Best Consoles or Devices for Gaming – The Ultimate Guide 2023

One of the most important changes in current trends around the globe is without a doubt the world of gaming. A hobby that was once considered only for nerds and a waste of time, today gaming has become a media giant, surpassing even the silver screen in popularity.

Gaming has taken the world in stride, and thanks to the easy access that people have to video games, virtually anyone can enjoy an evening of gaming. Even sports have been heavily influenced by video games, and online sports tournaments are a current reality. Today dear readers, let’s take a look at which are the best gaming devices currently available. 

Best Consoles or Devices for Gaming

Gaming At The Palm Of Your Hands: Smartphones

One type of device that has seen a huge leap in gaming popularity, smartphones are the most important and popular gaming devices in the current market. Thousands of developers have made mobile gaming their central focus point, and big companies are switching to the mobile market, even online casino games.

Some of the most important gaming titles have a mobile counterpart, like Minecraft or League Of Legends. There are also titles for those less focused on gameplay and who want a more casual experience, like Candy Crush and Angry Birds.

Even giants of mobile combat and online battle royales have brought to the stage their mobile versions, with Call of Duty, PUBG, Freefire, and Fortnite being some of the most popular. Mobile gaming has evolved so much, that eSports tournament for mobile games are held every year, the ongoing League of Legends: Wild Rift Horizon Cup being one of the most recent additions.


  • Easy access as virtually everyone has a mobile phone.
  • Thousands of different titles are available.  
  • Most games are free, even the most popular ones.


  • Smartphones are relatively low-powered devices, and some games may not run properly.
  • Gameplay on a touchscreen can be somewhat complicated, yet some gadgets can help with this problem.

Gaming The Way I Decide: PC Gaming

Arguably the most versatile way of gaming, playing on computers and laptops has become one of the main staples of gaming worldwide. Computers have some of the best eSports games online in the market and have the highest advantage over other consoles thanks to their adaptability to customizing.

You can create your low-cost equipment for gaming online at most computer stores, giving you the opportunity of making a tailor-made machine that you can improve later. Also, some of the most important and competitive titles in the eSports world are available only for PC players, like League Of Legends or DOTA 2.  As well, PCs are at the vanguard of gaming experience, bringing gadgets like VR Headsets for new visions and views in the gaming world.


  • Affordability, as some of the best laptops for gaming are relatively low-cost.
  • Customizable, as PC parts for different needs, are available for use.
  • Tens of thousands of titles are available, as a PC isn’t restrictive to which games it can run, as long as it meets their requirements.


  • Can become expensive in the long run, especially if one of the components gets damaged.

Classic Gaming: Console Gaming

Classics never die, and while many different methods exist for gaming, console gaming remains one of the most popular and important methods. The ongoing console war pushes developers to create more expansive worlds, innovative gameplay, amazing graphics, and magical musical scores.  As well, consoles have access to exclusive titles that neither PC nor mobile platforms have, like the God of War saga for Playstation, and the legendary Mario titles for Nintendo. Deciding which is the best console for gaming is almost impossible, as it largely depends on opinion, but one fact that remains true in the family games department, Nintendo takes the spotlight with their titles.

Best Consoles or Devices for Gaming


  • Exclusivity, as each console has many titles that are not available for any other platform.
  • Relatively low-cost, as once you purchase a console, you don’t need any upgrades for upcoming games.


  • No backward compatibility, as newer consoles usually don’t allow for older games to be played.
  • Relative to low innovation, most upcoming gadgets are focused on PC gaming.

The Debate Goes On

It’s almost impossible to decide which devices are best for gaming, as it is a matter entirely based on individual opinion. Nonetheless, gaming as a whole brings about thousands of opportunities for enjoying a new world with new stories and characters. Only the future will tell what more can the gaming world bring to the table.

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