWALT is an 18Volt drill driver that also has a ½ chuck to reduce the sleepiness of chuck on shiny surfaces. The device also features 380 units of maximum watts out which is enough for a broad range of rough surfaces this is all done by its heavy-duty motor’ which is capable of delivering high performance.

Provides the best grip for your hands with its ergonomic grip handle that DeWalt gives you in the box for the best output. Its mid-handle grip makes it easy to control the drill in comfort and best fit your single hand. The drills weighs only 4.82 pounds with a battery just for the fatigue of hand pain.

The design of the drill matters too much, this drill is designed for working into tight spaces and toughest surfaces, its simple and smart design is best for fit while working in less space storage.

Best Cordless Drill under 100£ is not even breakable because of its tough and hard manufacturing material, but what do you do if you break it and your work is pending, while DEWALT also thinking about these issues, to get rid of these issues DEWALT provides you 3 year of warranty with their product. This is the best dewalt cordless drill.

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Black+Decker LDX120C (Image credit: Amazon)

Black+Decker LDX120C

Best For Compact Cordless Drill/ Driver Kit


  • Keyless Chuck.
  • Anti-Slip Grip for the best comfort.
  • a 20-Volt LIthium-ion battery holds a charge better.
  • Built-in work LED light.
  • Portable.
  • Best for teenagers also.


  • One speed setting.
  • Does not support heavy-duty tasks.

Black+Decker is a professional drilling tool for those who are looking for the fixing and drilling stuff in their house, then choosing Black+Decker becomes your right choice taste. LDX120C is not for heavy-duty construction missions, but portable with DIY projects and other simple and uncomplicated tasks.

This is the model you are looking for under 100£. LDX120C has a battery of 20-Volts that come in the box. This is made up of lithium-ion technology which holds a charge much better than NiCAD batteries. This 20-Volt lithium-ion battery gives more power according to the toughness of hard surfaces.

The design in which it is manufactured is simple which feels lighter in weight and smarter in work, the weight is approximately 6.45 pounds. The reason for keeping its weight low is to get rid of wrist pain.

Now let’s talk about its power, the Best Cordless Drill under 100£ gives you 115 inches of torque which is enough for drilling tough walls and light drilling tasks. Holds 650 RPM with one-time speed control definitely can’t do professional construction tasks but win 5 stars in household tasks.

The drill comes up with ⅜” of the keyless chuck that doesn’t need locking and unlocking of chuck enough for in-depth corners of the house. BLack+Decker has multifunctional 11 controls for faster workflow, one of which controls included its clutch. This is best for heavy duty tasks.

The battery is light in weight but gives extra time for drilling purposes. Its charger charge’s battery in less than an hour as compared to other drill devices. A soft anti-slip grip is manufactured for the ease of your work and the comfort of handling the drill even with one hand only. This is the best-selling Cordless Drill which is also suitable for your teenager.

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DEWALT DC970K-2 Cordless Drill (Image credit: Amazon)

DEWALT DC970K-2 Cordless Drill

Best For Compact Cordless Drill/ Driver Kit


  • Portable and durable.
  • Two-speed option up to 1500 RPM.
  • 380 Units Per Watt out in this drill.
  • Fits all types of drill in Chuck.
  • Very Lightweight.


  • Come with NiCAD batteries ( an old battery technology).
  • Not for heavy-duty purposes.

Another cordless drill/driver which is also powerful is from the brand DEWALT model name is DEWALT DC970K-2 which is also under 100£. This drill is great for the basic tasks of drilling. It is a compact and lightweight drill that keeps more power and performance for heavy-duty works also.

Now let’s talk about its design and working so its design is also a simple killer known in people with their compatibility with DIY projects. The drill is simple to use and very lightweight you surely won’t get any problem with its handling while working.

Hope that this is the Best Cordless Drill under 100£ which is pretty much great. In this price range, other companies do not offer you such great features but this one has. By purchasing this you have power in full quantity for the work.

DEWALT DC970k-2 has 380 Unit watts out, is a powerful choice. The battery is rated with an 18-Volts NiCAD battery that supports fast charging but doesn’t give you more power as compared to a Lithium-ion battery, but still gives you at least 70% of performance because this is very old technology.

This drill comes with a two-speed time setting low and high, the lower one starts from 0-450 RPM which is super amazing for DIY tasks, and the higher one ends up with a range of 450-1,500 RPM which is an extremely fast speed so you can do your task more quickly.

The two-speed feature is also controlled by the trigger pressure, the more you give the pressure the more the actual speed is. For better work Dewalt cordless drills are equipped with lithium ion batteries.

Chuck of the drill is keyless ratcheting with a super-tight grip in drilling, you can attach almost every size of drill in chuck else the drill is for larger drill machines.

The drill weighs up to 5.2 pounds super light, very easy to use, and is best for a single hand. Its design also fits into spaces that are not large enough for hand access.

See prices and buy this product from Amazon

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VonHaus Cordless Drill  (Image credit: Amazon)

VonHaus Cordless Drill

Best For Compact Cordless Drill/ Driver Kit


  • LED Work Light.
  • Hammer Drill option.
  • Complete set of the toolkit.
  • 20-Volts Li-ion battery.


  • Nothing in this price range.

VonHaus’s best model of Cordless Drill driver set is available with complete accessories. The package includes:

  1. Work LED Light
  2. Hammer like drill functions
  3. Tool Bag
  4. 15-piece accessory set

VonHaus cordless drivers are mostly liked by people just because you will find many surprises like Christmas. The drill weighs less than 7 lbs with a battery but has a strong grip on drilling on rough surfaces like walls.

It comes with two-speed motors low and high, the lower one keeps the speed of 0-440 RPM extremely fine for working on DIY projects, and the high speed has a power of 440-1650 RPM, enough for completing your work in less time.

The Best Cordless Drill under 100£ includes a battery-powered with 20-Volts lithium-ion battery. Provides you with a good backup of energy and power. This drill also has a LED work light in front of its chuck.

The drill is super light, very easy to use, and best for a single hand. Its design also fits into spaces that are not large enough for hand access. This cordless drill is best than corded drill.

See prices and buy this product from Amazon

Features to notice when choosing the Best Cordless Drill under 100

A drill is an essential tool for householders, whether you are a businessman but need to have one drill machine. But there are many types of drills available in the market depending upon what type of drill you need. Every task needs a different type of drill.

Not one drill can do the same and all tasks simultaneously. Here is the proper guidance you need to know to get the perfect drill for you.

Power of Drill

Cordless means device power is based on Battery. For the cordless drill, power is measured in battery voltage the more the VOltage is the More the power and timing of the battery is.

High voltage means more torque, the spinning power to resist resistance while drilling. Top Voltages are not above 20-Volts. A normal voltage of 18V weighs 8lbs, and a lower volt of 9.7 has weighed 4 lbs approximately.


The chuck of the drill is the upper side of the drill in corded or cordless drills. The working of chuck is to hold a bit of your drill, chuck also gets tights and loses, the more you tighten the chuck the more grip the drill has in holes. But today’s drills have the keyless chucks which do not need tightening and loosening.

The working of drill and output of drill also depends upon what quality of drill you use in your drill machines. By choosing or using low-quality drills in the chuck, you can simply damage your drilling machine.

So now it’s up to you whether you choose a keyless chuck drill or a chuck drill. By our experts’ recommendation, keyless chuck is a more advanced and time-saver drill machine.


Clutch means the thing that controls something. Now the question is why do you need a Clutch?

The clutch is located on the backside of the chuck. Clutch work is to disengage the drive shaft of the drill, the result is that the working of the drill is going to null but the motor of the drill is running.

It automatically disengages the drive shaft when the drill receives so much resistance while driving and makes a hole in tough surfaces, or when the screw is fully tightened.

The Clutch of the drill also has some control in what the drill delivers, there are two levels high and the other one is low if you set it to the higher one you get the full output of drill motors and if you set it to low then you get a low amount of torque.

Battery & Chargers

Some companies provide you with a battery & charger in the box, and some companies may not. There are a different kinds of batteries

  1. Nickel-metal-hydride (NIMH).
  2. Nickel-Cadmium (NiCAD)

Nickel Metal Hydride presents the great and latest breakthrough in batteries. They last long and are small in size as compared to NiCAD, an old technology battery; they can’t last longer than NIMH because they don’t contain cadmium inside the batteries.

Bosch, Hitachi, and DeWALT offer NiMH batteries in their drills, only choose those company drills that offer you Nickel-Metal-Hydride technology.

Chargers are the most important accessory of drills, the good and slow charger always keeps the battery life longer than the fast charger. A quick charge charger has damaged your battery.

If you want to keep your battery in 100% of its discharge then choose Panasonic, Hitachi smart chargers who always engage your battery according to its limits. These chargers are equipped with smart built-in temperature sensors.

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